What to Wear on Zoom Calls

On Zoom Calls, professional people are dressed. You may be asking why somebody would want to dress up when speaking to someone they have never met. That is a legitimate query. I’m here to inform you that although the solution is straightforward, it only serves to conceal a much more serious issue: businesspeople aren’t prepared for Zoom Calls! You did realize that, though, didn’t you? Because they are at a loss for what to do, they are dressed on Zoom. Before I continue, please understand that this is not about whether or not you should wear clothing during Zoom conversations. Instead, it deals with what you ought to perform in order to get ready for your subsequent use of the video conferencing program. How should you dress for a Zoom call, best zoom outfits, best sweaters for zoom calls? For many years, my live, online office hours have been held using Zoom. Through these calls, I completely self-taught Drupal, a popular subject among our readers. When you’re on a Zoom call, you want to make sure that the person on the other end of the line can see you. So what should you wear? Your best bet is to go with professional attire. This means no jeans or t-shirts, and definitely no pajamas. You want to look like someone who takes their job seriously, so dress like that! When you’re preparing for a Zoom or Skype meeting, the most important thing to remember is that you’re still going to be on camera. That is, even if you think nobody is going to see you, they will. So, it’s important that you dress appropriately.

It’s also important to remember that when someone else sees you on camera, they’ll be looking at your face and not your body. That doesn’t mean it’s not still important to wear clothes that fit well and look good on camera. It just means that it’s not as important for your clothing choices to distract from what the person across from you is saying. When it comes to what to wear for a zoom call, there are no hard and fast rules. That said, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting your outfit. You want your clothes to be comfortable enough that you can sit in them for an extended period of time, but not so comfortable that they’re distracting or unflattering. If you’re participating in a meeting with both men and women in attendance, you’ll want to pay attention to your attire when the camera is on—you never know who’s watching! You should also think about the lighting conditions of the room where you’ll be sitting. If there’s natural light coming through windows or if the room has no lights at all, then it may make sense for you to wear darker colors so that there won’t be any contrast problems for those on the other end of the call.

What to Wear on Zoom Calls

In the age of remote work, video calls are a daily occurrence. But while they can be great for efficiency and productivity, they can also be awkward and uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an ugly sweater or ill-fitting pair of pants while on a video call.

So what should you wear on a zoom call?

The answer is simple: clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. That’s it! But if you’re looking for some specific ideas, here are some of our favorite outfits for zoom calls:

1. A button-down shirt and slacks or jeans

2. A turtleneck sweater or blouse with a blazer and pencil skirt or pants

3. A nice button-down shirt with slacks or jeans (preferably dark wash)

4. A dressier tunic top with jeans or leggings

Zoom calls are a great way to connect with clients and colleagues, but they can also be intimidating. After all, you’re staring at a camera rather than each other and it can be hard to gauge the mood of your conversation partner.

There are a few best practices that can make your zoom call experience more successful:

1) Dress for success

2) Use eye contact and body language

3) Don’t fidget with your clothing or hair

4) Keep in mind that your image may be cropped by the viewer’s screen

Zoom calls are a great way to connect with your clients and colleagues. But, when you’re sharing the screen and audio of your computer, it can be tricky to make sure that you look good.

Luckily, there are some simple tips that will help you feel confident in front of your clients during a Zoom call. Here are the top 3 things to wear on a zoom call:

A Sweater – A sweater is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can own. It looks great over a blouse or shirt, but also works well on its own if it’s cold outside. The best part is that sweaters come in so many colors and patterns these days, so finding one that fits your style isn’t difficult at all!

A Skirt – A skirt is another great way to dress up for a Zoom call because they tend to be shorter than pants or jeans which helps keep the focus on your face rather than what’s happening below! Plus, skirts are much more flattering because they accentuate your waistline and create an hourglass shape which is always attractive!

A Blouse – Blouses are another great option for any occasion because they look professional and polished without being too dressy (even

The best thing you can do is to be yourself. You don’t have to be wearing a tie and suit, but it’s important to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion.

