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When I came across the character of Josh, in my short story “All Of The Above”, I immediately recognized him as a potential candidate for one of my future blog posts. But which one? He isn’t anyone famous (that we know of) or you could go to Wikipedia and find three paragraphs about his life story. Instead, he is a normal guy, with a normal job who has dreams of being an actor – maybe even an actor on stage (his words not mine).

What to wear to an audition for drama school

Wearing the right outfit for an acting audition can be tricky. You want to look the part — but at the same time, you don’t want to look too much like the character you’re playing. This can be especially difficult for kids who are auditioning for drama school or agents. It’s often even harder for adults who are trying out for commercials or other types of acting gigs.

Here’s a quick checklist of what not to wear:

No jeans, shorts or T-shirts with slogans on them (no matter how much they love your band).

Don’t wear anything that is too young or too mature (this is all relative). For example, if your character is 16 years old in one scene and 12 years old in another, you shouldn’t wear clothes that are clearly marked as either age group. It’s better if everyone else in the room is wearing the same thing so it doesn’t distract from your talent.

Be sure your clothes fit well and aren’t too tight or loose on you (this includes shoes). If you’re wearing a dress, make sure it doesn’t have any wrinkles or stains on it!

If you’re about to attend an audition, you may be wondering what to wear. What you wear can make a big difference in how you are perceived and how confident you feel. There are no hard and fast rules for dressing for an audition — it depends on your personal style, the type of show, and the role. However, there is some general advice that will help you look your best.

What to Wear to an Audition

Dress professionally. Dressing professionally doesn’t mean wearing a suit or dress — it just means looking your best and feeling confident in what you are wearing. If you’re going to an audition for a commercial or TV show, ask if they have any suggestions about what they like their actors to wear. If not, dress as nicely as possible in clothes that fit well and highlight your best features. Try to match or coordinate colors with other actors if there is an expectation that everyone wear black or gray clothing. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished (no flip flops!) so they don’t distract from what you’re saying on stage or screen.

Hair should be neat and simple; too much product can make it look greasy on camera so stick with

What to wear for a drama school audition

If you’re going for an acting school audition, you need to look the part. The best way to ensure this is by dressing in the costume style of the character you will be playing. However, you need to be sure that your clothing fits with the rest of the cast and looks appropriate for the particular scene.

For example, if you were auditioning for a play about a cheap burger restaurant, it wouldn’t make sense to wear a suit and tie!

What not to wear:

No jeans/trousers/skirts (unless it’s specifically stated in the casting notes)

No trainers/trainers with socks/flip flops (unless it’s explicitly stated in the casting notes)*

No hoodies or jumpers

No hats or caps*

You may be asked to change into character during the audition so check with them beforehand if possible.

The first and most important thing to know about what to wear for an audition is that it’s not about what you’re wearing; it’s about how you act. If you don’t have the talent, then no amount of wardrobe will help. But if you do have the talent, then even the simplest outfit can be transformed into something special with a little thought and planning.

Wear something that makes you feel good

The most important thing when it comes to what to wear for an audition is that it should make you feel good. If you’re feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, then this will translate into your performance on stage or in front of the camera. So choose something that fits well, looks good on your body type and makes you feel like a million bucks!

A few tips:

  • Avoid too much jewelry or makeup (especially lipstick) because this might distract from your face when viewed from afar on camera or up close in person by an agent or casting director. It’s also generally easier to remove makeup than apply it so if need be during an audition, having less is better than having more!
  • Don’t wear anything too revealing or tight-fitting as this could distract from your acting ability rather than enhancing it! This includes tank

What to Wear for an Audition

When preparing for an audition, you should ask yourself what the role is and how you can demonstrate your ability to play it. Depending on the audition, you may need to show that you have the skills required of a particular role or simply display your personality. In some cases, you may have to portray a certain character type, so it’s important that you are able to adapt your look accordingly.

What should I wear to an audition?

The best way to find out what is appropriate for an audition is to check with the theatre company or agent holding the casting session. If there isn’t any information about what to wear in advance, then it’s a good idea to dress casually but smartly. You don’t want to turn up at an audition in jeans and trainers if other people are wearing suits!

If there are no specific guidelines about what those attending should wear, opt for a basic black outfit that will look good on camera if you’re going for a video tape audition.

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