What to Wear to an Elvis Themed Party

Welcome to the blog! Here, we’ll be giving you tips on what to wear to an elvis themed party. We’ll give you some great ideas for outfits for the guys and girls, as well as some accessories that will make your outfit stand out. We will also look at elvis outfits for sale and what to wear to elvis festival. Elvis Presley is one of the most popular icons in music history and was born on January 8th 1935. He died on August 16th 1977 at the age of 42. He is still considered by many to be one of the greatest singers of all time, with his voice being described as “uniquely expressive and full of emotion.” He sold over 1 billion records worldwide throughout his career, making him one of the best-selling artists ever known. If you’re planning to go to a party where there will be an Elvis theme, the first thing to do is find a place that sells costumes. You can find these in many places, including online. You can also make your own outfit with materials from your local fabric store.

What to Wear to an Elvis Themed Party

Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic musicians to ever live. His music, style, and energy continue to influence generations of artists, musicians, and fans alike. If you’re planning on attending an Elvis-themed party in the near future, or just want to show your love for this legendary performer with some new threads, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what to wear to an elvis themed party:

It’s time to get up, get dressed, and get ready for an elvis themed party!

We know what you’re thinking: “What the heck is an elvis themed party?”

An elvis themed party is just like a normal party, except it’s filled with people who love Elvis Presley. It’s also filled with people who love wearing costumes in tribute to their favorite stars.

So what should you wear? Well, that depends on how much of a true fan you are. Are you one of those people who loves Elvis but only knows about his music? Or are you one of those people who thinks he’s the greatest and will do anything for him?

If you’re the latter, then we recommend dressing up as your favorite song from his catalog. How about “Love Me Tender”? Or maybe “Blue Suede Shoes”? Or even “Hound Dog”? Whatever it is, we guarantee everyone will be impressed by your dedication!

Looking for a new outfit to wear to the next party? You’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with some great ideas.

Elvis Outfits for Sale

Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic figures in the history of American music. He was known for his charismatic performances, creative costumes and his signature pompadour hairstyle. His music continues to influence generations of artists around the world today.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to dress up as Elvis, we have plenty of ideas from jumpsuits to jumpsuits and even accessories like wigs and glasses! Take a look at our guide below:

How to throw an Elvis Theme Party? First, consider the type of Elvis theme you would want, such as:

What to Wear to Elvis Festival

Movie Theme
Should you choose to do an Elvis theme based on one of his beloved movies, consider these 7 unique ideas:

  1. Charro
    In this movie, Elivs plays a former outlaw, Jess Wade, that gets pitted against the gang he used to ride with. The group sought vengeance against him for straightening out his life and putting aside his unlawful behavior. Wade was tricked into coming to town to see an old girlfriend but becomes the only one who can save them for the wrath the gang wants to inflict.

Charro (which literally translates to “a Mexican horseman or cowboy”) is a western where the plot of the story was not written around Elvis’ songs in traditional, musical-like fashion. Oddly enough, the title song is the only time you will hear him sing. So, if you are interested in seeing the potential Elvis had as a big-time actor, this movie is it! Another fun fact is this is the only film in which Elvis’ sports a beard of any kind.

Every so often, this flick is played on televisions much to his fans’ delight.

What would a Charro-theme look like?

Your guests will appreciate attire ideas in advance, so with the western theme in mind, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with. Consider these suggestions and ideas, all of which can be found through Amazon, Etsy, or other online retailers:

A Brown Cowboy Hat is a must as that is what Elvis wore. Don’t forget a fluffy mustache or beard to seal the look.
Someone needs to serve the beer! Check out the holsters on this western barback costume.
Every bar maiden will need a wig or a cute updo for a proper themed approach.
Saloon girls were pretty showy, and they had quite the apparel, such as this long red dress, this two-piece dress and waist cincher, and even this pink-black corset.
Cowgirls need the proper dress, too, so consider something like this for a fitting outfit.
If you are just looking for some accessories or sheriff gear, check out this set.
And if children are going to attend, girls vs. boys.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
While décor and activities can be challenging to come up with parties, let us help by sharing some of these ideas:

