What to Wear on Top of a Jumpsuit

We’ve all been there: you put on a jumpsuit, and suddenly you’re faced with the question of what to wear on top. It can be daunting, especially when you have no idea what will look good with your outfit. But don’t worry—we’re here to help! In this blog post, we’re going to teach you how to dress on top of a jumpsuit so that you always look like a boss. A jumpsuit is a great way to make a bold statement—but it can also be intimidating. How do you wear it? What kind of shoes go with it? What kind of accessories do you need? Well, have no fear! We’ve got answers to all those questions and more in this guide!

What to Wear on Top of a Jumpsuit

When it comes to what to wear on top of a jumpsuit, there are a few key things to consider. First of all, you want to make sure that what you’re wearing is complementary to the jumpsuit. This means that it should match in color (or at least have some kind of contrast) and texture. If your jumpsuit is made from a smooth fabric, then you’ll want something more textured on top—if it’s textured already, then go for something smoother.

Also consider how much access your top layer has: if it’s going to be open in front or back, keep this in mind when choosing what else goes over the jumpsuit.

We’ve all got that one piece of clothing that’s been sitting in our closet, collecting dust. You know what I’m talking about: the jumpsuit you bought on a whim, but never actually wore. Or maybe it’s a dress you got for your senior prom, but never even made it to the dance. Maybe it’s even just a shirt from Target with a cute pattern on it—the one you keep telling yourself you’ll wear someday, but that somehow always ends up at the bottom of the pile when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

But why should we let these things go to waste? In this article, we’ll talk about how to turn your old pieces into something new! We’ll cover everything from ways to repurpose old clothes as outerwear, to ways to update an old item with accessories and styling tricks.

The easiest way to layer a jumpsuit is with a jacket on top. Try a blazer for formal events or a leather jacket for casual outings. You can even tie a jacket around your waist during the day in place of a belt, to add shape definition. The other option is to layer a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style. The head-to-toe, all-in-one garment creates a striking look that moves beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo, and into more fashionable territories. So why then, do so many women still avoid this trend-worthy style? Well, it isn’t always the easiest piece of clothing to pull off. Choose the wrong fit or add the wrong accessories and your jumpsuit can go from a fashion hero to a fashion zero. Luckily, we’re here to help make sure your every ensemble is seriously chic. Here is our guide on how to wear a jumpsuit like a street style star.

Formal Occasions
When attending formal occasions, women often fall into the mindset of thinking that a dress is their only option. While a dress may be the “safe” choice for dressing appropriately, it will rarely have the same impact as a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be just as beautiful and polished as a dress while offering an out-of-the-box wow factor that will earn you some serious style points. So for your next formal event try stepping out of your comfort zone and wear a jumpsuit. Choose a sleek and well-tailored style that flatters your figure, add some simple yet chic accessories, and you’re ready to go.

Casual Occasions
If you’re looking to add some serious style to a casual event, you can’t overlook a casual jumpsuit. Relaxed, super comfortable, and oh-so-chic, the casual jumpsuit is the perfect item to get you out of your jeans and T-shirt rut. Choose from cotton and denim varieties in a range of silhouettes to find the one that suits your style. In particular, loose fit jumpsuits that feature an elasticated or drawstring waist tend to be universally flattering and perfect for jumpsuit virgins. If you plan to wear flats with your jumpsuit, remember to make sure you pick a cropped style boot or lace-up sandal that finishes at or slightly above the ankles. This will help create balance and keep the look lengthened and slim.

Jumpsuit Accessories
While wearing a jumpsuit may make coordinating an outfit a much simpler task than most other garments, it still requires a bit of thought. Yes, you can just wear one item of clothing, but you still need to think about how you will accessorize it. Choose the wrong accessories, and the whole look can become sloppy and unstylish. To keep things chic, plan out your outfit, paying particular attention to your shoes, jewelry, and a belt. After all, this statement style demands accessories that help it shine, so choose ones that match well. The goal is to find accessories with the dual ability to highlight your jumpsuit while breaking up its monotony at the same time.

