What to Wear on the Virginia Creeper Trail

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If you’re looking for a fun day out on the Virginia creeper trail, it’s important to be prepared. You’ll want to wear clothing that will help you be comfortable and not get too hot or cold.

If you’re going in the spring, summer, or fall, wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. The trail can be muddy and wet, so it’s important to have something on your legs and arms that will keep them dry. You may also want to bring some boots or shoes that are waterproof.

In the winter, you may want to wear layers of clothing instead of just one big coat or jacket. You can layer up with a base layer (like thermals), turtleneck sweater or fleece vest, another layer like an insulated jacket or fleece jacket over top of all of those things (and maybe even another layer if it gets really cold). Then top off with a heavy coat that covers up everything else as well as possible!

What to wear on the Virginia creeper trail

Virginia Creeper Trail is a beautiful trail that follows the Virginia Creeper, a tributary of the James River. The trail is located in Nelson County, Virginia.

The trail is 26 miles long and it has two sections – one that begins near Abingdon and ends at Whitetop Station, and another section that begins at Whitetop Station and ends at Damascus. It’s a great hiking adventure for people of all ages and abilities, but there are some things you should know before you begin your journey.

Virginia Creeper Trail runs through the Jefferson National Forest, which means there are bears in the area! You should never hike alone – always hike with someone else or make sure someone knows where you’re going. Also be aware of your surroundings at all times – bears are known to attack without warning! If you encounter a bear while hiking, make yourself appear as large as possible by waving your arms above your head and speaking loudly (if you have bear spray with you). If this doesn’t work, drop to the ground into a fetal position with your hands over your ears until help arrives

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a multi-use trail that runs from Abingdon to Damascus, Virginia. The trail is 26 miles long and follows the bed of an old railroad line. It is one of the most popular trails in the area and has become one of the South’s top mountain bike destinations.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is located in Southwest Virginia, about two hours from Roanoke. It runs along the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. The trail is very popular with hikers and mountain bikers alike, but it can get quite crowded during peak season (spring through fall).

Bears on Virginia Creeper Trail

There are several warnings about bears on the Virginia Creeper Trail. If you see one, do not run away – this will trigger their instinct to chase after you! Instead, stand still until they get bored and leave. If you have bear spray with you keep it handy at all times.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a rail-trail that runs from Abingdon to Damascus, Virginia. The trail was originally built in 1881 to transport iron ore from the Blue Ridge Mountains down to the railroad in Abingdon, but it fell into disrepair over time. In 2001, it was reopened as a recreational trail and now offers something for everyone.

The rail-trail is primarily used by hikers and mountain bikers, but there are sections where horses are allowed and some parts that can be easily navigated on foot or bike. The trail is open year-round and offers great scenery along its entire length. There are several scenic overlooks and access points along the way for those who want to stop and take photos or enjoy a picnic lunch at one of several picnic tables located along the trail.

Bears on the Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail is home to black bears, so taking precautions when hiking alone is essential. If you see a bear on or near the trail, make yourself appear as large as possible by waving your arms above your head while making loud noises (such as shouting) to let them know you’re there so they don’t surprise you by sneaking up on you.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a long-distance rail trail that follows an old railroad route through the mountains of Southwest Virginia. The trail stretches from Abingdon to Damascus, and it’s part of a larger system of rails-to-trails projects in Virginia called the Virginia Creeper National Heritage Area.

The trail winds through four counties: Washington, Smyth, Lee and Scott. It follows a path along creeks and rivers and provides scenic views of mountain ranges, including the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Virginias Creeper Trail is perfect for hikers and cyclists, though it’s also open to horseback riders. There are several access points along the trail, where parking is available.

Things to Do Near the Virginia Creeper Trail

There are several attractions near the Virginias Creeper Trail that you could include in your trip if you have time:

Blue Ridge Parkway – This national park features some of the most beautiful scenery in America. It was designed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression as a way to provide work for those who needed it most — men between 18 and 25 years old who were unemployed or on relief.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a 23-mile long rail trail that travels through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The trail was built on the former route of the Abingdon Branch Railroad, which was closed in 1977. It opened in 1985 and has been enjoyed by thousands of cyclists ever since.

The trail starts at the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, WV and ends at Whitetop Station near Damascus VA. The trail follows along an old railroad bed for most of its length and offers plenty of scenic views along the way.