For some photo fun, consider getting this Photo Booth Backdrop and these props.
For lighting, there is this lovely cactus lamp, which can also be found in a neon light style. Or, if you want more ambiance, consider these succulent candles or stringed cactus lighting that can be draped across rooms.
Consider this Faux Cowhide Area Rug to set the mood for the right decade to go along with the movie.
For a party favor, check out these Lucky Horseshoes, which come in a pack of 10 and allows you to write a beautiful, personalized note.
Bandana Pennant Banners will give some red to your décor and would look awesome in a bar setting.
Cupcake toppers are a great way to spread the theme to the food, so check out these Cowboy Party Cupcake Toppers.
For paperware, you’d be lost without this rodeo western plate and napkin set.
Food and Beverages
Popular foods and beverages on par with a western Charro theme would include:

Frijoles Charros (Cowboy Beans) – a soup or stew with pinto beans, onions, garlic, bacon, and other meats like pork (ham, sausage, chorizo) or beef.
Beer, Soda, Coffee

  1. It Happened at the World’s Fair
    Carnival Theme Party
    Elvis Presley stars as a smalltime pilot who strikes up a plan to make money on the poker tables at Seattle World’s Fair. The reason, his crop duster plane is impounded for gambling debts. Once in Seattle, Mike Edwards (Presley) meets a lost little girl who he takes on a tour of the fair and tries to locate her parents. Along the way, he meets a beautiful nurse that distracts him from the original plan.

This Romantic Comedy is light-hearted, entertaining, and full of great songs by the high-flying Elvis.

A carnival and fair, or poker/table game theme would be appropriate for this party.

Elvis was always shown in a sharp suit and tie, as did the bulk of the other people featured in the film. Dresses were also standard attire. Here are an array of costume ideas:

Elvis sported a leather, brown/black bomber-style jacket with a brown/tan captain’s hat and aviator goggles. The exact colors will be hard to match, but just do your best.
We can’t forget that the tie-dye craze for hippies is iconic during this generation, the 60s, so consider costumes that suit that decade. This kid costume, for instance, would be great, along with a more feminine look like this with these glasses.
Speaking of glasses, you can’t forget your cat-eye sunglasses.
Suspenders were also fashionable, especially on the game and ride operators.
A rockabilly swing dress would often be worn inside restaurants and other venues. In the movie, you will see many women in similar attire.
A woman planning to make a statement would look dashing in this classic yellow dress.
Bell bottoms were “the big thing” for everyone in the decade and even throughout the movie with the cast. Check out this pair for men, and this one for women.
Long sleeve shirt with a flashy design? You are covered with this Waves Printed Shirt.
Don’t forget the classic and straightforward button-up that will match just about any type of pants or accessories.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
It’s time to go all-out! A carnival, poker, or fair-themed setting makes decor, entertainment, and favors a piece of cake. The fair was hosted in Seattle, Washington, so anything with the city backdrop or space needle is appropriate. Here are some ideas to help guide you down the right path:

If you are considering the poker angle, a felt table top like this one would be a nice touch without depleting your budget.
For those soda or beer bottles, use these metal playing card-style bottle openers, which also pair well as a party-favor.
For tableware, we appreciate this simple casino package, which includes table cover, plates, napkins, cups, and straws for up to 16 guests.
If you want a more easy-going party or something exciting for the kids, check out these jumbo playing cards.
It’s time to be a kid again! Setting up carnival games is a must. Don’t forget these classics like ring toss, bag toss, a duck pond matching game, a pin the nose on the clown poster, or a balloon popping wall. If you want to go the extra mile, consider carnival tickets, “sold” at a ticket booth, too.
With games come prizes. If giant stuffed animals, like these, aren’t in your budget, think about a tier down and ordering plane gliders or maybe even an entire treasure box of prizes, instead.
For décor, a long banner to hang along a fence would be great in welcoming your guests. Similarly, all your guests will have a blast posing behind a carnival backdrop for a photo that will always be cherished and remembered. This backdrop and props kit may also be a way to drive home your carnival theme.
A variety of balloons is mandatory, so consider some of these gems – multi-colored with confetti or these classic but straightforward designed set.
Plastic, flared red and white skirts will dress up any table.
Dress up your tables with this plasticware and display your favors, which could be stored in colorful bags or an animal-cracker like boxes. Even if you don’t use these as favors, they are really cool to use as a display.
Finally, take your food to the next level, with small accessories like this cupcake stand or a Ferris wheel for your cupcakes, and these food sleeves couldn’t embrace the theme more.
Food and Beverages
Carnival Food
Consider the idea behind the theme when choosing what to serve.

