What to wear on your face in a tanning bed

What to wear on your face in a tanning bed

A lot of people are interested in learning about what to wear on their face when they’re tanning. There are a few different things to consider here:

  1. The type of tanning bed you use
  2. Where you live and what the weather is like

The pros and cons of tanning beds can be a little confusing to navigate, especially if you’re new to the whole world of UV light.

We’ve got some tips on what to wear on your face in a tanning bed, so you can get the most out of your experience.

What to wear on your face in a tanning bed

So, you’re thinking about tanning in a tanning bed.

It’s not a bad idea! Tanning beds can be super helpful for those who want to keep their skin looking glowing, especially in the winter months when the sun isn’t as strong. But before you get started, there are some things that you should know.

First of all: don’t just jump in and start tanning without doing a little research first. You might be surprised at how many risks come with tanning in a tanning bed—like skin cancer and premature aging! So read on for some helpful tips on what to wear on your face while tanning in a tanning bed.

Have you ever been to a tanning bed? If so, you know that the experience can be a little stressful. What if I get sunburnt? Am I supposed to wear sunscreen? Can I drink water while I’m in there?

And then there are the clothes. What do I wear on my face and body? Do I bring my own towels and lotion? Will my hair get ruined? How much should I tip the person who runs the place?

The good news is that we’ve got your back. We’ve done all the research on what to wear in a tanning bed so that you don’t have to!

Tanning beds are a great way to get a tan without exposing your skin to harmful rays. But what should you wear on your face when you’re tanned? It’s important to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the UV light, but there are also some other considerations that come into play.

Most people, however, choose to leave their face uncovered and just wear eye protecting goggles or stickers, to get the same bronzed and healthy glow on their face, too. It’s important to mention that if you are wearing makeup it may offer some protection and could lead to the skin on the tan not tanning properly.

What Do You Wear In a Tanning Bed?

woman in bikini in tanning bed

If you are new to using tanning beds, or if you have been using them for years and are wondering if you’re doing it right, the question of what do you wear in a tanning bed is an important one to answer.

I often get asked, ‘do you wear clothes in a tanning bed?’ You absolutely can if you would like to, but covered parts of your body won’t be exposed to the UV rays and therefore won’t tan. So, it kind of defeats the purpose unless you are a fan of tanning lines.

The most important thing to wear when using a tanning bed is eye protection. The eyes are very sensitive to UV light and closing your eyes is not enough. So, tanning goggles or disposable UV eye stickers are essential.

After that, it is totally up to you what you wear on a sunbed. Take into consideration whether or not you want to have tan lines and how you want them to look whilst choosing. If you want to avoid tan lines altogether, going nude is the best option.

Let’s have a look at your options and go into more detail on what options you should opt in more detail below.

What to Bring to a Tanning Salon

Before you decide what to wear on a tanning bed, you should first consider what other things you need to bring with you.

Most salons offer UV protection stickers for your eyes as well as a variety of tanning enhancing and accelerating lotions to use on the sunbeds.

If you prefer to use your own tanning goggles and lotions, make sure to bring these along, as well as the things you plan to wear whilst using the tanning bed.

We will have a more detailed look at protecting your eyes and what to wear below.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is a non-negotiable must. The high concentration of UV rays that tanning beds emit mean that your eyelids are not enough to protect your eyes.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reminds us about the dangers of too much UV light for our eyes, saying that excess exposure can increase the risk of issues such as eye cancer, cataracts, sunburnt eyes etc.

You have a choice of goggles or disposable eye protection stickers.

If you plan to visit sunbeds regularly it is a good idea to invest in a pair of UV protection goggles like these. They are designed to cover a minimal part of your face to reduce unwanted tan lines. Owning a pair of goggles that you use every visit is also less wasteful and better for the environment.

If you are really worried about tan lines, or only plan to take a couple of trips to the tanning beds, most salon offer UV protection stickers to place over your eyes. They will feel a bit strange at first but are not uncomfortable and you will be able to see through them!

Whichever option you choose, don’t ever use a tanning bed without the appropriate eye protection.

What to Wear on Your Face in a Tanning Bed

Apart from the goggles, is not essential to cover your face whilst using a tanning bed.

If you have particularly sensitive skin on your face that is highly prone to burning, you might choose to cover your face with a towel or a light piece of clothing.

Most people, however, choose to leave their face uncovered and just wear eye protecting goggles or stickers, to get the same bronzed and healthy glow on their face, too.

It’s important to mention that if you are wearing makeup it may offer some protection and could lead to the skin on the tan not tanning properly. For more on this check our article – can you tan with makeup on.

Wearing a Swimsuit/Bikini

One clothing option when using a tanning bed is to wear a swimsuit or bikini. It will leave tan lines, but it is likely that the whiter parts under the swimsuit won’t be on show when you’re out and about, anyway.

