It’s not just about the bride in an Irish wedding. There are plenty of other people to dress up for, including the groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids. With so many different styles of clothing to choose from, it can be difficult to know which will look best on the big day.


The groom should wear a dark suit for his wedding day; this is a formal occasion and he needs to look sharp. If he doesn’t already have a suit, he can hire one from a local store or online shop like Debenhams or Next. The groom should ensure that his suit fits him correctly, as well as looking smart. He should also pay particular attention to his shoes – they must match his suit and be polished up nicely.

If he doesn’t have a tuxedo, then black trousers with a white shirt and bow tie would suffice instead. However, this isn’t really recommended unless he’s attending an evening party after the ceremony or reception and wants to change into something more casual afterwards (in which case we’d recommend going with black trousers instead).

What to wear to a traditional wedding as a guest

Traditional weddings are typically formal affairs, with men and women dressing in suits and gowns. Men typically wear black or dark gray suits, while women wear floor-length gowns.

What to wear to a scottish wedding as a guest

A Scottish wedding is often hosted by the bride’s family, who wears their best kilts, tartans and sporrans. Guests can also don kilts or tartan if they wish to do so.

What to wear to an italian wedding as a guest

An Italian wedding is usually held at night after the guests have dined on delicious Italian food. Women typically dress in cocktail dresses or long evening gowns while men wear tuxedos or suits.

What to wear to a traditional wedding as a guest:

The most important thing is that your outfit should match the theme of the wedding. If you’re not sure, simply follow these guidelines and you won’t be disappointed!

Traditional weddings are usually formal affairs, so make sure you dress appropriately. If it’s an evening wedding, choose something chic but elegant and make sure the colour scheme fits in with everything else. You can go for black or white depending on the style of the bride, but remember that it must fit in with everything else going on at her big day too!

What to wear to a Scottish wedding as a guest:

What to wear to an Irish wedding as a guest:

Irish weddings are often held outdoors during summer months, so make sure your outfit reflects this

What to Wear to an Irish Wedding

Traditionally, men wear a black or grey suit with a white dress shirt and a dark tie. Women wear long, floor-length dresses in colors such as green, blue, burgundy or purple.

What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

Scottish weddings are typically casual affairs with kilts for the men and skirts for the women. Men’s kilts can be rented from local Scottish stores, but women may want to purchase their own if they plan on attending multiple events.

What to Wear to an Italian Wedding

Italian weddings are usually held during the daytime in summer months, so guests should avoid heavy fabrics like wool suits or winter coats. Women should wear dresses that come above the knee and avoid short skirts or shorts altogether. Men should wear long pants instead of shorts and buttoned shirts instead of t-shirts.

What to wear to an Irish wedding?

As a guest, you should wear something that represents your own culture and heritage.

Gowns can be either traditional or modern. A full-length gown is usually worn for a formal wedding. If you’re not sure about what dress length is appropriate for the occasion, ask the bride or her parents whether she has any specific requests.

It’s also important to remember that many people from Ireland have ties to other countries in Europe, so it’s possible that some guests will be wearing traditional Irish outfits while others will be wearing their native costumes from other parts of the continent. For example, someone who’s from England may prefer to wear a kilt rather than an Irish dress because he feels more comfortable in that clothing style.

The same goes for men: if you’re invited as a guest to an Irish wedding and you’re not sure what to wear, ask the bride or her parents if they have any specific requests regarding men’s attire before choosing your outfit!

The most important thing to know about how to dress for an Irish wedding is that it’s not the same as a traditional American wedding. In fact, in some cases, it can be downright strange.

For instance, at an Irish wedding it’s perfectly acceptable for guests to wear shorts or jeans. There’s no need to break out your Sunday best just to attend an event where everyone will be dressed casually. So if you’re worried about what to wear, keep reading for more information.

Here are some other things you should know about how to dress for an Irish wedding:

It’s okay if you don’t know anyone at the event or if you’re not close with the bride or groom. You may be a little uncomfortable at first but once people start drinking they’ll be too busy partying to notice your lack of familiarity with them!

You don’t have to bring a gift unless it’s specifically requested by the bride and groom. In addition, if you do bring something small like chocolates or flowers make sure they’re wrapped nicely so they don’t look tacky when placed on display at the reception hall tables.

Don’t try too hard with your outfit; this isn’t the Oscars!

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