Jumpsuit + Belts
A belt is a vital accessory to pulling off a jumpsuit, particularly if you’re still unsure about the style. By adding a belt to your jumpsuit, you’ll help define your waist in a highly flattering way. Even if the style is already fitted at the waist, a belt will help you appear slimmer and turn a column silhouette into an hourglass. For those who are still new to jumpsuits, we recommend trying a belt in a contrasting color to that of your jumpsuit. Doing so will add a new dimension to the outfit and break up the straight line of your jumpsuit, which can otherwise seem overwhelming. Try matching the color of your belt with your shoes for a well-put-together outfit.

Jumpsuit + Jewellery
Jumpsuits, while being a statement style, can sometimes look a little plain without bold accessories. Block color varieties, in particular, tend to lose their wow-factor without the added outfit dimension that accessories, such as jewelry, give. Jewelry creates a secondary focus point on your outfit, making your style go beyond that of just the jumpsuit. It creates an interesting detail that will draw the eyes of those around you. Choose pieces that will stand out, such as a chunky necklace or large pendant earrings. Gold tends to look great with formal jumpsuit styles while a pop of color can add some fun to casual styles.

Jumpsuit + High Heels
While jumpsuits can be flattering, they also have a knack for pulling the eye downwards as you look at them, making you appear shorter than what you are. Wide leg and low-waisted jumpsuits, in particular, are notorious for turning average height women into mini versions of themselves. One of the best ways to combat this problem is by adding a pair of high heels to your look. The additional height that you will receive from the heels will help lengthen your legs and make you appear taller. Just make sure that you choose slim heels instead of chunky ones to keep the look slick and long.

The final step to pulling off your jumpsuit look is deciding what to do with your hair. Whether you wear your hair up or down with your jumpsuit depends on a number of factors. While there’s no blanket rule for how you should wear your hair, there are some general guidelines that can make it easier to choose. For casual jumpsuits, wearing your hair down tends to look best as it goes with the relaxed feeling of the outfit. Try some loose beach waves or even a super low and loose ponytail. As casual jumpsuits tend to reveal more skin around the shoulders and chest, wearing your hair out also helps to balance the look. Formal jumpsuits, which tend to finish higher, look best with a polished updo. Not only will this style better suit your chic look, but it will also help lengthen your neck to avoid an overwhelming amount of coverage in the same shoulder/chest region.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit?

  1. If you are tall, select a wide-leg jumpsuit that finishes just above the ground. 2. If you are short, choose a slim, cropped style. 3. For a formal event, pick a sleek and well-tailored jumpsuit that flatters your figure. 4. For a cool casual look, wear a loose-fit jumpsuit that features an elasticated or drawstring waist. 5. Complete your jumpsuit look with fashionable accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, and belts, or use layering to add interest.

How to Choose a jumpsuit?
Like dresses, jumpsuits come in many styles, so part of pulling off this look is all about finding the right jumpsuit for you. When shopping for a jumpsuit consider your needs. Are you after a casual jumpsuit to wear during the day or something more formal for an evening look? Do you need long sleeves to combat cold weather or will a strapless style help you beat the heat? Once you know your requirements, you can start focusing on the details. In general, styles that are fitted at the waist and then looser on the legs tend to be the most flattering. If you are tall, wide-leg jumpsuits that finish just above the ground will be highly complementary. If you are vertically challenged, you may want to opt for a slim, cropped style instead to avoid looking swamped in the fabric.

How to Layer a Jumpsuit?
Accessories aren’t the only styling tool to help you nail the jumpsuit. Layering can also be used to help you feel comfortable while looking great. The easiest way to layer a jumpsuit is with a jacket on top. Try a blazer for formal events or a leather jacket for casual outings. You can even tie a jacket around your waist during the day in place of a belt, to add shape definition. The other option is to layer a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit. This is a current trend for dresses and works just as well for jumpsuits. Try a plain white T-shirt to get you started before building up to more fashionable pieces such as off-the-shoulder tops in summer and turtle-neck sweaters in winter.

