What to Wear to an 80’s Themed Party

Have you ever received an invitation to a silly costume party? You have the opportunity to dress up as your preferred TV, book, or movie character. Whatever the theme—pimp and ho’s, policemen and robbers, hippy dippy, space cadets, etc.—you simply put on a nice outfit and get ready for an amazing night of music, dancing, drinking, and fun. Are you still unsure about how to have an 80s-themed party, what to wear to one, or how to dress for one? You’re in the right spot. To understand how to dress for your preferred era, keep reading since there is a ton of information here!

If you’re headed to an 80s-themed party, you’ll want to be sure you’re dressed appropriately. For women, a mini skirt and high heels is the way to go. Add some bright colors, like neon yellow or hot pink. Don’t forget to accessorize with big earrings and a scarf tied around your neck. You might also consider wearing a jacket over your shirt if it’s cold outside! If you’re male, jeans and t-shirts are appropriate—but make sure they’re really tight! Look for shirts that have little designs on them or ones that say things like “Totally Rad” or “Radical.” If you can find one with a picture of someone who looks like they just stepped out of a music video from back in the day, even better! And don’t forget the hair gel—it’s essential for this look!

What to Wear to an 80’s Themed Party

If you are planning a party, the first thing that you need to do is decide on the theme. You can choose anything from a wedding to a beach party or even a Halloween party. If you have chosen an 80s themed party, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while throwing it.

Here are some tips for an 80s themed party:

– Choose a popular decade for your theme as it will help you in making the decorations and also give you an idea of what sort of music and food to serve at the party.

– Decide on what kind of music would be played at your event and get hold of some old records or CDs from that era.

– Create wall hangings or posters which depict famous personalities from that era.

– Hang disco balls and other lighting fixtures so that it looks like a discotheque!

– Wear a headband, scarf or hairband in your hair.

– If you have the long hair to match, wear it down and straight. If you’re bald or partially bald, wear a wig or hairpiece that matches the style of your favorite star from back in the day.

– Wear legwarmers if you have them. If not, buy a pair and wear them with shorts or mini skirts.

– Wear knee socks if they’re available (they’re usually sold in pairs). If not, go sockless with high heels or pumps instead.

The 80s was a time of big hair and skinny ties. It was also a time when people thought it was a good idea to wear neon colors. If you want to throw an 80s-themed party, then this article is for you.

Here are some tips on how to dress for an 80s theme party:

Wear bright colors like neon green, pink or orange. Try to avoid pastels because they don’t fit well with the theme of the party.

Wear clothes that are loose fitting. Men should wear loose-fitting jeans and shirts while women can go for leggings and short skirts instead of flowing dresses and skirts that made them look like ballerinas in the 80s.

Wear platform shoes if possible or high heels that have thick heels like those worn by Madonna in her “Like A Virgin” video. But if you’re not comfortable wearing high heels, then opt for flats instead so as not to look awkward when dancing at the party!

Whether you’re going to a party, or just want to get your friends together for a fun night out, here’s how to dress for an 80s themed party.

If you’re going to a party, make sure that you know what the theme of the party is before you go out. If you don’t know anyone at the party, ask someone who does. That way, if there is an 80s theme and you show up dressed in 80s clothing (or no clothes at all), people will think you’re weird.

If there is an 80s theme at the party, dress up like one of your favorite movie characters from that era. For example, if there’s going to be an “Empire Strikes Back” themed party, wear all black clothing with some white tape on it or carry around a giant gun that makes noise when you pull the trigger (like Princess Leia did). If there’s going to be a “Tron” themed party, wear all white clothing with colored lights on it and carry around glowing sticks (like those used by Sam Flynn in “Tron: Legacy”).

If there isn’t an official theme for the party and there are just going to be people wearing their own clothes inspired by the 1980s, then wear whatever

If you’re planning a ’80s party, you might be worried about what to wear. Luckily, we’ve got some great tips for you!

What to Wear to an 80’s Party

We have put together some ideas to help you decide what to wear at your next 80s party.

