Pajama parties are a great way to relax and let loose with friends. The only thing better than a pajama party? An adult pajama party! Adult pajama parties have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking for an excuse to go shopping and celebrate in style, this is it. In this blog post we’ll be discussing:

-What to wear at an adult pajama party

-What not to wear at an adult pajama party

What to Wear to an Adult Pajama Party

Are you a fan of pajamas? Then you probably have a favorite pair that you wear on lazy weekends. But what if I told you that there was an entire subculture dedicated to dressing up in pajamas?

I’m talking about adult pajama parties, where people get together and dress in their favorite PJs (or slippers, or robes, or whatever) and just hang out. It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun!

But what should you wear? Do you need to come in costume? Do the other attendees expect certain things from their hosts? What does the host wear? Does anyone even care what you wear? Let’s take a look at some dos and don’ts for attending an adult pajama party.

You’ve been invited to an adult pajama party, and you’re wondering what to wear.

The first thing you should know is that the event will be informal and relaxed. You should feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. However, it’s also important to remember that this is an opportunity for everyone who attends to get dressed up without worrying about looking formal or professional—so don’t feel like you have to wear something too fancy or formal just because it’s a party!

You can always go with a classic look: a simple pair of black leggings and a t-shirt or sweater. This will make you seem approachable and friendly while still maintaining a level of professionalism. If possible, try not to wear anything that has holes in it—you never know when someone might sit on your lap! If there are other people wearing fancier outfits than yours, don’t be afraid to ask them where they got their clothes from; chances are they’ll be happy to tell you!

Hey, you!

You know that feeling you get when you’re just lounging around the house and suddenly realize everyone else is out of town and you’re stuck with no plans? Or maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon and all your friends are busy, so you’ve got nothing to do?

And then the thought strikes: “I’m going to throw an adult pajama party.”

An adult pajama party is a great way to relax, unwind, and feel like you’re still part of the action even if you haven’t left the house in days. But what do you wear?

We’ve got some tips on how to make sure your PJs are a perfect fit for this special occasion.

Slumber parties as a kid were the best. They were filled with giggles, delicious snacks, and movies. Although adult sleepovers are similar to the slumber parties of our youth, pajamas for an adult sleepover are much more fun than the less mature versions. I don’t know about you, but as a kid I had bigger things to think about than wearing matching pajamas to a slumber party. These things might have been: Planning how to sneak past my friend’s parents to get us a midnight feast, what cool remark I would tell my friend to write to her crush on AIM, or policing my friends’ eyeballs and making sure everyone was still awake in the wee hours.

As an adult it’s difficult to know what to do for fun with your friends especially when it’s cold outside, that doesn’t cost too much money and doesn’t center solely around drinking. Enter what is IMO one of the best activities you can host with your friends: Adult sleepovers. There are many reasons why adult sleepovers are superior to slumber parties of your childhood, including the addition of hilarious adult games like Cards Against Humanity, the chance to meet up with friends you didn’t just see at school yesterday, and of course the involvement of booze. There are definitely similarities between adult sleepovers and sleepovers you went to as a kid which help keep the comforting, nostalgic vibe going strong.

However, something which will be different is you might want to wear fancier pajamas and if that’s the case, dream on in these gorgeous PJs that would be perfect to take to your next adult slumber party.

1. The Classic Stripy Set

Channel some androgynous vibes in a classic, two-piece striped set of PJs.

2. The Pretty Playsuit

Have the best of both worlds with a silky, satin finish and shorts to keep you cool on balmy evenings with this cute playsuit. This pretty style is available from sizes 8/10 to 28/30.

3. The Alluring All-In-One

Make a stylish statement at an adult slumber party in this divine lace all-in-one.

4. The Purrfect Pair

If you’re a feline fan, salute your furry friends in a fleecy, cat faced top and some heart printed bottoms.

5. The Junk Food Lover’s Set

This pajama set is for all of the junk food lovers out there, which I’m guessing, is almost everyone. It’s cute, comedic, and it’s got a fast food print on it — what’s not to like?

6. The Lace Trim PJs

This slouchy set is super casual yet it has a pretty edge to it with a peach lace trim on the hemline of the top and along the ankles.

7. The World Map Pajamas

These PJs make a sweet pair for gals filled with wanderlust – they might even inspire your next trip by filling your dreams with wonderful destinations. This adventurous set is available in sizes XS to XL.

8. The Tomboy Romper

This romper will ensure you drift off in comfort.

9. The Mermaid Pajamas

Mermaids are one of the most popular mythical creatures right now so jump on board this ship and flaunt a pair of super rad mermaid style pajamas.

10. The Silky Cami Set

Wear this gorgeous, silky cami set between the sheets to a different kind of adult sleepover. Alternatively, make your BFFs swoon like the heart-eyed emoji at a girly adult slumber party.