What shoes look best with a jumpsuit?
You can wear a variety of shoes with a jumpsuit. They can be a wedge or thin heels; mid-height or taller; and both sandals and pumps will work equally well.

What to Wear on Top of a Hoodie

You can wear a hoodie under just about anything, but what if you want to wear a hoodie over your outfit?

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

In this post, we’re going to talk about what to wear on top of a hoodie so that you don’t have to worry about it sliding off or bunching up. We’ll discuss how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and make sure your clothes fit properly with this simple trick!

The right clothes can make you feel like you’re ready for anything. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out what to wear on top of your hoodie.

A hoodie is a fantastic piece of clothing, but it’s not always the easiest to style. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas for what to wear on top of your hoodie—so that you’ll never have trouble finding something that works!

When it comes to layering, the hoodie is the ultimate piece of outerwear. You can wear it alone or under a jacket, but if you’re going for the latter, you’ll want to make sure your hoodie is clean and ready to go. Here are some tips on how to keep it looking its best:

Clean your hoodie regularly. It’s a good idea to wash your hoodie once every two weeks or so. You don’t have to go crazy with it—just throw it in the washing machine with some detergent and let it air-dry.

If you’re wearing your hoodie under another jacket, make sure that jacket fits well enough on its own that you aren’t relying on the fit of your layers underneath as well. A baggy coat will make your hoodie look sloppy and unkempt when paired together.

Make sure all of the seams are straightened out before putting it on over any other layers; otherwise, they’ll stick out awkwardly from underneath them and ruin the overall effect of how your outfit looks together!

It’s the middle of winter, and you’re standing in your closet trying to figure out what to wear. You want something that will keep you warm and look good doing it.

But everything looks like pajamas!

You’re not alone. You see, most people think of hoodies as casual wear—something to go along with leggings or sweatpants. But if you’re dressing up for a night out on the town, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look good while staying warm. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you pick out an outfit that will make everyone jealous of your style and comfort!

Hoodies are a very practical item designed to keep you warm. If you want to up the fashion stakes a little, then rock your hoodie with long trousers and a t-shirt, then layer over a more fashion-forward coat such as a leather or denim jacket, bomber, parker, or overcoat.

How To Wear A Hoodie

The humble hoodie may not be the most fashion-forward item in your wardrobe, but it is one of the most comfortable and practical. As such, the warm and loose-fitting garment is a modern menswear staple that every gent should own. While you can, of course, easily rock a hoodie around the house, you can also wear one as part of a cool, casual weekend outfit if you partner it with the right pieces. So, before you head out the door in your hooded jumper and sweat pants, be sure to read this guide. It can show you how to wear a hoodie the right way for a look that’s as stylish as it is snug.

What is a Hoodie?
A hoodie is a type of sweatshirt, jumper, or jacket that features a hood. The style is typically worn for casual wear or sportswear, for which people often partner it with sweat pants. The garment is a protective piece of outerwear that is both comfortable and warm with a fitted waistband and cuffs to trap heat. As hoodies are loose and made of cotton, they are also cozy and unrestrictive. Additionally, the hood can be used to keep the wearer’s head warm during cold weather or protected from the rain. Many hoodies also feature a large pocket or pockets at the front that the wearer can use to carry things or as a place to put their hands.

Hoodie Outfits
Bomber Jacket with Hoodie
For a contemporary urban outfit, consider pairing a hoodie with a bomber jacket. While the combination isn’t as classic as other partnerships, it can work just as well thanks to bomber’s current popularity and the hoodie’s basic design. To nail the look, select a zip-up hoodie in a classic color, such as grey, black or navy. Then, pair it with your favorite type of bomber, be it nylon, wool or leather-sleeved. To complete your casual urban look, just add some black or dark blue jeans and a pair of stylish sneakers. The result will be a modern inner-city style with subtle athleisure influences.

Coat With Hoodie
When it comes to staying warm while looking stylish, a coat is always an excellent choice. As such, it’s a style that most gents have in their wardrobe. But, while many men know how to wear their coat for formal occasions and functions, not many know how to make it work for casual looks. Although sharp and sophisticated in appearance, this double-breasted coat can work surprisingly well for a relaxed weekend look. All it requires is a hoodie to help loosen it up. Try partnering a white hoodie underneath a black or brown coat on your next chilly Sunday for a casually cool look. Just remember to finish the outfit off with other relaxed pieces, such as loose-fit pants and sneakers.