I recommend wearing something that makes you feel like yourself, but also looks professional and appropriate for the call.

If it’s an in-person meeting, then I’d wear something that isn’t too casual — like a nice shirt with a blazer or some dressy jeans — so that they can see how great of a fit you’ll be for their company.

If it’s an online meeting, then I’d wear something that makes you feel confident and professional — even if it doesn’t necessarily match with what they’re wearing (which is likely not much).

Zoom calls are a great way to communicate with your prospects and clients, but they can also be rather awkward. Whether you’re on the phone with your boss or a client, it’s important that you look polished and professional.

There are some simple guidelines you can follow to ensure that your call is successful. First, make sure you’re in an area where there is little background noise. Second, have a nice glass of water nearby so that you don’t sound dry on the call. Third, be mindful of what you’re wearing when you take a call — especially if it’s an important one!

Here are some outfits we suggest for zoom calls:

Black pants and a blouse — this classic combination never goes out of style. You can wear black pants with any shirt or blouse, making it easy to coordinate even if you’re running late or haven’t had time to get dressed yet!

A pair of jeans — nothing says casual like denim, which makes jeans the perfect choice for long conversations with friends or family members over the phone!

A blazer — sometimes formal clothes are needed for business meetings or presentations, but most people don’t want to wear suits every day (especially during summer). 

Why You Should Wear Stripes for Your Next Meeting | Vogue

Best Zoom Outfits

Zoom outfits are a bit different than normal outfits. They should be comfortable, but also professional. The best way to make sure that you have the right zoom outfit is to keep in mind what you will be doing during the call.

If you are going to be sitting down, then you may want to wear something that allows for easy movement, but still looks professional. If you are going to be standing up, then it can be helpful to have pants that don’t restrict movement. You may also want to consider wearing shoes with soles that have some grip on them so that you don’t slip and fall if you need to move quickly during your call.

The most important thing when choosing a zoom outfit is comfort! You want your clothing to allow for easy movement and not restrict any of your movements too much in case something happens during the call that requires quick action on your part (such as an interruption or emergency).

Now that you’ve got your Zoom meeting set up, it’s time to think about what to wear on a zoom call.

The best outfits for a zoom call are professional and comfortable, so you can stay focused during the call. Your outfit should be light and breathable, so you don’t get sweaty or feel restricted in your movement. And it should be stylish enough that your audience doesn’t think you’re wearing pajamas!

What Not to Wear on a Zoom Call

There are some things that I would never wear on a Zoom call with clients, colleagues or potential clients:

Sweatpants or yoga pants (even if they are black)

A baggy shirt or sweater that hides your shape

T-shirts with profanity or other offensive slogans (like “I’m trying my best,” which is not even funny)

Zoom is a great tool, but there are some things you should never wear when using it.

Make sure you know what to wear on a Zoom call before you step in front of your camera. Here are some tips on what to wear and what not to wear:

Wear pants, not shorts or skirts. It’s better if they are long enough so that they cover your knees while sitting down.

Wear clothes that cover your shoulders and back. You don’t want anyone else seeing anything either, right?

Wear solid-color shirts or blouses, not printed ones with words or pictures on them (unless they are really appropriate for the meeting).

Wear neutral colors like black or gray instead of loud patterns and bright colors. The only exception might be if you’re attending a meeting where everyone is wearing bright colors—in this case go ahead and wear something colorful as well!

Zoom is the best way to meet with customers and clients from around the world. The audio and video quality is excellent, and you can also share your screen.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Zoom meetings:

Wear clothes that don’t have too much color, especially dark colors. Black or navy blue are best. If you wear a white shirt or blouse, it will show up on camera as if you were wrapped in a sheet — which is not very professional!

Make sure your background isn’t too busy or distracting. If you’re in your office, move away from the window so you don’t have sunlight on your face. If there are posters or personal items around, get rid of them. A blank wall also looks better than clutter on your desk.

Make sure you have good lighting behind and above you so that people can see your face clearly when they look at their computer screen during the call.