For the poker-style, you’ll want to consider some high-end cocktails, wine, and other liquors. You will also want to include some sparkling water, club soda, and tonic water.
Popular drinks for all ages will include soft drinks, daiquiris with or without alcohol, and plain water.
If you choose the carnival theme, consider novelty drinks such as lemonade, shaved ice, and iced tea.
Foods with the poker theme would include more formal meals on proper plates, such as steaks, pasta, Hors d’oeuvres, and fresh fruit.
Carnival food would consist of pickles, peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, candy apples, funnel cake, and other fried foods.

  1. Jailhouse Rock
    “Let’s rock everybody, let’s rock. Everybody in the whole cell block. Was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.”

According to IMDB, Jailhouse Rock was produced in 1957, is Presley’s third film, and was presented in black and white. It is considered his best by the masses.

Elvis’ character, Vince Everett, serves prison time after being convicted for manslaughter. Everett’s vocal talents were identified by his cellmate, Hank Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), a country-western singer himself, who also taught him how to play guitar. The pair worked out a contract to perform together and split any profits once out of jail.

Presley’s character was released from prison but struggled to get anything going for his music career. It took the help of Peggy van Alden (Judy Tyler), a musical promoter, for Vince to finally achieve success as they created a record-company together. Everett becomes more interested in fame and fortune rather than anything else. His old cellmate, Hank, is unaccepting of his behavior and tries to snap him back to reality before it ruins all of his relationships and reputation.

Considered by the masses to be Elvis’ best films (he was in 31 total), this musical drama is the perfect base for hosting a Retro Themed Elvis party.

The main characters that are shoe-ins for a unique look are Vince Everett, Hank Houghton, Peggy Van Alden, and Sherry Wilson (Jennifer Holden).

Elvis wore an array of attire, so it would be easy for several people to dress up as Elvis and not duplicate a costume. He’s featured in black and white striped prison garb, but can also be seen throughout the movie in a dotted night robe, black pants with a white collared shirt and bright-red jacket (movie artwork), a vertical pin-striped sport coat or horizontal short-sleeved striped polo – each with black pants/socks and shoes.

Jailhouse Rock Elvis
Outside of these four main characters, prison garments will be the go-to for this party.

Adult prisoner costumes like this one for men, or this one for women.
Although, in the film, during the Jailhouse Rock bit, the actors can be seen wearing black shoes, black pants, a black/white horizontal striped shirt, and a black, inmate numbered jacket.
Every prison has guards. The guards in the movie wore a tie underneath a single button pea coat with a badge on the upper left breast and matching hat.
You can’t forget the ball and chain for those extra dangerous criminals.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
Keep it jailhouse-style, for sure.

A stand-alone, empty jail cell should be the centerpiece of your party. It may consume a fair amount of your time but will be worth it.
You’ll want the movie soundtrack on vinyl to be on repeat.
Different types of Elvis’ related decor can be found on Amazon, such as this cardboard cutout, music sheet art, small ornaments, and figurines.
Decorate your walls with a variety of vintage-style movie prints or posters like this 8×10, this 16×20, and this 41×27.
Consider a photo booth and prop set, similar to a height chart suspect lineup or mugshot.
A few canvas money bags filled with odds and ends and placed around the room or in a mock-vault would be a unique touch.
Other small decor items include police tableware, mini handcuffs (great for kids, party favors or “filler” space), prison keys with substance, and caution tape.
These Jailhouse Rock cake toppers will make a statement.
Food and Beverages
Simple and befitting of a “criminal.” Ensure you serve on a cafeteria-like tray and make it extra sloppy!

Bread and sandwiches
Pale-colored foods
Canned fruit
Chili, rice, noodles
Basic beverages like water and milk
Gin and other clear liquors
A fun play on a “last meal.”

  1. G.I. Blues
    Elvis Army
    Presley plays a tank crewman soldier in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany, who is quite talented on vocals. He dreams of running a nightclub once he leaves the Army, but he soon realizes dreams aren’t cheap.

Tulsa McLean (Presley) and his buddies form a band and perform in various venues like nightclubs, German “Gasthauses,” and even for members of the armed forces. At one bar, McLean draws inspiration from the song “Blue Suede Shoes,” which he discovered on a jukebox by someone named Elvis Presley.

To raise capital and fulfill his nightclub owning dreams, McLean places a bet with a friend named Dynamite (Edson Stroll). The bet is over who can win the hard-to-get club dancer and bombshell Lili (Juliet Prowse). Tulsa uses his charm and southern accent, calling Lili “ma’am,” but she doesn’t fall for it at first. It took a day on the Rhine together for Lili to start falling for Tulsa. Does Tulsa win the bet and, ultimately, Lili’s heart? You’ll need to watch this musical comedy to find out.