Parka Jacket With Hoodie
Protect yourself from the wind, rain, and cold in style this winter by pairing a hoodie with a parka jacket. Not only is the combination warm and practical, but it can also appear stylish and modern. To nail the look, just remember to keep things contemporary and clean. For an understated vibe, pair a black hoodie with a black parka. Complete the outfit with some drawstring pants or opt for some tailored trousers for a smart casual look.

Denim Jacket With Hoodie
Pairing a hoodie with a denim jacket is an excellent way to achieve a look that’s casual and cool. Although you can choose from many types of denim jackets for the outfit, a blue option works extremely well and can suit a range of styles. Try partnering the jacket with a white or grey hooded sweatshirt for a stylish casual look. Then, finish your outfit with some skinny jeans and some sneakers.

Leather Jacket With Hoodie
One of the best ways to keep warm in winter is to layer a hoodie underneath a leather jacket. As well as offering plenty of warmth, the combination is also stylish and sleek. To keep the look tough and edgy, opt for a black biker jacket and pair it with a black zip-up hoodie. Then, add slim-cut jeans in black for a rocker aesthetic or blue for a more urban feel. If you want to wear black jeans but fear that the outfit appears too dark, try breaking it up by wearing a light grey T-shirt with a placement print underneath your open jackets.

Shearling Jacket With Hoodie
For a warm and wintery look, you can partner a hoodie with a shearling jacket. To nail the outfit, you just need to find the right balance. As both the jacket and the hoodie are thick and heavy in appearance, it’s best to steer clear of black and lighten the look with softer shades. A brown leather or denim jacket can make an excellent choice and add some warmth to your outfit. As for your hoodie, a light grey sweatshirt makes a good versatile option. Pair your jacket and hoodie with pants in an opposite texture to further soften the look while adding a complementary vibe.

How to Wear Hoodie
Make a hoodie your go-to piece for staying warm during winter.
Layer the simple style with other pieces of outerwear to make it appear more fashionable.
Select a zip-up hoodie for a slim-fitting style or a pullover hoodie for something more loose and comfortable.
Partner a hoodie with a leather or denim jacket for an edgy and stylish outfit.
Wear a hoodie with a bomber jacket, parka or peacoat for a contemporary, urban look.
Quickly complete a hoodie outfit with a pair of jeans and sneakers or boots.

How are you supposed to wear a hoodie?
Hoodies are a very practical item designed to keep you warm. If you want to up the fashion stakes a little, then rock your hoodie with long trousers and a t-shirt, then layer over a more fashion-forward coat such as a leather or denim jacket, bomber, parker, or overcoat.

Is it illegal to wear a hoodie?
It’s not illegal to wear a hoodie, but it’s recommended in some places to only wear the hood up if it’s raining or very cold. Wearing the hood in other circumstances can make you seem suspicious, particularly if you’re also wearing sunglasses. It can also make people cautious of your intentions, as you may look like you’re trying to hide your identity or conceal a weapon. Oklahoma tried to make them illegal, but it was denied, while police in the UK have also attempted to ban youths from wearing hoodies as it makes them harder to identify.

Should hoodies be tight or loose?
Hoodies can be either slimmer-fitting or loose. Generally, if it’s a pullover, it’ll be a looser fit so you can get into it. On the other hand, zip-up styles are perfect for a cut that fits closer to your body. What you choose will depend on your preference and styles. A tighter hoodie can be better for layering under a different jacket, so there’s no excess bulk, but looser styles are more comfortable.

What to Wear on Travel

When it comes to fashion, most people have a pretty clear idea of what they’re looking for. We want to look stylish, but we also want to feel comfortable, and we don’t want to spend hours getting ready in the morning.

But when you’re on vacation or traveling somewhere new, it can be hard to know what clothes will work best for your trip. And if you’re going somewhere warm or cold? Well, that’s just another layer of complexity that can make choosing what to wear a bit tricky.

