What to Wear to an Acting Audition

Even if acting is all about the performance, you still need to spend money on your audition clothing. I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for some advice on what to wear to an acting audition. Your performance in an acting audition might be impacted by a variety of variables. What to wear to an acting audition, what to wear to an audition for an agent, and how you appear will be the first things the producers, directors, and casting agents will notice about you, thus it is important to keep in mind while applying for acting parts.

What to Wear to an Acting Audition

When you’re preparing for an acting audition, there are several things to consider. You want to look your best and feel comfortable in whatever outfit you choose. The following are some examples of what actors wear when going on auditions:

Dress up or down. For a theater audition, it’s best to dress up because you want to look as professional as possible. But if you’re going for a commercial, then a more casual look might work better.

Decide on color scheme. When you’re deciding what to wear for an acting audition, think about how your clothes will complement each other and how they’ll reflect your personality. If you’re auditioning for a role that requires a certain type of person (like an athlete or police officer), then choose something that fits within that category but still allows room for personal style.

Wear what fits well and flatters your body type. Avoid baggy clothing because it makes you appear larger than life — especially if you’re trying out for a character who is supposed to be thin or muscular like Superman or Wonder Woman! Also avoid wearing too much jewelry because it may make it hard for directors and casting agents to see the real you underneath all those sparkly trinkets!

Whether you’re auditioning for a play, a movie or a commercial, you have to look like the character you’re portraying. You can’t just be wearing jeans and a T-shirt and expect to get the part.

Depending on the type of audition, there are several different outfits to choose from. Here are some general guidelines:

For theater auditions: Look for something that represents your character well. If you’re auditioning for a period piece, for example, try to find clothing similar to what people wore in that time period (theater costumers can help). Avoid bright colors if possible — black or dark blue tend to work best with stage lighting.

For film auditions: There’s no one specific outfit that works best for film auditions because they vary so much in style and tone. However, here are some general guidelines:

If it’s a comedy, go with something casual but still professional (jeans aren’t usually allowed unless it’s specified in your sides). If you’re wearing more formal clothes, make sure they fit well and aren’t too wrinkled or stained (no matter how much money they offer!). Avoid bright colors; stick with neutral tones such as black, white or brown

The first thing to know about dressing for an audition is that there are no rules. You don’t need to wear a suit, and you don’t need to look like your character. In fact, the most successful actors in Hollywood often choose to dress very differently than their characters.

Auditions are designed to see how well you can play the role, not how well you can dress up like someone else. So while it might be fun to show off your personal style at some point during an audition, it’s usually best to go with something professional and simple at first.

The second thing is that you should wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. If you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit right or isn’t flattering on your body type, it can really distract from your performance and make it harder for the casting director or director to focus on what matters—your talent!

What should you wear to an acting audition? The most important thing is to be yourself, but there are a few tips that can help you look your best.

1. Dress according to the character. If the character is supposed to be a businesswoman, wear a suit. If she’s a hippie, wear long flowy skirts and tie-dye shirts. Be sure to check out the “Audition Tips” section on the casting website for more specific details about what they’re looking for in each role.

2. Don’t wear anything too fancy or expensive, unless it’s part of your character (like if you’re auditioning for a princess). You don’t want your shoes or purse taking attention away from your performance!

3. Wear shoes that are comfortable but also easy to walk in if you need to do any walking during the audition process (it’s common).

A good rule of thumb is to dress one level better than what you would wear for the job. So, if you are auditioning for a police officer or fireman, you would want to dress as if you were going to work in that profession.

If you don’t know what kind of clothes to wear, check with the theater or movie studio where the audition is taking place. They will likely have some guidelines about what to wear so that everyone looks professional and appropriate for their roles.

You should also consider the weather when choosing what to wear for an acting audition. For example, if it’s very cold outside, it might be best to go with a heavy coat and hat instead of just a light sweater. This way, it will be easier for them to see your face and expressions while they’re watching your tape later on!