Parts of the film were shot in authentic German sites that remind many vets of their service overseas. The movie also provides insights into the typical life of a G.I. during this time. The tank scenes are great and provided a realistic depiction of the interior. One of the highlights of the film was when Tulsa sang the “Wooden Heart” song with a girl puppet, in front of children, in traditional German fanfare.

Elvis’ costume wasn’t spot-on to an actual G.I. It was showbusiness, after all, so have fun with your outfits, as well.

Tan military garb, like Elvis wore in the movie, would be an excellent costume choice. Substitute the tan tie for a black one (tucked into, and look into some other ranking patches to iron on the sleeves, shoulder, and lapel.
Presley wore a military officer hat, black belt, and brown leather banded watch in the movie, so these would pair as great accessories. Suspenders, for you more formal and high-fashion gentlemen, would be an excellent addition as well.
Lederhosen-type dress for women – sometimes referred to as a beer garden dress, Oktoberfest dress, Bavarian dirndl, or fraulein dress. Prepare your hair in long braids or tie small ribbons near the end. Or tie one large ribbon in the back of your hair, which can be depicted throughout the movie.
This beautiful black dress with a red addition to the skirt is another option for the ladies.
For a sleek, all-black outfit, consider this cocktail dress appropriate for the decade.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
German Puppet Show
There are a few routes you could take, individually, or you could combine all three to make your decor and party atmosphere unforgettable:

Nightclub – they can be bright and flashy, or subdued and dark.
Battlefield – war decor like a Barrick tent, cardboard tank, sandbag and barbed wire trench, and fake artillery could be a hit.
Theatre – feature a stage with curtains and deliver a puppet show.
Here are some ideas that may help you deliver:

Nightclubs during this time were very different back then compared to today. The wall and room decor were, well, quite lousy. You’ll need to look at sprucing up tables and lighting more.
Tableware can truly set the party apart, and for a nightclub appearance, you’ll want to make sure it makes a statement. Check out this paperware set, with a lovely gold pattern, and this plasticware set, with the black and gold design. Each includes eating utensils.
This white and gold tablecloth will go with either dining set you choose.
If your budget permits and you want an authentic nightclub scene from this era, you’ll want to consider hiring a jazz band. If you’re laying down this kind of cheddar, make sure they dress in formal wear (tuxedos).
Beer mugs or steins and Champagne flutes are a must for a bar/nightclub.
Centerpieces were big in nightclubs, giving them a classier vibe. Candles with fogged glass holders and flowers were conventional.
Consider these globe lights to replicate the stylistic lighting of the late 50s.
A cardboard box, similar to a large lemonade stand, to simulate a german puppet show. Red velvet drapes and curtains would be ideal. You’ll need at least one hand puppet to reenact the “Wooden Heart” song.
A German Accordion and kick drum set
Mini alpine ski lifts strung together and hung from the ceiling of a room would be a unique touch.
Setting up a few army green field tents would bode well for this theme.
Tanks, tanks and more tanks. Elvis was a tank gunner, so any toy tanks or artwork you can display would be fitting.
U.S. Army branded, replica military vehicles like planes, humvees, and jeeps.
Flags and balloons in army, camouflage or red, white and blue!
Food and Beverages
While many of the nightclubs served simple hors d’oeuvres, the money was in top-notch cocktails, such as these:

Tom Collins: Gin, lemon juice, sugar, and fizzy water. (Source)
Sidecar: Orange liqueur, lemon juice, and cognac. (Source)
White Russian: Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream. (Source)
Mai Tai: Rum, fresh lime juice, orange curaçao, Orgeat syrup, and triple sec. (Source)
Pink Squirrel: Crème de Noyaux, crème de cacao, and heavy cream. (Source)
Any German beer like Paulaner, Bitburger, Erdinger, and Krombacher would be great to have on tap.

  1. King Creole
    Streets of New Orleans
    Elvis plays Danny Fisher, a teenager who was denied his high school diploma because of a fight. Fisher drops out of school to find work to help make ends meet for his family. He gets involved with the wrong crowd, a local gang, to aid in their shoplifting quests. Deep down, he knows that’s not the life he wants to live.