What to Wear on the Virginia Creeper Trail

There are several options for clothing when riding on the Virginia Creeper Trail:

1) Dress like you’re going hiking, with comfortable pants and sturdy shoes that can handle rocky terrain and some mud (but not too much). If you plan on riding downhill only, then sneakers or sandals will suffice. If you plan on both uphill and downhill sections, then hiking boots are a must!

2) Wear layers so that you can adjust your clothing based on how warm or cold it is outside. You might start off wearing shorts and

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a mountain biking trail in Virginia, United States. It is about 28 km long and has a rating of hard.

The Virginia Creeper Trail has some great views along the way. One of the best things about it is that it’s relatively easy to get to. You can get there by taking US Highway 501 north from Damascus for about eight miles, then turning onto VA Route 675 (Cedar Creek Road). Drive another 2 miles and turn right onto VA Route 623 (Pumping Station Road). This road will take you straight to the trailhead. The parking lot at the end of Pumping Station Road can be crowded during peak season, so arrive early if possible.

Deaths on Virginia Creeper Trail

There have been 12 deaths reported on this trail since 2013. Most of these deaths were due to cardiac arrest or hypothermia caused by exposure to cold weather conditions while hiking without adequate protection from wind and rain during winter months or in early spring when temperatures are changing rapidly across time zones or elevations. In fact, in 2016 alone there were four fatalities reported between January 26th and February 1st due

Virginia Creeper Trail, one of the most popular trails in Virginia, is an easy to moderate trail that is suitable for all skill levels. The trail follows the Virginia Creeper Trail through the Jefferson National Forest and ends at a campground near Damascus, Virginia.

The trail has become so popular that it has been nicknamed “America’s Most Beautiful Bikeway.” It is a well-maintained, single track bike path that offers beautiful views as it winds along the James River.

The trail is open year round and perfect for hiking or biking during the warmer months. The Virginia Creeper Trail offers stunning views of the mountains, river, and forests. It also provides access to many other trails in the area including:

Rocky Knob Trail – This 2-mile long loop starts at Rocky Knob Overlook on the Appalachian Trail and takes you up to Rocky Knob Overlook for some great views. You can also pick up this hike from the parking lot at mile marker 39 on US 460 in Roanoke County.

Breckenridge Trail – This 1-mile long trail starts at Breckenridge Campground in Roanoke County and ends at Breckenridge Picnic Area where you can continue onto other trails if desired.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a great place for a day hike or overnight backpacking trip. The trail is popular with cyclists, hikers, and horseback riders. It follows the bed of an old logging railroad and passes through many scenic areas.

The Virginia Creeper Trail starts in Abingdon, Virginia and ends in Damascus, Virginia at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. The trail covers about 43 miles through the Appalachian Mountains as it winds along the banks of the North Fork of the Holston River.

The best time to do this hike is during spring when the mountain laurel blooms or fall when you can see all the colors change on the leaves.

The Virginia Creeper Trail is open year-round but snow often blocks access during winter months.

It’s easy to explore the Virginia Creeper Trail on your own, but you’ll get a more in-depth experience with a guided tour. Here are some options:

The Virginia Creeper Trail offers plenty of scenery and scenery as well as history, art and culture. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or just want to relax by yourself, there are plenty of things to do on your trip. Here are some ideas:

Check out the local art galleries and museums

Go hiking

Visit the wineries

Take a ride on horseback

Go mountain biking

Virginia Creeper Trail is a hiking trail in Patrick County, Virginia. It is within Jefferson National Forest. It is 0.6 miles long and begins at 2,237 feet altitude. Traveling the entire trail is 1.2 miles with a total elevation gain of 518 feet. Near the trailhead there are parking and restrooms. This trail connects with the following: Virginia Creeper Trail


A rail-to-trail conversion that follows an abandoned railway line built to haul timber out of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Virginia Creeper Trail offers hikers a self-guided tour through one of America’s most beautiful regions. This recreation area provides opportunities for hiking, biking, bird watching and horseback riding in the Jefferson National Forest near Abingdon, VA.

The Virginia Creeper Trail follows an abandoned railroad grade from Abingdon to Damascus along the base of Pine Mountain and then crosses into Grayson County for a short distance before returning to Smyth County at Damascus Junction where it intersects with the Blueridge Parkway (U.S. Highway 11). The trail is named after its originator.

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