What to Wear to an Adult Birthday Party

You’ve got a great group of friends—they’re always there for you, and they’re great at keeping up with each other. But when it comes to your birthday, why not make it special?

Maybe you want to do something different this year. Maybe you want to throw a party for yourself. Or maybe you just feel like getting dressed up for something other than work or the gym. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got some ideas for what to wear.

Wear a cocktail dress or tailored suit for fancy nighttime parties. If the birthday party is at night and taking place in a fancy restaurant or upscale lounge, that’s the time to break out those cocktail dresses, tailored suits, and dress shoes! Aim to look sharp and sophisticated with a spoonful of glamour and drama.

Staring at a closet full of options can be intimidating, especially when you’re going to a special event like a birthday party. The host will probably give you some idea of what to expect, but you still want to make a good impression and be comfortable. You can dress relaxed, fancy, or festive depending on the type of party. No matter what you wear, be comfy and true to your style!

Crafting a Casual Look
Wear fitted jeans and a playful top for daytime parties. You want to be comfortable and wear a style that’s true to you, but you also want to show that it’s a special occasion. So take your everyday wear and add a special touch to bring it up a notch. For example, spruce up your casual jeans with a sequined tank top and a fluorescent clutch.[1] Or, wear an interesting neckline (like a henley shirt) with fitted jeans and patterned sneakers.[2]
Add a cropped jacket or patterned scarf to look great in cool weather.[3]
If the birthday party is outside, you’re going to dress more casual.[4]

Wear a maxi or midi dress with sandals for outdoor daytime parties. If the party is going to be mostly outdoors, flowy dresses with playful patterns are perfect for daytime fun. If the print is bold, accessorize with minimalist pieces. For solid-color dresses, feel free to wear a few minimal pieces of jewelry or a single statement piece.
A chunky necklace is a great way to show off your décolletage.
Pair a single-colored maxi or midi dress with colorful shoes or a patterned jacket.
Transition the outfit to nighttime by belting the waist, putting on heels, and donning a long, fitted cardigan for cool nights.
Add drama at night with dark wash jeans and an off-the-shoulder top. Nighttime parties call for more drama, mystery, and allure.[5] Show off your shoulders with a fun off-the-shoulder top, and top it off with a small statement clutch and some booties.
Choose appropriate clothing that isn’t too flashy or sexy. Remember, the party isn’t about you and how good you look, it’s about the person whose birthday it is!
Image titled Dress for a Birthday Party Step 44
Wear a blazer over a button-down with tailored shorts or jeans. A nice, fitted blazer will make any pair of shorts or jeans look sophisticated, especially if you do a “French tuck.”[6] Finish the look with a pair of nice loafers, sneakers, or flats.
For women, transition the look to nighttime with a pair of low to mid heels or wedges.
For men, turn it into a nighttime look by changing into a pair of slacks, chinos, or dark wash denim.[7]
Pair a cardigan with a graphic tee and fitted jeans for day or night. Layering a cardigan or blazer over a comfy tee looks more polished than the t-shirt alone. Just make sure the t-shirt isn’t too loose or long to avoid looking unkempt. Leave the shirt untucked for an ultra-casual look and tuck it in slightly to show off a nice belt buckle.[8]
Image titled Dress for a Birthday Party Step 66
Wear a maxi or midi dress to pool parties. If you’re going to a pool party, you might want to wear something you can get in and out of easily (like a maxi dress or thin shirt and shorts that you don’t care about getting damp). Wear comfortable sandals or flip flops to match the laid-back poolside vibes.
If the party is both indoors and outdoors, dress for the weather and bring layers.
Wear a comfy shirt with shorts or simple jeans to children’s parties. Most children’s parties are ultra-casual, so your everyday wear will work just fine here. There’s probably going to be lots of activities going on, so you’ll want to be comfortable and able to move around quickly (especially with younger children in attendance).
Avoid wearing white jeans or a white shirt so you they won’t get stained from spills or grass.[9]
Wear cargo pants or shorts for pocket space if you might need to hide small objects that aren’t safe for younger children and toddlers.
If you’re a parent, bring a large bag for snacks, water, sunscreen, and anything else you or your child might need.