A swimsuit will provide protection for sensitive areas of your body like the nipples, to avoid over-exposure to UV rays.

Another reason that people like wearing swimsuits whilst using tanning beds is their ability to keep the body cool. The material is designed to wick away sweat and dry very quickly, so can be the most comfortable to wear on a sunbed.

When choosing the swimsuit, just make sure that it doesn’t cover parts of your body that you want to be tanned. The best option is the swimsuit you wear most often, because then when you are wearing it out and about on the beach or by a pool, the tan lines will be hidden underneath.

If you are worried about tan lines around your chest and shoulders, you can go for a strapless bikini top. This is a great option if you often wear clothing that exposes your shoulders.

Wearing Underwear

A highly convenient option to wear whilst using a tanning bed is your underwear. This will mean that you don’t have to carry a swimsuit with you and can hop straight on after taking off your other clothes.

Underwear should provide protection for sensitive areas of your body like the nipples, to avoid over-exposure to UV rays, just like a swimsuit will. Most underwear doesn’t have the ability to wick away sweat, however. Keep in mind not all underwear will offer 100% protection, for example lacey underwear may only offer partial protection so keep that in mind when choosing.

Just like when choosing a swimsuit/bikini, think carefully about what areas of your body you want to be tanned when choosing the underwear that is right. This will be a completely personal choice – some people love the look of tan lines, and others want to avoid them as much as possible.

On the whole, underwear is a great choice if you make a last-minute decision to visit a sunbed, and don’t feel comfortable going in nude.

Using a Tanning Bed Nude

The best way to avoid tan lines altogether is to wear nothing whilst using a tanning bed. It is absolutely an option, but there are a few things to take into consideration, as listed below.

First, double check that your tanning salon allows it. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no problem, but it is still worth confirming this with your salon.

On that note, if you are visiting a new salon for the first time, ask them about their hygiene procedures. Professional and trustworthy salons follow rigorous cleaning routines, with total disinfection after each client. This is obviously important if people are using the tanning beds naked.

If you are unsure about their answer when you ask about hygiene or read some bad reviews online related to this issue, maybe find a different salon before you use tanning beds nude.

Once you have found the right salon (or if you have a personal tanning bed to use at home) the last thing to think about it whether any areas of your body need protecting from intense UV rays.

Aside from the eyes, nipples are another very sensitive part of the body and so are prone to burning. There are nipple patties like these available to buy which you can place over your nipples to protect them whilst using a tanning bed. Think about other sensitive and intimate areas of your body and consider covering them too.

Apart from this, using a tanning bed naked is great – if you are comfortable with doing so – for avoiding tan lines.

What to Wear After Using a Tanning Bed

I also get asked about what to wear after using a tanning bed. The short answer is, just something comfortable.

Loose fitting clothing is preferable because it helps to avoid rubbing, chafing and sweating. Your skin will be in recovery mode, so it is best to give it some air.

Also consider that you will probably wear some form of lotion whilst using a tanning bed, so if there aren’t showers at the tanning salon, don’t choose clothes that can’t get a bit sticky.

Once you have had a tepid shower, make sure to apply lots of cooling, moisturizing lotion to re-hydrate your skin following the intense UV exposure.

What to wear on your feet for yoga

You’ve heard it a thousand times: you need to wear the right shoes for yoga. But what does that mean?

Well, let’s start with what not to wear:

-Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. Seriously, do not do this. You’ll be more likely to injure yourself and have an easier time slipping out of your poses if you’re wearing something that doesn’t offer much support.

-Don’t wear sneakers. Sneakers are designed for running, not yoga, so they don’t offer enough flexibility or cushioning for your feet during the practice. You’ll want something with a little more padding and flexibility so that your foot can move naturally throughout your practice without being restricted by stiff shoes.

-Do wear a pair of shoes that are breathable, lightweight, and flexible—and make sure they fit properly! A poorly fitting pair of shoes can be extremely uncomfortable during yoga practice and could cause blisters or other injuries over time.

When it comes to yoga, most people think of the clothes they’re going to wear on their bodies. The truth is, though, that your feet play a crucial role in your practice as well. The right pair of shoes can make or break your time on the mat. So what should you look for and where can you find it?

Do you have a pair of yoga shoes that you can’t stand? Or maybe you’re looking for a new pair of yoga shoes and doing your research. Whatever the case, you’re in the right place!

Yoga is a great way to keep fit, relax, and relieve stress. But if you don’t have the right shoes, it won’t be as much fun or as effective. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you! Here’s what you need to know about choosing the perfect pair of yoga shoes.

Yoga is always practiced barefoot. No need to think about socks! I recommend wearing slip-on shoes to the yoga studio so you can get in and out of them easily. You should also make sure that your outfit will stay put.