ZOOM is the most popular video conferencing platform in the world. Whether you’re working from home, on the road or in a co-working space, it’s a great way to stay connected with your team.

ZOOM call is an excellent tool for collaborating with clients and colleagues. But we all know that looks matter — even when you’re on video chat!

Here are my best tips for looking good and feeling confident during your next ZOOM call:

1. Experiment with lighting.

If possible, try to dial in at least 15 minutes early before your meeting so that you have time to play around with the lighting in your room or office. You want to make sure that your face isn’t too dark or too bright — it should be lit evenly throughout without any shadows or harsh lines across your face. If there are windows in the room, close them so that they don’t reflect light onto you while you’re on the call.

2. Pick a flattering background color scheme.

Choose a background color that complements both your skin tone and hair color (if applicable). If it’s not possible to change the background color of your computer screen during a meeting, wear darker clothes so that they’ll blend in better.

Best Zoom Outfits To Wear For Any Video Call

The Best Tops for Zoom Calls - wit & whimsy

As so many of us are working from home and having daily Zoom meetings, it’s become more and more common to simply stay in your pajamas all day and only look put together for any mandatory camera-on virtual calls. But if daily Zoom calls have become your new normal, your wardrobe might have slowly shifted to the simple clothing style now referred to as, “Zoom casual.”

Or, you may have an upcoming online interview that has you wondering what even counts as acceptable business attire anymore.  Either way, there are Zoom outfits that can help you feel put-together, motivated, professional, and most importantly comfortable enough to accomplish whatever task you have for the day. 

What Should I Wear On Zoom Day To Day?

If you’re feeling burnt out after the last two years of deciding how to look presentable on Zoom, we’ve got help for you. These everyday outfits will help you find your look by pairing clothes together to create easy, fashionable outfits that are not just work appropriate, but comfortable, too! Plus, we love a multi-purpose outfit—that is, an outfit that you can get up from your desk and go right to dinner with friends with minimal (if any!) wardrobe edits!

How To Put Together A Casual Zoom Outfit

Not sure which things go well together in your closet? Zoom casual is all about easy, put together outfits, that are work-friendly, business casual attire on top, and well, comfortable pants or leggings on the bottom. After all, no one is able to see your bottom half—at least not for the foreseeable future! Even though many of us may still anticipate an eventual return to the office and a full-time business casual wardrobe, Zoom casual allows us to style cozy clothes that we already have in ours closets, showing just how easy it is to dress well on a tight budget!


A work appropriate jacket, such as a blazer or a cardigan, can be an easy item to throw on before a Zoom meeting that can instantly upgrade your at-home look. Keep the blazer or jacket in neutral colors—such as tans, blacks or greys—to easily put together outfits with any of the items you already have in your closet. If you want to inject a pop of color, try keeping the rest of your outfit neutral and wear a bright colored top.

When paired with a fitted blazer or jacket, a basic tee or tank is an easy way to always look your best while still staying on a budget. Make sure to avoid anything too low cut or with loud patterns as this can be extra distracting on a conference call.

If you want a more polished look, add a thick, chunky sweater or button up blouse to the look.


If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that there is nothing easier than putting on a flowing maxi dress or a comfortable romper, especially on days when you might have pressed the snooze button a few too many times before that important meeting. Having pieces like these in your closet makes choosing an outfit a breeze, since all you have to do is put them on!


Since everyone is only seeing you from the waist up, have fun with adding necklaces and earrings to your look. These small pieces can help pull your entire outfit together. Plus, statement earrings or layered necklaces can be a fun way to add a pop of color to any otherwise simple style, while still being a look that is appropriate for the office.


Out of sight, out of mind! If no one can see your legs in your virtual meetings, why not stay comfortable? A blazer, tee, and joggers can be a cute outfit that you can put together at home that quickly transitions from your virtual Zoom call to an in-person meetup, date, or errand. Put on the jacket for the call and remove it afterwards for a casual (and comfortable!) athleisure look. We also love to create outfits with leggings, as they are the ideal option for pants that are comfortable, breathable, and versatile.