If possible, bring along an extra copy of your headshot and resume just in case they accidentally lose one while reviewing your materials.

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What Should You Wear to an Acting Audition

You need to wear something that is comfortable and you look good in. If the role requires a certain type of clothing, then wear it. But don’t overdo it.

If you are auditioning for a specific role, then make sure you know what type of character this is before going out and buying any new clothes for the audition. This is especially important if you are going in for a local commercial or something similar where many actors will be trying out for the same part.

Many actors also have a few different outfits they take with them on auditions so that they can change depending on how long they are there and how many times they will be seen by casting directors and agents. It is best to bring at least three outfits so that your chances of getting noticed increase dramatically!

Wear clothes that feel comfortable and appropriate for the role.

If you’re auditioning for a play, it’s best to dress like the character you’re playing. If it’s a comedy, wear something lighthearted; if it’s a drama, wear something serious.

If you’re unsure what you should wear, ask the director or producer what they prefer.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I hope people will notice about me?

Do I want to look professional? Or fun? Or quirky?

Is this outfit age-appropriate? (You might want to wear something more youthful if you want to be seen as young.)

Is this outfit gender-appropriate? (You might want to dress more feminine or masculine than usual.)

Does my outfit fit me well? (Clothes that don’t fit well can make you appear awkward onstage.)

If you’re going to an audition, what should you wear?

How to Dress for a Modeling Agency Open Call or a Casting | Modeling Mentor  Blog

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are some common guidelines. The most important thing is to dress like a professional. You want to look like the best version of yourself.

If you’re going for a professional role (meaning a commercial or film), then the stakes are higher. If you’re going for a student film or play, then there’s a lot more flexibility in terms of what you wear.

If it’s an audition for a commercial or film, don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt. Wear something that looks like it belongs on TV or in front of the camera. If it’s cold out, bring an extra layer with you in case they ask you to take off your coat (this happens sometimes).

For auditions with casting agents who work with non-union actors (meaning actors who aren’t unionized or don’t belong to SAG/AFTRA), dressing nicely does not mean wearing a suit or formal attire. It means wearing something that makes you look put together and polished — nice pants or skirt with a button down shirt; if it’s winter, wear layers that can be removed easily 

What Should You Wear to an Audition?

Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, but also be aware of the character. For example, if you’re auditioning for a gritty indie drama, don’t wear a suit and tie. If you’re auditioning for a Western, don’t wear a blue dress with yellow shoes. The point is to find a balance between what’s appropriate for the role and who you are as a person.

Wear something clean! Auditions are stressful enough without worrying about whether or not your shirt has stains on it or if your pants have holes in them. Make sure your clothes fit well and are clean and ironed (or professionally dry cleaned). It’s also important to make sure your shoes are polished and look nice. Nothing says “professional” like clean clothes and polished shoes!

Don’t overdress or underdress – especially if you’re an actor trying out for roles that require nudity or intimate contact with other actors. If you’re auditioning for a role where there’s no nudity required (for example), then casual clothes that fit well are fine – just don’t overdress because that can make you seem nervous or fake (and nobody wants to work with someone like that!).

So you’ve got an acting audition coming up and you want to know what to wear. The good news is that the standard advice for what to wear on a job interview applies pretty well to auditions.

In general, you want to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the role. If you’re auditioning for a business executive, you should be wearing a suit and tie or blouse and skirt. If you’re auditioning for a street person, then jeans and sneakers are appropriate.

What do Actors Need for Auditions?

If you’re not sure what kind of clothes are appropriate for an acting audition, don’t worry — we’ve got some ideas:

Canvas shoes – You’ll be on your feet all day, so make sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive. Canvas shoes are easy to slip off at the end of the day too!

A pair of earrings – Earrings can make any outfit look dressed up, even if it’s jeans and t-shirt! Choose something simple (like studs) so that it doesn’t distract from what’s going on with your face during the readings or monologue work.