Here’s What To Wear To Yoga Class

Choosing what to wear to yoga class can feel daunting at first. If you’ve never been to a class before, entering a room full of people that look like experts can be scary.

The added stress about how they’re all dressed and whether you bought the right clothes doesn’t help!

Just remember that yogis are a generally happy bunch.

Sure, there might be people in the class who have been doing yoga for years and can do handstands all day long. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about jumping in as a newbie. 

In this post, we’ll look at how you can suit up for your first class. – here’s what to wear to yoga class.


Let’s jump in.

what to wear to yoga class

What To Wear To Yoga Class

For your first yoga class, you’ll probably be worrying about what to wear. It may feel overwhelming, considering all the options in front of you, both online and in stores. 

There are so many different clothing brands out there that sell high-end yoga gear. The gigantic number of options, and the fact that so many people already seem to have it all figured out, can make that first step really stressful.

You might be thinking that a lack of the right gear means you shouldn’t show up to class. 

That’s not the case. There are no rules when it comes to attending a yoga class. The whole purpose of yoga wear is for your own comfort and mobility. That being said, be sure to wear clothes that you can move in.

That can mean shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops, whatever you like. And yes, yoga pants are an option but not a requirement. Whatever the combination may be, just make sure you’re comfortable.

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Yoga is always practiced barefoot. No need to think about socks! I recommend wearing slip-on shoes to the yoga studio so you can get in and out of them easily.

You should also make sure that your outfit will stay put. During the class, you will go from lying on your back to bending at the waist, and many other positions in between. 

A famous yoga position is called Downward Facing Dog.

Starting on all fours, you lift your hips up into the air and then straighten out your back. You’re aiming to make an upside-down V shape that sort of looks like a puppy stretching out in the morning.

Flattening your feet and hands on the ground means that your waist will be up in the air and your head will be down by the ground. You don’t want to wear a top that is so loose it will fall down over your head

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Hot Yoga Dress Code?

There are many different styles of yoga classes. Some of the most popular are HathaVinyasa, and Kundalini.

The expert yogis over at the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh put together a great guide that explains them all. Your local yoga studio will also have descriptions of the style and intensity levels you can expect at their different classes.

What To Wear To Yoga Class

One common type of yoga class is called ‘hot yoga’. Hot yoga just means that the yoga studio will be heated to a temperature of at least 80 degrees. Working up a sweat while running through the postures helps people relax more and bend deeper into the stretches. There is no difference in the positions or the sequencing of moves at a hot yoga class, just the temperature.

Here are some of the benefits your body will get from hot yoga:

  • You’ll burn more calories
  • You’ll detox stress better
  • You’ll clear out the pores in your skin

What to wear to hot yoga class can be a little more complicated. Because it will be hot and sweaty, you will see people dressed expecting to sweat. Men will often be shirtless by the end of the class. Women will sometimes wear a loose t-shirt over a sports bra with the intention of removing the t-shirt after the first few minutes of class. 

Wear what you feel comfortable in, but remember to factor in the sweat. All of your clothes should be fast-drying or wicking material. Don’t wear anything cotton unless you want to get and stay soaked! Also, don’t forget to bring a towel. You’ll want to have that handy as the class progresses.

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Yoga Pants For Women Are Everywhere – What Do Men Wear To Yoga?

All of the popular yoga brands like Lululemon mostly cater to women. The yoga pants craze has caused a huge surge in the options that are out there. These spandex tights are thick enough to be comfortable and modest, yet tight enough to be supportive for exercise. 

They’re extremely popular because of their high level of comfort and stretch. Women often use them as loungewear or pajamas since they’re great for all-around use, not just for practicing yoga.  

The yoga pants surge is generally not as common in menswear. Here are some examples of clothing men wear to yoga:

  • Running shorts
  • Spandex or compression shorts
  • Any moisture-wicking, fitted t-shirt or tank top

Well-known brands like Prana have developed shorts that are specifically made for yoga and they make these for men too. 

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Add Yoga To Your Training

What do you wear to yoga class? The right answer is whatever you want, as long as you can move comfortably, with a wide range of motion. The most comfortable, range-promoting clothing are the ones made of stretchy material. 

Since you’re moving around in different flexible positions, you’ll want to wear things fit a bit tighter to keep them from getting tangled up as you move around. The important thing is to sign up! Getting involved in a regular yoga class will do wonders for your training.

What To Wear To Yoga Class

Following a training plan already takes up a lot of time, so if you’re worried about adding yoga to an already busy workout schedule, take a look at this guide to finding more time for training.

So what are you waiting for?! You probably already have everything you need to go to a yoga class, so it’s time to get out there and give it a try!

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