What to Wear on Second Date at His House

When you’re about to go on your second date with a guy, the last thing you want to think about is what to wear. You want to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, but also interested enough in his style that he’ll be excited to see what you’ve come up with. What better way to show him that you’re looking forward to this date than by dressing appropriately for where it will take place? Here are some ideas for what kind of outfits work well for second dates at his house. For a second date at his house, you want to look like yourself, but a little more put-together and polished. You want to show that you’re confident in your own skin and don’t need to dress up for anyone—but also that you’re not afraid of trying something new. The best way to do this is to let the rest of your outfit speak for itself. If you’ve got great jeans or a pair of shoes that are really comfortable, wear them! You can still be dressed up without wearing anything too fancy or expensive. If you’re looking for something new, try a shirtdress or top with wide-leg pants or a skirt. These are easy ways to make sure your outfit looks pulled together without overdoing it on accessories or makeup (which is always risky on first dates).

You’ve been on a couple of dates with this guy, and it looks like things are going well. He’s asked you over to his place for a second date—how exciting! But if you don’t want to make him regret asking you out in the first place, there are a few things you need to remember about what to wear when you meet at his house for the first time. First and foremost, be comfortable. You don’t want to feel like your outfit is too tight or too loose, or that it’s revealing anything that you don’t want him to see (or not revealing anything he would like). If it’s cold out, bring a coat or scarf; if it’s hot out, wear something light and breathable. But above all else: wear something that makes you feel great! Second, keep an eye out for any warning signs. If he lives in an apartment building or has roommates who will be home while you’re there, wear something that makes it clear that he has some privacy of his own. Don’t wear anything too revealing while they’re around—if they’re around—or anything that requires frequent trips from room to room (as opposed to just hanging out with each other).

What to Wear on Second Date at His House

If you’re hoping to get to know your date better, the best thing to do is let them know what you’re really like. The way you dress says a lot about you, and if you want to be honest with them, then this is one of the most important parts of your outfit.

When it comes to dating, every little detail matters. If you’re meeting for a second date at his house and want him to see the real you, then there are a few things you should avoid wearing.

So what should you wear on second date? Well, that depends on what kind of person he is. Are they more conservative or more liberal? Do they like bold colors or neutral tones? Most importantly: do they have pets?

How to Dress for a Date at His House

You’ve made it through the first date. Now comes the second date. And if it’s with your crush, you might be wondering what to wear. After all, you want to look good—but not too good! And you don’t want him to think he’s already seen this outfit before!

Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve got tips on how to dress for a date at his house that will make sure he thinks of nothing but you…

How do you know if the man of your dreams is going to be the one?

You can’t. Not without a little help, that is.

But you can make it less scary to find out by being prepared for every possible scenario so that you don’t have to worry about looking like an idiot or not being able to think clearly because your mind is racing with thoughts of how much fun you’re going to have together.

And what better way to prepare than by knowing what to wear on a date at his house?