That’s why we decided to put together this guide: so that no matter where you’re going and what kind of trip it is, you’ll always know exactly how to get dressed!

The perfect travel outfit is actually super formulaic. You need four things: A soft, well-made t-shirt, a neutral, warm jacket or cardigan, flattering pants with stretch, comfortable, stylish shoes.

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

I get the allure of celebrity airport fashion. There’s something romantic about emerging from the skybridge in an outfit worthy of Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, or a queen of traveling in style, Victoria Beckham.

But we mere mortals are — quite literally — not on the same plane.

We do not need to prepare for an assemblage of paparazzi waiting to shoot up at us from the tarmac. We just need to sit in one place for an extended period of time without experiencing incredible discomfort due to our clothing choices. Here’s how.

 The Best Travel Pants for Women Who Hate Flying in Jeans

First, to prepare for the temperature roulette that is inherent in travel, you’ll need layers. To be a practical packer, you’ll need versatile pieces that you can reuse throughout your trip. And to be not miserable, please pack clothing and shoes you’ve already road-tested and know to be comfortable for your body and your being.

Taking notes from the travel style of not just off-duty models, celebrities, and royalty, but also bloggers, social media stars, and normal, real-life people just trying to survive JFK-HAN, I realized there kind of is a general consensus.

The perfect travel outfit is actually super formulaic. You need four things: A soft, well-made t-shirt, a neutral, warm jacket or cardigan, flattering pants with stretch, comfortable, stylish shoes. And if you’re in the mood, feel free to add on one signature accessory — a little something extra to make it feel more “you.”

Before you write that off and just toss on whatever, hear me out. Of course, you won’t remember what you wore on any given trip, but the comfort and confidence that come from the perfect travel outfit are meaningful. Your style can change your approach to what you do and who you are abroad.


There are tons of flying hacks out there for female travelers to ensure you have a stress-free airport experience – and one of them is dressing the smart way. Whether it’s your first time flying, or your hundredth, it’s hard to figure out what to pack for your trip. You probably have a closet full of clothes and can’t decide what to bring. So what should you wear? If an outfit can’t be worn two or three times and look different by customizing it with accessories, then you shouldn’t bring it. But if you bring pieces that you can mix and match then those are what you should wear. For example, with a no-nonsense navy blazer, you can look put-together and formal if you pair it with a nice blouse. For a more casual look, pair the blazer with your favorite jeans and a white T-shirt. Attire that can go from day to night is always your best bet. And you’ll look effortlessly chic and stylish in a sea of tourists who are wearing tourist shirts, sweats and baseball caps.

Whether it’s because you’ll stick out like a sore thumb abroad, or you’ll be uncomfortable on a plane, always dress appropriately. For some that means you’ll want to research your specific destination to find out which clothes are and aren’t applicable to your particular trip. You should also keep in mind the local customs and religious beliefs. For example, if you’re visiting a mosque, you should have clothing available that will cover you up almost entirely or risk offending the locals. Finally, you should consider safety when you pick out your clothes. The key is to blend in. This means no bright or loud colors and sticking to neutrals. You’ll look less like a mark for thieves who prey on people who look like tourists.

Now that you have a general sense of what to bring while traveling, here are 12 specific things women should wear on trips, as well as 12 things they shouldn’t wear.

26/26Don’t Wear: High Heels

It’s simple. Do not ever bring or wear shoes with heels. That means platform shoes and stilettos. First off, do you know how hard it is to walk through a cavernous airport while wearing high heels? You have to walk from security to get to your gate, and that may be a long stroll. And besides, if you’re on vacay, when are you going to wear high heels? While suntanning by the pool? While getting ice from the ice machine? Yes, you may want to dress up for dinner, but remember, as Town & Country said, comfort is everything when you travel

25/26Wear: A Hat that suits the climate​​​​​

A woman should always bring a hat while traveling, according to Smarter Travel. A hat serves three purposes. One, you can wear it on bad hair days. We recommend a fedora straw hat, a newsboy cap or a military cap. Two, a hat can keep you warm if you’re going somewhere cold. We suggest a wool or cashmere beanie. Finally, a hat can drastically change your look. A straw hat is the best to bring because it can make a white T-shirt and jeans or any ensemble look effortlessly chic. If you want to look sporty at the beach, wear a visor or borrow your boyfriend’s baseball cap.