Danny landed work as a busboy at The Blue Shade nightclub, where the owner, Maxie Fields, more or less forces him to sing after he heard rumors about his talents. His impromptu rendition of “Trouble” impresses another club owner, Charlie LeGrand, who offers Fisher a job as a singer at his club, King Creole.

The plot thickens as the jealous Maxie tries to lure Fisher back after hearing of his success, and solicits the help of the gang leader, Shark, to hunt him down.

Parts of the movie were legitimately filmed in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, giving way to the southern charm that still exists in the city today.

Much of the costumes, décor, and other items would be similar to the nightclub theme previously mentioned for G.I. Blues, though this particular nightclub, was a bit darker. We won’t spend too much time going over everything, just a few outliers:

Presley’s character is shown wearing dark pants, a button-up shirt, a light sport coat with a black bow tie.
Women could wear more formal, low cut, cocktail dresses.
Decor, Entertainment, and Favors
Several alleyway fight scenes depicted apartment building brick walls, old ladders, wooden mirror frames, and trash cans.
Most of the music was blues and jazz, so ensure your playlist is filled with this 50s style of music.
In the opening scene, Kitty White rides through the streets of the French Quarter on a charming horse carriage coupled with a big, black sun umbrella. Try to mimic this on a small scale.
Food and Beverages
Southern cuisine is essential for this party theme. Ensure you have some of the following for your guests:

Crawfish – fried or boiled with cajun spices
Blackened Catfish
Shrimp Gumbo
Jambalaya with Andouille and Creole spices
Po’ Boy Sandwiches
Three drinks have stood the test of time in the ‘Big Easy’:

Sazerac – the Official Drink of New Orleans is made of cognac, bitters, sugar, and herbsaint
Hurricane – rum, fruit juice, syrup or grenadine, cherry, and orange slice garnish
Vieux Carre – equal parts of whiskey and cognac, sweet vermouth, bitters, and a twist of lemon

  1. Viva Las Vegas
    Las Vegas Sign
    Race cars and Las Vegas are the themes for this one. Elvis plays Lucky Jackson, a race car driver who visits Las Vegas, Nevada, to participate in the city’s first annual Grand Prix Race. Lucky’s car, an Elva Mk.6 Maserati, needs a new engine, however, to be able to race.

After raising enough money, he lost it all when shoved off the diving board into a pool by the hotel’s swimming instructor, Rusty Martin (played by Ann-Margaret). Of course, per usual in most Elvis’ movies, his character fell head over heels for the girl, Rusty, and he wants to pursue her.

As bills begin to pile up (hotel) and the race approaching with no motor, Lucky has to work as a waiter and plans to enter a talent contest in hopes of winning the cash prize. His main competition in the Grand Prix becomes his main competition for Rusty. Who will win in the end?

Vegas is all about standing out, getting attention, and so the more colorful and flashy with your outfit, the better. Suggestions:

This white jumpsuit Elvis costume would be perfect for a Viva Las Vegas party; however, in the movie, Elvis didn’t wear anything as flashy. He wore black shoes, socks, pants, a sport coat with a red, super deep-v dress shirt revealing his bare chest.
Lucky is pretty consistent with wearing a suit throughout the movie, just in different colors. During “The Lady Loves Me” pool song, he is shown in a grey suit, white shirt, black skinny tie and tie clip. Very classy.
Additionally, here is the women’s version of the same costume referenced above. You could also consider a black, sequin and wavy-style club dress or a multi-colored, sparkly spaghetti strap club dress that goes hand-in-hand with Vegas nightlife.
If the party you’re attending revolves around a pool, ladies should consider a solid-colored, one-piece bathing suit with buttons – fashionable during the time and a classic, retro look.
Don’t forget your Elvis wig or sunglasses.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
Viva Las Vegas Elvis
It’s Vegas! Nothing is really off-limits. There is no shortage of unique ideas in Vegas, so don’t limit yourself.

Finding a cutout of Elvis, as depicted in Viva Las Vegas, would be ideal.
Anything to simulate a casino environment is the natural go-to for this theme. Things such as casino tableware (napkins, plates, table-cover, party bags, plasticware), dice decor, mock roulette tables, poker chips, and playing cards.
Black and red curtains can set your party apart, literally. They are especially useful for doors, walls, or even in the entryway and provide a clear division from room to room if you have multiple themes going on at once.
Viva Las Vegas movie posters would be great wall decor. We admire this one, with scenes included in the movie. Go big with the 24” x 36” print.
The Grand Prix Las Vegas was set to take place on July 4, 1964. We found a similar racing poster, albeit in Monaco from May 1964. This would have been the most prominent race previous to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, so it is fitting if you are going with a racing-style theme.
If you want to include the smell of Vegas for the ambiance, look at this Viva Las Vegas candle. The slogan, “Infused with Broken Dreams and Empty Pockets,” made us laugh out loud.
Food and Beverages
In Vegas, you are going to come across high-class food and beverages, as well as inexpensive cuisine.