If you’re having an 80s themed birthday party, there are plenty of options for what to wear. You can dress like one of the characters from The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If that’s too much of a stretch for you, try dressing as one of the bands from the decade, like Duran Duran or Madonna (we don’t recommend trying this if you’re over 40!). Or why not go all out and get yourself some parachute pants?

If you’re not sure where to start with your outfit, try looking at pictures of people from the 1980s on Google Image Search and Pinterest. Find someone with similar hair or fashion sense as yourself and copy their look!

What Not To Wear At An 80’s Party:

There are certain things that definitely should not be worn at an 80’s themed party: leg warmers, neon colors and jelly shoes

The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends | 80s fashion trends, 80s fashion party,  80s party outfits

How to Have an 80s Themed Party

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to have an 80s themed party, we’ve put together some helpful tips and ideas to get you started.

We’ve also got an amazing selection of 80s costumes available in our online store. If you want to buy some outfits then be sure to check them out!

How to dress for an 80s theme party

If you want your guests to dress up at your 80s themed party, here are a few ideas:

– Holding a costume contest is always a great way for people to get involved! You can even have prizes for the best dressed.

– Another option is having different areas of the house that represent different decades. For example, one room could be dedicated to the 70s and another could be dedicated to the 60s, etc. Guests would then be given their own decade upon entering the house. This way they can dress up and really get into character!

How to throw an 80s party

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just having a get together with friends, you can make your event more fun by throwing in some 80s music and theme elements. In this article, we’ll show you how to plan an awesome 80s party that’ll have everyone singing along and dancing all night long.

What to wear to an 80s party

The first thing people will notice when they arrive at your 80s-themed party is the attire of your guests. If you’re going to be hosting, be sure to dress up in some awesome 80s clothes so that people know they’re at an authentic 80s event. Make sure everyone knows what decade they’re living in by wearing neon colors like hot pink and chartreuse, bold patterns like leopard print and paisley (which were popular for both genders during this era), high-waist pants for girls and baggy jeans for guys, oversized shirts with popped collars (which were worn by both genders) and lots of jewelry. If you want to really go all out with your outfit, wear something from each decade from the ’50s through today!

80’s Party Ideas

If you’re looking for a fun theme for your next party, consider an 80’s themed party. The 80’s were a time of great change and innovation, with everything from music to fashion reflecting the decade. 

Twenty 80s Dress Up & Costume Ideas to WOW Your Friends

Plan ahead! You won’t be able to pull off an amazing 80s-themed party without planning ahead. This means preparing food and drinks that reflect that era, as well as getting together with friends who will be able to dress up in appropriate attire. Dress in your own 80s clothes if possible; it will add authenticity to your event!

Decide on the type of music you want played at your event. Popular bands like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet were big during this time period, but other genres were also popular such as new wave and synthpop. Make sure there is plenty of space for dancing if you plan on playing any of these types of music!

Decide on what type of food you want served at your event. Some foods associated with the 80s include cheese puffs (Cheetos), corn dogs (Coney Island Hot Dogs), fruit snacks (Fruit Roll-Ups) and more!

How to Have an 80s-Themed Party

Deciding on the right theme for your party can be a challenge. It’s important that you pick something that fits with your guests and also caters to their interests. An 80s-themed party is perfect for anyone who was born in this decade, or even those who weren’t but still love the era.

If you want to throw an 80s bash that will have everyone talking, follow these tips.

1. Decide on the location of your party: Do you want it to be at home or out? If it’s at home, make sure there are enough bedrooms for sleeping over and plenty of floor space for dancing. If it’s going to be outdoors, choose a spot with plenty of trees and grass so that people can sit down without getting dirty or cold.

2. Pick out an appropriate playlist: When planning an 80s-themed event, make sure you have plenty of music from this generation on hand so that your guests can get into the spirit of things easily enough! Try to include songs like “The Final Countdown,” “Shout” by Tears for Fears, “Like A Virgin” by Madonna and many more!

3. Choose a theme color scheme: Another thing

Party themes are fun and they can help bring people together. The 80s was a great time in the history of music, entertainment, pop culture, and fashion. If you want to have an 80s themed party, then here are some tips for how to throw one.