24/26Don’t Wear: Bright Colors

Don’t wear clothes in bold patterns or loud colors. Remember that you should bring attire that coordinates well with each other, such as any combination of black, navy, grey and charcoal. You can’t go wrong with a black T and your favorite jeans or leggings, and you will be keeping your packing to a minimum. As Smarter Travel pointed out, those colors will make you look put together and you’ll be able to blend in with the crowd while sightseeing and not draw unwanted attention to yourself, especially thieves.

23/26Wear: Tactical Jackets Or Hoodies With Plentiful Large Pockets

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stick to the hand luggage limit, especially when you have lots of essentials that you really need to keep on your person at all times. It’s also incredibly irritating and time-consuming to have to keep unpacking and re-packing your carry-on case every time you go through airport security. However, the key to enjoy an organised and hassle-free waltz through the airport and bypass strict hand luggage allowances is to wear your affairs. Travelers can buy specifically designed travel-friendly jackets and hoodies with lots of tactical and large pockets that can be used to hold all manners of items. Phones, passports, tablets, wallets, cameras and even laptops can all be kept on you instead of in your hand baggage, which means you can breeze through airport security and carry more without worrying about going over the weight and bag quantity limit.

22/26Don’t Wear: More Than One pair of Jeans for the whole trip

Jeans go with anything, they’re versatile and long-lasting and are perfect for any type of weather. As we suggested, for that effortless look, pairing denim with a navy blazer and a white T-shirt is perfect for informal events, such as when visiting tourist sites. While other people will look like tourists, you’ll look very chic. But there’s no reason to bring more than one piece of denim. Stick to one pair only. Anything more, and you’ll have little room in your suitcase, as denim is also heavy, even when it’s folded tightly, as USA Today pointed out.

21/26Don’t Wear: Skinny Jeans

You should always bring jeans with you on your trip because they go with almost everything. But you should not wear skinny or tight jeans while flying. All that time you’re sitting on a plane, especially one that is over ten hours, will make your skinny jeans feel very uncomfortable. And, according to Town and Country, you increase your risk for deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. So wear more sensible jeans and, for preventive measures, put on the compression socks we talk about later. Regular socks will inhibit blood circulation and cause swelling of the legs.

20/26Wear: Comfortable Clothing While On A Plane

It may be tempting to dress up to look and feel fabulous for a flight – after all, the stars make it look so easy – but even a six-hour flight will make you uncomfortable if you’ve chosen the wrong things to wear on the plane. The trick is to stay away from bulky items (puffy jackets, for example) and to wear clothes you can layer and that are comfortable. The New York Times suggests wearing exercise gear. For tops, bring with you a sweatshirt made of lightweight cotton over a T-shirt as a base. Then put a sweatshirt hoodie in a larger size over your shirt, big enough that it won’t prohibit your movement. For pants, wear leggings or nylon workout pants. You can get some quality-made sweats at J.Crew or Pink.

19/26Don’t Wear: A Tote Bag Without A Top Closure

The most comfortable fabrics to wear are those that allow your skin to breathe. Materials such as cotton, linen and silk are great options, which allow adequate air flow to the skin. This ensures that sweat doesn’t get clogged up, and you’ll feel fresher and cleaner for longer. Natural fabrics are of course the best choices, but other man-made quick-drying materials can be just as good for allowing your skin to breathe too – like spandex and polyester blends.

18/26Wear: Breathable Fabrics

17/26Wear: comfortable sweats for the plane

For those who think gym wear like sweats makes you look like a slob while flying in a plane, try this alternate outfit suggested by Air Help. Wear a Polartec jacket made of real fleece as your shell or outerwear, and if the A/C gets too cold, remove the jacket to reveal a long-sleeve lightweight sweater. Cotton is ideal, but merino wool is thin enough to wear comfortably and will guarantee that you’ll feel warm. For bottoms, suiting pants are your best bet because they offer a little bit of stretch so as not to impede your movement. The best trousers are those made of Lycra and synthetic fibers.