What to Wear to a Graduation (Guests & Grads)

graduation dress outfit idea

Late spring and early summer bring so many celebrations to look forward to, including graduations! Whether you’re a graduate or are attending a graduation, I wanted to share what to wear to graduation and a few things to consider as you put together your outfit for the day.

What to Wear to Graduation

What to Wear If You’re the Graduate

When deciding what to wear to your own graduation, it’s helpful to remember a few things about the day that will impact your choices. You want to look your best, but there are other factors to consider, from the weather to the schedule of the day as a whole, and what type of surface you’ll be walking on (grass, for example).

So before we dive into graduation outfit examples, here are 4 things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear:


One of the main things I remember about my college graduation is that it was a full day of walking. From my house off campus to the stadium for the ceremony to lunch afterwards, to friends houses for graduation parties, I probably walked 20,000 steps that day.

When choosing shoes to wear for graduation, we are looking for that diamond that is equal parts comfortable, stylish, and stable. This usually means a block heel or wedge (we don’t want any trips on stage) no higher than 3.5”.

I know that stilettos can be tempting, but you’ll likely be walking or standing on grass for family photos or as part of the ceremony. We want to avoid that heel grass sinkage if at all possible.


There aren’t any hard and fast rules for what to wear to graduation, but when in doubt, wear a dress. You could choose a skirt/slacks and top or a dressy jumpsuit, but this is a celebration of your hard work, so it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

For a spring graduation ceremony, I recommend a white, pastel, or floral dress.

For a fall or winter graduation ceremony, I recommend a dark floral print or a seasonal, dark solid (navy, purple) dress.


Most graduation gowns hit mid-calf or at the ankle, depending on how tall you are. You’ll feel very covered in your gown and graduation cap, and they can be a little heavy.

To make things easier on yourself, keep the length of your graduation dress shorter than your gown.

Avoid a maxi dress and opt for a knee length, mini, or midi dress instead. These will not only look better when you walk across the stage (no random colors or prints peeking out for pictures) but should keep you cool and be easier to move in.


Necklaces and bracelets will get hidden under your robe, especially if you receive awards, flowers, or cords.

For the ceremony itself, I’d wear simple earrings that draw attention to your face. Classic studs are perfect, or you could choose statement earrings, but try to keep them less trendy as you’ll have your grad pictures forever.

Here’s an example of what to wear to your graduation and a few grad-appropriate dresses:

What to Wear to Graduation as a Guest


Most invitations will state the ceremony dress code, but if you’re unsure, it’s safe to assume conservative yet dressy attire. You’ll feel more comfortable dressed up than dressed down, and whatever you do, don’t wear jeans! 

That essentially leaves us working with a nice dress, a skirt with a blouse, or slacks with a blouse.

Keep the graduate the center of attention with your color and print choices. You can still wear florals, colors, and prints, but try to keep them a little more understated.


Graduation ceremonies are long and if it’s an outdoor ceremony, the sun and heat can make them feel even longer.

Wear something you feel good in as you may be sitting for up to two hours. Avoid anything that’s too heavy, itchy, or tight.


Planning for the temperature of the ceremony is crucial! If it’s indoors, the A/C is usually blasting to accommodate for the crowd, so consider bringing a smart casual layer (dressy blazer, tailored cardigan, shawl).

If the ceremony is outdoors, weigh the temperature when choosing your outfit. Short sleeve or thin-strap dresses will be ideal in breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, rayon or a synthetic blend. If I knew I’d be sitting in direct sun, I’d bring sunglasses.

Here’s an example of what to wear to graduation as a guest and a few graduation guest dresses

Graduation Style FAQs


Certain schools have traditions around what colors to wear for graduation day. In the south, it’s common to see graduates wear a white dress for the ceremony.

I don’t think you need to be beholden to a certain color as a guest or graduate, though. Whether it’s a middle school, high school, college, or grad school ceremony, it’s a celebration, so wear what feels good to you!


Dresses are the safest bet for grads and graduation attendees if the invitation doesn’t state the dress code.