You could start by hanging some streamers from the ceiling or using balloons as decoration. You could also put up posters of your favorite bands or movie stars of the era on the walls and ceiling to give it more of a retro look. If you want to spend more money on it, you can hire a professional party planner who will help you throw a great 80s themed party that everyone will love!

Breakfast Club Fashion Show

If you’re hosting an all-day event such as a wedding reception or family reunion where many people will be in attendance all day long, consider having a fashion show where attendees can come dressed in their best Breakfast Club outfits from 1985’s classic John Hughes film The Breakfast Club! For example, girls should wear bright colorful tube tops with high waisted shorts or skirts with leg warmers, lace up boots or tennis shoes (with ankle socks if desired), bracelets and bangle

How to Dress as an 80’s Rock Star


  • Black leggings or tight jeans
  • T-shirt
  • Leather, fringed vest or jacket
  • Long wig
  • Hairspray
  • Accessories
  • Makeup
  • Shoes

80s rock-star costumes demand bright, heavy makeup.

Whether you are preparing next year’s Halloween costume or have an 80s-themed party to attend, you can dress like an 80s rock star by stocking up on accessories and adding some 80s iconic flair. The 80s were infamous for setting fashion trends that involved black clothing — sometimes accented with neon colors — distinct hairstyles and lots of makeup. If you want to dress as an 80s rock star, be prepared for a wild costume.

Step 1

Put on a pair of black leggings. Leather leggings or tight leather pants are preferable to complete the look of the 80s rock star, but any type of black leggings will do. Eighties rockers also wore skin-tight, stonewashed jeans — a look that was more popular with male rockers.

Step 2

Cut the sleeves off a T-shirt. If you can find a T-shirt with an 80s rock band logo on it, this will make your outfit more realistic. However, you still can complete the rocker look with a plain white or black tee. Make sure the cut is made where the sleeves begin, so that your whole arm is exposed.

Step 3

Wear a leather, fringed vest or jacket over your T-shirt. Leave it open so that others can see your T-shirt beneath it. If you want to substitute black for leather, you can. Alternatively, some rockers wore tight, stonewashed denim jackets to match their tight jeans.

Step 4

Get a long-haired wig if you do not have long hair. Tease it with hairspray until the wig — or your hair — is messy and sticky. For the guys, you might be more interested in looking for a mullet-cut wig, which you also should tease with hairspray. Hair should be worn down.

Step 5

Add accessories to your outfit. Pile on the bangles or leather bracelets, layer the long necklaces around your neck and do not forget the oversized hoop earrings. Fingerless gloves also are appropriate for 80s rock-star costumes.

Step 6

Apply bright, heavy makeup. Exaggerate your eyes by putting on bright blue or bright purple eyeshadow, with heavy eyeliner on your top and bottom lids. Use a lot of rouge on your cheeks and make sure you have a bright red or pink lipstick. According to Marie Claire magazine, the 80s were all about bold colors.

Step 7

Wear high heels if you are dressing as a woman rocker. Boots and sneakers are appropriate footwear for the guys.

80s Fashion Trends And Outfit Ideas For Women

Get some inspiration from our list and dress up in retro style to look classy and trendy.

80s fashion trends are, without a doubt, making a remarkable comeback now and for all the right reasons. There is no denying that 80s fashion had that brave, bold, and loud vibe along with everything that fashion always needs to have for real. While they are doing that buzz in the current era, you will not want to miss out throwing that fun 80s vibe and make a statement wherever you go. Don’t worry because we are here to help. In this article, we are going to provide you with some really amazing inspiration that you must try. All you need to do is, scroll down and find the one that catches your eye. So, without further ado, go ahead and give this piece a read

1. 80s Rock Fashion

If you want to transform and teleport yourself to the 80s, the easiest way to do so is by perming your hair. Wear some bold colors and put on some knee socks or leg warmers over your pants. It may sound unreal, but wearing underpants over the pants was a thing for men. But, we’ll act like that’s not true.

2. 80s Style LBD

We all know that the little black dress has been around for a long time now. But do you know how to spin some 80s magic on it? By adding a blazer, jacket or coat with shoulder pads. It was a big part of the 80s fashion, and a complete rage too. So, it’s no wonder that it’s making a comeback right now. If you want to continue the theme, wear voluptuous colored pants. You can also wear your skinnies if you don’t want to be too “out there.”