16/26Don’t Wear: Pajamas

If you fly a lot, you’ve probably seen a lot of people at the airport or on a flight who are dressed inappropriately. One example are passengers who wear pajamas on the plane so they feel cozy and relaxed. Pajamas are improper to wear on a flight and belong only in your bedroom or in your hotel room, according to Travel + Leisure. It’s a known fact that flight attendants treat passengers who are dressed nicely differently from those who look like slobs or think the aircraft is their home, as The Cheat Sheet pointed out.

15/26Wear: A Scarf

The essential accessory you should always bring while traveling is a scarf. It will alter your outfit in the same way as a straw hat. And style-wise, the T-shirt and jeans combo will work well with the scarf. For hot weather, wear a lightweight cotton/rayon scarf. You can also wear it when it’s chilly at night, especially if you’re near the beach. Just make sure the scarf is an infinity scarf or measures around 30 x 80 so it can be layered or worn in different styles. For winter a cashmere scarf is the only scarf that will do if you want to look stylish.

14/26Don’t Wear: Bulky Parkas

You should never bring a large, oversized coat while you travel. That means bulky parkas with fake-fur hoods, big puffy jackets and quilted puffy jackets, for example. If you justify bringing such coats because you are going somewhere cold, look in the mirror to see if you look like you’re in the Artic. If you do, you’re wearing the wrong jacket, and it won’t fit in your carry-on, as Travel + Leisure pointed out. It also won’t fit in your seat if you take it off while flying. The best bet is to bring an all-season jacket that is both warm enough for winter and lightweight for crisp falls.

13/26Wear: Essential Clothing For Traveling To Somewhere Hot

If you’re going somewhere that’s hot and has plenty of beaches, you should always pack at least two bathing suits, according to Travel + Leisure. The stylish woman should also bring a swim cover-up and two large and comfy T-shirts, one to use at the beach when it gets a little cool and one to sleep in. Even if you’re traveling during cold months and you are staying at a hotel that has an indoor or heated pool, keeping a bathing suit in your luggage will allow for some impromptu swimming.

12/26Wear: Attire That’s Dependent On Where You’re Going

You should always bring clothing that matches where you’re going. To make this happen, choose clothing in three matching colors that should be based on your destination. According to The New York Times, this means if you are going to an urban destination like New York, you should bring attire in dark colors, such as any combination of black, navy, grey and charcoal. If you are going somewhere tropical, white should be the standard along with bright clothing like orange and pink.

11/26Don’t Wear: Expensive Jewelry

You should never bring expensive jewelry when traveling. If you do and are showing it off, you may just become a mark for thieves and pickpockets. But that’s not the only reason. According to Roma Designer Jewelry, there are more problems when traveling with jewelry. Some are as follows, you might lose pieces while traveling, and they may be expensive or difficult to replace. If you don’t separate your jewelry in your carry-on, your necklaces may get tangled or knotted up.

10/26Wear: Pieces That Exude The Classic American Look

You should bring clothes that have a classic American look. You’ll completely blend in if you are traveling as a tourist and your outfit will take you anywhere. So what’s the classic look? Definitely your favorite pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and some nice pants or skirts. If you also bring along a chic blazer, all of these things will create several outfits, according to The New York Times. You can wear the T under the blazer for a casual look, a blouse for a more stylish look, and you can dress up the blazer by wearing formal pants.

9/26Wear: The Little Black Dress

We all have the little black dress in our closet, and it’s our go-to dress for dinners out or formal occasions. Because the black dress is so versatile, you should always bring it with you when you travel. While mixing and matching, the black dress, according to Kailay U, can go from day to night in an instant. For an informal look, wear a floppy hat and a lightweight jacket. The style right now is the jean jacket, so wear that if you have one. For more formal affairs, dress up the dress by wearing pearls or some costume jewelry.