Ideally, it would make the most sense to set up a buffet that would have been (and still is) trendy at casinos. This will allow you to cook a variety of food, and host a rather large party without the hassle of serving everyone. Let your guests be self-sufficient!

There are many food choices in Vegas that you don’t have to be picky with your menu. Even fast food is famous around the Vegas strip.

  1. Follow That Dream
    Beach Hammock
    Elvis plays a man whose family ends up stranded on the side of the road and sets up camp on the beach. Naturally, this Elvis theme would be incredible at the actual ocean. Still, you can make a pretty convincing beach indoors with the right supplies, too.

Ideal venue choices:

Private beach setting with bungalow
A secluded pool at a resort with cabana
Luxurious backyard getaway
Hopefully, you don’t need a backup plan, and the weather remains favorable. If that’s the case, your guests will be able to come in hot-weather clothing and have a fantastic time.

Consider these options:

Elvis sported blue jeans, a blue jean shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and black converse in the early scenes of the movie. He also wore jorts (short jean shorts) and a light-colored mustard long sleeve jacket. Not your ideal beach gear, but then again, this was the early 60s.
Fedora style hats were featured throughout the movie, but we feel a straw hat like this one would help keep the sun out of your face and be a great addition to any costume.
Holly Jones (played by Anne Helm) sported many different outfits, but jeans and an army green button-up shirt were one of her iconic choices. She later wore a light, patterned shirt with her jeans. And, in the final scenes, she wore a cute white, thin-strapped, flow dress.
Other apparent choices are one-piece, solid color bathing suits for the ladies and floral or striped short bathing suits for the men.
Colorful and wild beach shirts, swimsuit wraps, and novelty sunglasses will spruce up your attire.
And no beach party is complete without a lei, so check out this rainbow assortment.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
Pineapple Beach Party
Take part in natural scenery and entertainment, or make your own.

Some of the decor you should consider, and featured in the movie include sand (relatively cheap, 50lbs bags at Home Depot or Lowes is around $5), palm trees, an outhouse, fishing boat and poles (bamboo), beach towels and pillows.

This decoration set is more Hawaiian and less Florida, but fitting for an overall beach theme and includes streamers, drink umbrellas, palm leaves, toothpicks, garlands, and a table skirt.
Beach balls can be décor, entertainment, or both for all ages.
If you are going to have a thin layer of sand, you may want to have an array of sandcastle buckets and tools for the kids in attendance.
Also, sand décor, such as seashells or starfish, are excellent choices.
If you’ve always wanted to drink out of a coconut but never had the opportunity, you are in luck. These coconut cups would be great for your party cocktails and have a small cutout for your umbrella or flower straws.
Real pineapples displayed on tables or used as centerpieces are easy, fitting, and affordable (whole pineapples are around $4).
Food and Beverages
Easy, grillable foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, or skewers would be excellent choices for sustenance at this party. Beachgoers don’t like to sit down on the sand to eat luxurious meals because the sand has a way of getting onto/into everything around it.

Beverages should include fruity and light cocktails – like Daiquiris and Pina Coladas – as well as water and soft drinks.

  1. Holiday Theme
    Christmas Car and Tree
    Elvis Presley is exceptionally famous during Christmas time due to his unique voice, original songs, and even his special covers of holiday favorites. Presley recorded two Christmas albums, the first called “Elvis’ Christmas Album” in 1957, and the second, “Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas,” was released in 1971.

“Elvis’ Christmas Album” is THE best-selling Christmas album of all time in the United States, with total sales over 17 million copies (Source).

Elvis never forgot his roots and was extremely generous, especially during Christmas. It is documented that he gave large sums of money to charities almost every Christmas and was a thoughtful gift giver to those closest to him as well as employees.

For this non-traditional (8th unique) theme, consider doing it in the winter months when decorations are readily available, and people are already in the festive spirit.