When choosing a dress for graduation, a good rule of thumb is that it should be more formal/dressier than a dress you’d wear on a picnic but not as dressy as a cocktail/semi-formal dress you’d wear to a wedding.


If I had a child graduating, I’d want to err on the side of demure to let my graduate shine on their special day. But that’s not to say that the mother of the graduate can’t have fun or express her personal style!

Moms of grads should wear a celebratory dress, skirt/slacks and blouse combo, or dressy jumpsuit in a seasonal print or color, but nothing so loud that it detracts attention from the graduate.


For graduation parties hosted by a family or several families, I’d wear something on par with what you’d wear to a spring/summer baby shower or bridal shower. A sundress, conservative mini dress, or summery midi dress would be perfect.

Graduation parties that are hosted by the school, a club, or a sorority/fraternity are usually slightly more formal events. Always check for the dress code on the invitation, but business professional dress is a safe choice. For example, a sheath dress, a midi dress with a conservative neckline, or slacks with a blouse.

8 Spring Date Outfit Ideas

what to wear on a spring date

Spring has to be one of the best seasons to go on a date. I don’t know if it’s the extra sunshine or seeing everything in bloom, but it’s a special time of year to get out on the town!

Figuring out what to wear on a spring date can be challenging, thanks mostly to the weather, which can be all over the place. Not to mention, there’s usually more to do, from concerts to sporting events and al fresco dining, and each activity calls for a different look.

To help you feel your best, I compiled a list of the most popular dates and came up with eight spring date night outfits for eight occasions. I hope this post gives you outfit inspiration for your next date, and if nothing else, a few date ideas for springtime!

My Go-To Spring Date Night Outfit

My go to date night outfit usually involves a pair of jeans and a flirty top. In the spring, that looks like white or light wash denim, a floral print blouse, and heeled sandals as pictured above.

I’d wear this outfit to dinner or cocktails, but you could dress it down for a casual date by swapping in flat sandals and a denim jacket.

What to Wear on a Spring Date

See below for seven more cute spring date outfits by date type!

Spring Day Date Outfit Ideas


For dates that involve a stroll (park, picnic, Farmer’s Market), try a tank, cropped jeans, and sandals. Show off your personality with accessories. I’d wear a sun hat for extra coverage and flare! Outfit details here.


Ball games and outdoor concerts are common in spring and can be warm. I’d dress similar to the walking date but even more casual.

Cutoff shorts are perfect if it’s hot enough; if not go for distressed jeans and a tank. I like to wear my hair up to stay cool and usually choose a hands-free bag (crossbody or backpack) so I can grab a drink. Outfit details here.


If you think you’ll sweat even just a little on an active date, a tennis dress/active dress with a ball cap and white sneakers is a great choice. You could also try an athletic mini skirt, skort, or shorts with a tank. If you’ll be in the shade or it’s too chilly for shorts, try a tank and leggings set.


For casual food/drink outings, you can’t go wrong with a cute top and jeans. Shorts could work in this scenario too, depending on if you’ll be outside.

Spring Date Night Outfit Ideas


For a drinks-only date, I tend to lean on the sexier side while keeping things classy. You can always go for a dress or a skirt that shows a little skin, but I feel my best in tops and bodysuits that have a pretty necklines, cutouts, or a low back.

I “ground” these types of tops with white, light, or mid-wash denim grounds so I don’t appear too dressy, then I layer a leather jacket for a little bit of edge. Finish the look with heels and a cute clutch!


My spring dinner date outfits are similar to what I wear to bars but with a more coverage. Pair spring denim with a sleeveless floral blouse and bring along a blazer just in case it’s chilly.

I try to wear block heels as often as possible so that I’m comfortable if we go somewhere afterwards (drinks, ice cream, movies, etc.).


If you’re headed out on a special evening, it’s the perfect excuse to get all dressed up. Bring out that dinner dress—I love a long sleeve floral mini to keep me comfortable in A/C, but a midi or maxi with a jacket works beautifully as well! 

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