Dressing to Impress
Wear a colorful wrap or cocktail dress for daytime festivities. Semi-formal parties during the day call for smart attire in playful colors and patterns.[10] Pair a knee-length (or just above the knee) dress with cork wedge heels or low heels for comfort and style.
Wedges are a good choice if you know that you’ll be walking on grass.
If the venue is a hotel, you’ll be wanting to dress up more with an outfit like this.[11]
Image titled Dress for a Birthday Party Step 92
Pair a flashy skirt with a simple fitted blouse and low heels. A flashy sequin skirt goes perfectly with a simple (tucked in) top will make a statement without looking overdone. Top it with a cropped denim or leather jacket for cooler weather.
The louder the outfit, the simpler your accessories should be. Let the sequins be the focal point and accessorize with a simple gold or silver necklace or bracelet.
Turn it into a nighttime look by wearing strappy heels and adding a small clutch.
Wear a cocktail dress or tailored suit for fancy nighttime parties. If the birthday party is at night and taking place in a fancy restaurant or upscale lounge, that’s the time to break out those cocktail dresses, tailored suits, and dress shoes! Aim to look sharp and sophisticated with a spoonful of glamour and drama.
Opt for a dress that sits right at the knee.[12] If you go shorter, make sure that it has a medium or high neckline so you’re not revealing too much skin. Go bold and dramatic with darker colors and structured, romantic shapes (like an off-the-shoulder neckline).
A tailored suit is always a great choice for men (lighter colors for daytime and darker for nighttime) with a nice pair of loafers or dress shoes.[13] A tie is optional so long as you wear a collared button-down. Steer clear of any loud patterns unless it’s just a pop here and there (like on a pocket square).
Accessorize to complement your outfit. Accessories can complement your style and highlight your best features. But too many accessories can look cluttered and distracting, so be tasteful and remember: less is more! A simple bangle or bracelet will call attention to your wrists, while an understated gold or silver necklace can highlight your décolletage. For men, a puffed pocket square and a nice watch can make any simple suit look posh.
If you’re wearing a solid color, accessorize with a single statement piece (like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings). With bold patterns, keep accessories small and to a minimum.
Keep your silver jewelry looking polished by soaking it in baking soda and hot water in a bowl lined with aluminum foil.[14]
Men should choose a pocket square that’s a shade lighter or darker than the main color of the suit to make it stand out. And don’t match it directly to your tie (if you’re wearing one). Instead, choose a secondary color from your shirt or blazer to match it to.

Matching a Theme

Go thrift shopping for retro themes. If you have the time and don’t mind spending a little money on a themed outfit, thrift stores are a great resource to find clothes that could fit various decades. For 1950s, look for pastels and waist-high skirts with a little retro bell shape. If the theme is 1970s, opt for high-waisted jeans (with flared legs), paisley patterns, psychedelic prints, ponchos, and clunky platform shoes.[15]
Whether you’re familiar with the theme or not, doing some research will spark your creativity.
Look through your wardrobe for items that might fit the theme. Even if you don’t have clothing that directly matches, combining mismatched pieces and layering them can do wonders!
Wear pastels for an “Under the Sea” theme. Say the theme is “Under the Sea” but you don’t have any flowy looking garments. You can wear a pastel shirt, leggings of any color, and a pastel colored skirt over it with a colorful scarf tied around your waist. You won’t exactly look like a mermaid, but the color scheme will allude to that idea!
Wear denim-on-denim for a late 90s look. Take a tip from celebrity fashion, like wearing head-to-toe denim to channel a late 1990s celebrity-darling look.[16] Combine different washes of denim to make it look more fashionable and highlight your best assets.[17] Pair this look with statement heels or a long blazer to glam it up.[18]
A small headband can be worn as a 90s choker.[19]
Cut up an old skirt to make a cape or toga. Old clothes you don’t wear anymore are perfect for costumes because you can cut and shape them to fit various themes. For example, that old maxi skirt you no longer wear can be cut open down the side and fashioned into a cape or draped like a toga.
Use tin foil or bubble wrap for intergalactic or campy 80s glam themes. Tin foil and bubble wrap can be a creative way to make normal clothes look interstellar for an outer-space-themed party or 80s shin-dig! It won’t necessarily look fashionable, but it will show off your creativity and sense of humor.
Cut rounded triangular pieces of foil and safety pin them to an old jacket to make shiny shoulderpads.
Tape bubble wrap around your arms, legs, or torso for a spacesuit or alien look.
Rip the sleeves off of old shirts and sweaters for various themes. Simply tearing the sleeves off of sweaters and shirts can work with tons of themes. Look like a Breakfast Clubber by tearing long sleeves off of sweaters or jersey shirts at the shoulder seam. Rip some holes in the front and back in it to make it ultra-grunge or punk.
Save your ripped shirts and sweaters for a great zombie-apocalypse Halloween costume!
Drape a studded belt diagonally across your torso (like a messenger bag strap) to accessorize a punk or grunge theme.
Use jean scraps to make counterculture patches. Cut old jeans into shorts and then cut the pant legs into small squares to make patches you can safety-pin on a shirt or jacket for a counterculture look. To fray the edges of the shorts, comb and tease out the fibers from the freshly cut edges.
If you want to scuff up the jeans to look worn in, rub the outside of the jeans down the side of a cheese grater.
Make sure you don’t want to wear the clothing (as is) anymore before you cut into it!

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