Holiday Attire
Come dressed in your holiday best:

Outfits and dresses in red, green, gold, and other Christmas colors. Mrs. Clause dresses, plaid leggings, corduroy overalls, or mini skirts, and cardigans are fantastic choices for women.
Ugly Christmas sweaters or holiday-centric garments.
Matching Christmas (footed), one-piece jammies.
Christmas suits or tropical shirts for the men.
Décor, Entertainment, and Favors
If you are located in a place where snow is abundant during the winter months, half of your decor is taken care of so long as you time it right.

It’s the ideal time to dress your Christmas trees (large and small), cover your home in lights, and set up all the tinsel and wreaths your little heart desires. Consider adding this to your party’s activities and make it a group effort.
You’ll need a vinyl record player to play Elvis’ two albums. Total playtime will be around 64 minutes and 21 seconds. Check out our recommended products page for more details about our vinyl record player choices based, especially if you’re on a budget.
Caroling is often a fun activity during this time of year, and Elvis’ songs are quite popular as options. Spread the spirit by sharing his music and include other people in your Elvis holiday festivities.
Doing a white elephant or pollyanna gift exchange would be a pleasant activity during this party.
Food and Beverages
Christmas Table Setting
Holiday meals vary all over the world, and by individual tastes. Consider a potluck, or simply keep your family tradition, whatever that may be.

However, we did some research on some of Elvis’s favorite foods. Here are our findings:

Christmas Starters
Meatballs wrapped in bacon
Oysters Rockefeller
Fried pickles (it’s clear this man is from the South!)
Christmas Entrees
BBQ Burgers with the works…and bacon, of course!
Fool’s Gold Loaf – Italian bread filled with a pound of bacon, and splattered with peanut butter and grape jelly.
Chicken-Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits, and Gravy. Baked beans could be another side, with bacon bits.
Christmas Desserts
Elvis’ go-to after Christmas dinner was Money Bread.
Vanilla flavored Pound Cake.
And for a lighter option, consider Lemon Meringue Pie, a favorite made by his momma.
Graceland Elvis Theme
Elvis Graceland
Elvis is one of the most iconic musicians of the ages, and there are boatloads of options for a more relaxed theme that can still keep true to his excellence. He was the King of Rock N’ Roll, and the party possibilities are endless, even outside of the specific movie or holiday suggestions.

Costumes and Entertainment
Any costumes which depict Elvis or attire from his booming years would be appropriate during this time, as would any décor, activities, and favors.

We think making it all about his music with a karaoke-style forum and guitar decor would be ideal for the traditional, Graceland theme.

Music Ideas
An Elvis party would never be complete without the proper tunes. With this in mind, consider his popular hits, specific albums, and even his movie soundtracks.

The Vinyl version of Elvis Live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, on August 26, 1969.
Merry Christmas Baby is still popular today during the winter months, due to his iconic versions of holiday songs. You can find the vinyl copy here.
His 1956 self-named album can be found on vinyl, cd and pretty much any streaming service.
Elvis: Ultimate Gospel is critical for any Elvis lover who enjoys his soulful sound, as well.
To make it easy on the DJ, consider Elvis Presley The 50 Greatest Hits or the Elvis 30 #1 Hits album, so you can set it and forget it.
For movie parties, consider this package with all of the movie soundtracks and more.
Food and Beverages
Elvis’ favorite food was peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Any Elvis party should include these, as well as any fried food and overall not-so-healthy grub. He is famously known for not taking the best care of himself, and thus, you should feel appropriate overindulging in all the grease and sweets you’d like.

The Takeaway
An Elvis themed party, whether it is pinpoint on one area of Elvis or not, can be quite the shindig. Take care to understand the year the movies were filmed, or when his songs hit the stage, and pick whatever works best for you. There are countless options for décor, food, costumes, and activities that are sure to give your party the extra edge, no matter your budget.

Don’t forget to ask the venue in advance about their rules and fees on décor, alcohol, food, and accessibility. You will need to be sure that they can adequately accommodate you and all your needs for the occasion.

You also want to “shop around” and do your due diligence when selecting a venue as some places will include help with setting up and cleaning up. Keep in mind, your own home may be the best option for customization, and you will save on deposit fees and other charges.

Consider including the theme, dress code, and any other pertinent information on your invitations.

As we hope you can see, deciding on having an Elvis-themed party is only the first step. Throwing an unforgettable party is all about the details. Don’t limit yourself, and good luck hosting a party befitting The King.

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