What Should I Wear On Zoom For An Interview? 

Do you have an online interview coming up? Are you unsure what to wear? We get it! Zoom interview outfits might feel tricky! Online video interviews are becoming more common, but they can be hard to prepare for beyond checking your internet connection and lighting. So, what is an ideal Zoom interview outfit? Typically, only your upper body is visible during the interview, so focus your attention on the top half of your outfit. You should aim for solid colors that contrast your skin and Zoom background, but some patterns can help add color and dimension. We recommend avoiding stripes or small patterns since they can be an eyesore for others on the call.

When it comes to selecting your interview outfit, you’ll want to consider your comfort, the type of job you’re applying for, and the clothing you’d wear day to day if you got the job. If it’s a casual company, maybe a button-up and statement earrings will do. If it’s a hybrid job, opt for a blazer to show that you can dress business casual when needed. 

Since the focus will be on your upper body, the bottoms you wear don’t matter as much. If having a full, put-together interview outfit helps you focus and feel confident, then go for it! If you’d feel better in joggers or leggings, those are great, too. Dress comfortably so your clothing doesn’t distract you during the interview process, which may mean avoiding noisy fabrics, tight belts, or even wearing slippers to keep your feet warm. 


A blazer instantly levels up an outfit, and it’s a timeless business casual staple. You can layer a blazer over any type of top—mock neck, turtle neck, tee, button-up, and so on. In warmer months, wear lighter fabrics to stay cool; in colder months try adding a thin sweater to keep warm. Blazers pair well with trousers, but you could also wear jeans or a skirt.


Bright colors and small patterns don’t render well on-screen, so stick to solid colors. You can wear neutral colors that contrast with your skin to bring the focus up to your face, which is always a plus during an interview. Even with a single top, make sure you’re comfortable underneath, especially if you are wearing a white or sheer shirt that may turn somewhat transparent in the light. And, a solid color top doesn’t have to mean a boring outfit! You can always bring color to your outfit with jewelry or hair accessories without distracting anyone on-screen.


During an interview, you want to keep people’s attention, and using visually appealing shapes and colors is fair game. An asymmetrical top calls attention to you, but isn’t too revealing for the occasion. Try one-shoulder tops for this trend, color-blocked shirts, or start even smaller with mismatched earrings. 

More Easy Outfits To Put Together For Any Zoom Call

But, if you are someone who loves to put together a full outfit in the morning, try a pair of jeans. While they might not be as comfortable as biker shorts or leggings—be still our hearts!—there’s something about getting ready in the morning that helps us lead a more productive day.

If you’re feeling in a morning productivity slump, try getting out of your pajamas and getting ready, just like you would if you were headed to the office. The act of getting ready can help you clearly differentiate between your work time and your relaxation time and help you set healthier boundaries when working from home. Plus, sometimes it just feels good to get ready and use those long forgotten hair and makeup products!

Matching Monochromatic

A matching set that instantly looks put together and professional for Zoom, but with pieces that can be worn separately for a cool menswear look.

Comfortable In A Cardigan

These is nothing more comfortable than a simple tank dress. Make this look work appropriate by layering a cardigan over top.

Workwear To Streetwear

Effortlessly chic, this look is all business on top, but ready for coffee with friends, with a complete cool athleisure vibe.

Cozy Loungewear

What we love about this look is that it’s like your favorite pair of pajamas, but the combination of grey shades gives it an elevated look.

Coffee Shop Cool

This look screams comfortable, with a pair of your favorite flared leggings and a casual, yet put together, puff sleeve top.

Just A Jumpsuit

What did we say about jumpsuits? One piece perfection, made a bit edgy by the addition of combat boots. Close your laptop and you’re ready to head out with friends.

Neutrals All Day

Create a neutral outfit with an ultra-comfortable maxi dress, topped with a simple cardigan. Sneak in a pair of furry slippers and you’re surrounded by cozy.

Blazer & Jeans

Since no one can see your legs, why not take advantage of it? This look is professional on the top but, when paired with destroyed denim, can be a weekend casual look as well!

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