3. Florals And Neon Colors

Today, you and I would think 10 times before we put on an outfit like this. But, back in the day, nothing was considered ‘incorrect’ when it came to fashion. Sure, there were rules, but people embraced change and eccentricity much more easily than we do today. So, if you are going to an 80s fancy dress or a show, this is a great option too.

Bold and loud was the general theme for ‘80s fashion. You can experiment with as many bright color combinations as you want, and it will fit the theme.

4. 80s Workout Fashion

Even their workout looks were never subtle, were they? Oversized flashy T-shirts and running shorts were quite common back then. If you want to be outlandish and are looking for inspiration, try this.

Don’t forget to add bright head and wrist sweatbands to the sporty mix.

5. Pleated Trousers

Trousers, not just jeans, were equally famous in the 80s. However, they were mostly high-waisted. Paired with a crop top, they look absolutely dapper.

6. Printed Blouse

Structured outfits, printed blouses, and shoulder-padded blazers were all a go-to for women. If you look at it carefully, you’d realize that a lot of it had to do with their love for oversized clothing.

7. High Waisted Denims

High-waisted anything seems like the fashion mantra of the 80s. And it’s all thanks to Tina Turner, who made it a thing. Fully tucking your shirt was also a very common practice.

8. 80s Fashion Accessories

Women have been on top of their accessory game for the longest time now. The famous big hoops were also an 80s thing and just as big a hit back then as they are now. Fanny packs, bandanas, chunky jewelry, crystal watches, and socks were all opportunities for women to add bolder elements to their outfits.

9. Blazer With Shoulder Pads

A floral blazer, one with shoulder pads, or both combined in one – that’s what you need to look for when you are scouting for an 80s formal look.

10. Striped Pants And Ankle Boots

Stretched and cropped trousers, tights, and big printed pants were all bottoms that women in the 80s preferred. Boots were another obsession, so I guess it all started there.

11. Members Only Jacket And Bandana

‘Members Only’ jackets (that looked like bomber jackets) were considered luxury items back then. Throw one of these over your high-waisted denim shorts or skirt, and secure your hair with a bandana. Wear oversized shades to finish the look.

12. Polka Dots Dress And Waist Belt

Polka dot dresses scream retro. If that’s not enough, add a wide belt that cinches at the higher waist and throw in a piece of chunky jewelry too.

13. Denim Jacket

Here’s proof that denim jackets have been a wardrobe staple since forever. The denim jacket might have seen a few iterations to keep up with the trends, but it has and always will be a timeless classic.

14. Vintage Long Skirt

Women from the 80s had no qualms about being vibrant and didn’t really worry about being minimalistic as much as we do. Party outfits meant a denim skirt with a colorful structured top or a vintage skirt with equally flashy footwear.

15. Sequined Jumpsuit For Parties

Bodysuits, jumpsuits, and overalls were all party wear staples in the 80s. If you look carefully, the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid sport similar dresses, and often have a very 80s touch to their outfits. So, if you are headed to an 80s theme party, you know your options.

16. Knee High Socks

Don’t shy away from wearing knee-high socks if you are trying to bring in a retro element or the 80s theme to your outfit. We talk about bold dressing today, but I guess they were badass and knew how to do it way better than any of us could ever do now.

17. Leopard Print Fashion

Most people find it tricky to style animal prints, but they are timeless. Designers played around a lot with these prints on handbags, shoes, dresses, and scarves. Leopard print and snake print are especially so 80s.

18. Overalls

Overalls are one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit into a retro costume because they were a hit back then and continue to be. You can wear them with an off-shoulder top or a bold high-neck T-shirt if you want to be loud about it.

19. High Waisted Skirts And Ruffle Top

Ruffled crop tops were the 80s version of off-shoulders. Pairing with a high-waisted skirt was another discerning choice that time around.

20. Oversized T-Shirts And Denim

Most of us practically live in these, don’t we? But they are not new inventions, and definitely not a millennial thing. Wearing oversized T-shirts and tucking them in denims was a huge part of the punk rock culture back in the day.

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