What to wear to an armenian wedding

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An armenian wedding is a colorful feast with many traditions, some dating back to centuries past. From the dress code to what you’re supposed to do when you arrive, check out our blog post and find out everything you need to know about a typical armenian wedding.

What to wear to an Armenian wedding:

What to wear to an Armenian wedding is a very personal decision, but there are a few things you should consider. The first thing is that the dress code is usually casual, so you can wear whatever you like. If you’re unsure what to go for, here’s some advice on what men and women should wear to an Armenian wedding:


If your invited as a woman, make sure you wear something comfortable but stylish. You don’t need to be wearing heels or anything too glamorous – just something nice and comfy! You can also choose not to wear a dress at all and instead opt for jeans or trousers if this is more comfortable for you.


For men, it’s best not show up in shorts or flip flops! Jeans are fine though – just make sure they’re clean and tidy! Shorts are also acceptable if they’re long enough!

When it comes to dressing for an Armenian wedding, there’s no need to break the bank. The dress code is casual and relaxed, so you can wear whatever you want.

What to wear to an Armenian wedding as a guest

As a guest, you don’t have to worry about matching anyone else’s outfit—you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in. If you’re not sure what to wear, start with something simple and classic like a pair of jeans or khakis with a button-down shirt or blouse and flats. If you want something more formal, feel free to opt for a cocktail dress if it fits your style.

For guys, khakis and a button-down shirt works just as well as a suit would at any other event. You can also wear jeans if they’re clean and pressed (jeans are generally frowned upon at Armenian weddings).

If you want to dress up more than that but aren’t sure what’s appropriate, ask one of the other guests who might be able to help guide you in the right direction.

Armenians are known for their love of music and dance, so it’s no surprise that weddings are celebrated with great pomp and circumstance. In the United States, Armenian weddings can be quite formal, but they may also be less formal depending on the family’s traditions.

When planning what to wear to an Armenian wedding, you should always ask the bride or groom what type of attire is appropriate for guests. They will be able to tell you if there is a specific dress code or if you can come in whatever you like.

If there is no specific dress code, it’s best to stick with business casual attire such as khakis and a nice button-down shirt for men or dresses with skirts or slacks for women. If you plan on dancing at the reception, consider bringing along some comfortable dance shoes too!

Armenian Dress Code

Women’s dresses can range from knee-length skirt suits with cinched waists and button-up blouses with collars and sleeves down to the wrist, or longer dresses that go past the ankles. Men wear dark pants with suspenders and matching shirts with jackets that have no lapels and buttons up the front. They will also usually wear a hat called a papachka on their head during the ceremony.

Armenian dress code is very specific and elaborate, which makes it difficult for a guest to know exactly what to wear. This article will help you with that.

The main rule of Armenian etiquette is that the men should wear dark colored suits or tuxedos, preferably with bow ties. The women should wear either long dresses or floor length skirts with high heels. However, if you are attending a small private wedding ceremony where the guests are few, then you can wear something more casual like jeans or chinos along with a nice top or blouse.

There are many different types of traditional Armenian clothing that you can choose from when dressing up for your friend’s wedding party. For example, if you want to go traditional, then you could try on one of our satin vests which come in several colors including black, blue and red and have white embroidered designs on them; they also come with matching pants which can be worn either tucked into boots or worn outside them depending on how formal the occasion is going to be.

Dress Code for Armenian Weddings

The dress code is not as strict as in some other cultures, but there are some guidelines you should keep in mind when deciding on what to wear.

Women: Women should wear long skirts or dresses that cover their knees and shoulders. They should also avoid wearing too much jewelry or makeup.

Men: Men can wear suits, khakis, or jeans and a button-down shirt if they wish. It is important to make sure that your shoes are polished and that your hair looks neat and tidy.

What to Wear to an Armenian Wedding

Armenian weddings are beautiful and colorful events, so it’s important to know what to wear in order to fit in and look your best. The most important thing to keep in mind is that Armenian weddings are casual affairs. You don’t need to rent a tuxedo or hire a stylist, but you do need a little help dressing appropriately.

The first step is choosing the right outfit. Men should stick with dark-colored suits — black or navy blue are both appropriate — or dress shirts and slacks if they prefer a more casual look. Women should wear dresses that fall just below the knee or above it, depending on their preference. Most women choose long skirts and high heels, but short skirts are also appropriate as long as they fall within the same guidelines.

Accessories such as jewelry and makeup should also be kept simple; no one wants to see too much bling at an Armenian wedding! The exception here is when attending a traditional dance performance; then it’s okay to wear lots of jewelry and makeup because this is part of their culture

Armenians have been in America for over a hundred years. They have their own culture, traditions, and style. Armenians are known for their rich culture and history, but how does one dress for an Armenian wedding?

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