8/26Don’t Wear: A Strong Fragrance​​​​​​

Sure, a lot of women wear perfume. But while traveling on an airplane where we’re all sharing the same air, you should keep your favorite perfume to the minimum. Or better yet, especially when your scent offends other passengers, you should do without. And you should also not be experimenting while up in the air because you may spray too much perfume on you. Be respectful of passengers around you. People with allergies, or those with asthma or anyone prone to headaches, as MSN Lifestyle pointed out, will also be bothered by your scent.

7/26Don’t Wear: Clothing That Is Packed Freely

Most women like to wear something different each day while traveling. But as discussed, you do not need an ensemble piece for every occasion. If you pack freely, you’re going to lose room in your luggage and you may have to check one of your bags and pay the cost, as USA Today pointed out. Even if your trip lasts a week, stick to pieces that are of the same hue and which you can mix and match. The example again is the little black dress. You can dress it up with costume jewelry for special occasions and for an informal look, you can wear the dress and cover up your upper body with an infinity scarf.

6/26Wear: Compression Socks

Socks are the last thing on your mind when you start packing for your trip. You usually just bring white no-show cotton socks to match your sneakers for day trips. But if you are flying, compression socks are a necessity, according to The Travel Channel. Sitting for a long period of time wearing regular socks will swell your legs and also cut off the flow of blood circulation. To avoid deep vein thrombosis (also called “Economy Class Syndrome”), always wear compression socks on a flight, which will combat the problem.

5/26Wear: The Karina Dress

While relying on the little black dress and keeping clothes to a minimum, it doesn’t hurt to bring another dress, but only if you have room in your carry-on. The Karina dress is what to bring. After all, the folks at Travel + Leisure searched for the perfect travel dress and the Karina hit all the right buttons. The dress can be shoved into a small carry-on, resists wrinkles, has hemlines that hit just where you like it, and the neckline is becoming without revealing. It’s both versatile and appropriate, and the best part is that variations of the dress work on every single body type.

4/26Wear: The All-Seasons Jacket

If you’re traveling during fall or winter, a jacket will be a necessity. According to Woman On The Road, you should wear a large plastic poncho or lightweight waterproof jacket in the chance of rain or inclement weather since carrying an umbrella can be cumbersome while traveling. There’s only one jacket you should bring. It’s the Barbour Beadnell, the women’s version of the men’s classic Barbour Bedale. Made of waxed cotton, the iconic jacket is waterproof and, being lightweight, is a true all-year round jacket. Ponchos are silly and waterproof jackets may have a too sporty look. The Barbour is classic and looks great with whatever outfit you’re wearing.

3/26Don’t Wear: Shorts

You should never bring shorts, even if you’re going somewhere hot. A woman can wear light beach dresses to keep cool and which are easy to pack and will fit in your carry-on. And besides, in some cultures, shorts show too much leg and locals will consider you as someone who doesn’t respect their customs. For example, Indonesians and Vietnamese never wear shorts no matter how hot it gets. Just put on a pair of jeans or lightweight pants.

2/26Wear: Clothing You Can Layer

Layering clothes is the easiest way of dressing appropriately no matter what the weather. Some clothes that layer well, according to Packsmith, are cotton T-shirts in any style, cotton or merino wool sweaters, leggings (pair with a dress when it’s cold), and a lightweight waterproof jacket if there’s rain or if the A/C on the airplane is too cold. Layering means you can peel off a layer when it’s too hot, or add a sweater when it’s cold.

1/26Don’t Wear: Inappropriate Clothing When Visiting A Religious Site

If you are visiting religious sites like temples, mosques or churches in foreign countries, you may be banned from entering if you are not dressed conservatively. So it’s really important to look up the dress code beforehand. You don’t have to look like a nun, but it’s safe to say in different cultures that immodest outfits that show off even your limbs will be frowned upon. According to Smarter Travel, in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, tank tops and shorts are considered offensive. One thing you should always carry with you in a bag is a scarf or a pashmina, according to Go! Girl Guides, because some Christian places of worship require women to cover their hair.

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