A blouse and an A-line skirt
Show off this classic ensemble if you’ve got romance in mind. Wear a dressier top that really pops, like one that’s silk, floral, or ruffled. Go more low-key with your skirt and go for one tone like black, white, or navy blue. Skip the jewelry and focus on an earthy smoky eye and matte lips. Then, slide on some peep toe heels.
If you have an A-line skirt with a high waist, tie a knot in a button-down shirt and show just a little skin.
Studded ankle strap heels add a little bit of an edge if you want to go more punk.
For flashier A-line skirts in floral or animal prints, wear a white or black blouse.
A sweater and a pencil skirt
This cozy set is great for a special, intimate evening. Grab a fitted or bodycon sweater, or tuck a looser one into your skirt. Accentuate your figure with any belt in a neutral color that cinches at the waist. Sling a small purse over your shoulder and try on sleek and shiny heels for a finishing touch.
A cropped sweater and a knitted pencil skirt is great for cozying up on the couch.
Try a mermaid pencil skirt and a bow blouse for an evening dinner date.
If you two talked about cocktails and dessert, a leather pencil skirt will add to the flirty mood.
A sheath dress and a fitted jacket
If the atmosphere is sophisticated, walk in with this chic outfit. Wear a fitted jacket in a complementary color, such as a beige blazer with a turquoise dress. Add a statement necklace, like a layered chain or a geometrical design. Finally, throw on some pumps or slingbacks.
To tone things down and go more casual, accessorize with a denim jacket.
If you want to go more conservative, try a less fitted dress in the “sheath” style.
If you’d like to be even more comfy, slide into some dress flats.
A belted dress
This versatile look works for a swanky or low-key dinner. Stick to simple jewelry, such as one pair of earrings or a set of bangles. Enhance your silhouette with shoes that accentuate your legs, like block heel pumps, ankle boots, or dress flats.
If you want something really dreamy and sweet, pair a blazer and a dark belt with a lacy dress.
Accessorize a shirt dress with a skinny belt and a matching purse for effortless charm.
To go boho, cinch a maxi dress with a wide belt and throw on a statement necklace.
A blazer and a camisole
Look sleek for an upscale dinner he’s put together. Balance out the ultra seductive top with some simple jeans, like a straight cut or skinny style. Since a cami with a lacy neckline is so eye-catching, stick to just one bracelet if you want any jewelry. For a cowl neck top, wear a delicate drop necklace. Add a blazer in any contrasting color, then choose either neutral or statement heels.
If you want to be a little cheeky, pair jeans and any blazer with a cami in an animal print.
For a more tropical look, go for camis with fun designs, like a banana leaf pattern.
To go more femme fatale, accessorize a white cami and black blazer with some leather trousers.
A flowy dress and a bolero jacket
Arrive in this if you’re going for a fresh and innocent vibe. Stick to a dewy, natural makeup style and try something new with your hair, like beachy waves or a high ponytail. Add neutral heels of any type and a pair of simple earrings.
A dress in a gingham print and a pastel shade is a great, low-key choice for summer.
A white or black dress pairs well with a bolero jacket in any color you prefer.
If you ever want to remove your jacket, a dress with spaghetti straps gives him a fun surprise.
A floral top and jeans or a skirt
This gentle and feminine look is perfect for a casual night in. Throw one printed piece, such as a blouse, a dress, or even a skirt. Balance out a flowery pattern with bold, one-tone choices, such as dark jeans, a white jacket, or a plain silk blouse. Add a simple matinee necklace and slingback heels or ballet flats.
Try a self-tie top with jeans or a skirt for a whimsical retro look.
Wear a mid-calf floral skirt with a solid colored top for a creative take on the print.
A floral leather jacket can add an unforgettable edge to any outfit.

A jumpsuit and heels
Make a power statement after a few first dates and go for something daring. Wear more understated jewelry, like a single bracelet, one statement ring, dangle earrings, or a dainty circle necklace. Finish your look for strappy heels or stilettos.
For the best silhouette, the hems of your jumpsuit should stop at your ankles.
Ribbon heels are a great way to add a romantic flair to any jumpsuit.
A small clutch purse looks really charming to round everything out.
A peasant top and denim
Charm in this ethereal choice when he brings the date outdoors. Pair it with skinny or flared jeans, or tuck it into a denim A-line skirt. Add a creative and whimsical flair with a neck scarf, headband, beret, or wide-brimmed sun hat. Round out your look with your fave sandals, such as a flat, platform, or strappy style.
Raw hem jeans give a peasant blouse a relaxed look and make you seem really at ease.
If it’s summer or the weather’s warm, put on shorts to add a touch of daintiness to your peasant top.
Choose one type of jewelry, like a bar or a chunky necklace, a stone bracelet, or stackable rings.
Add a leather cord choker to draw his attention to your neck and tease just a little.
A cute top and jeans
Slip on this simple choice for any casual hang-out. Choose skinny fit, boot cut, or jegging styles for looser tops and straight fit, high-waisted, and flared jeans for tight shirts. Go for a small purse as well as flats, sandals, sneakers, or even pumps.
Try a knit crop top and cardigan combo for a super sweet vibe.
Throw on a turtleneck when it’s cold to stay warm and chic.
Wear a bodysuit underneath your jeans for an extra fitted look.
A long cardigan, a thin top, and leggings
Come over for snacks and drinks in an outfit with cool swagger. Stick to dark leggings to keep things simple, then go for a high-low tank top, a silk tee, or even a lacy bustier. Pair it with a cardigan in a complementary color—for instance, a simple white tone matches well with an eye-catching red. Keep it casual with canvas shoes, or add a little elegance with dress flats.
Use a French tuck with a T-shirt or tie the bottom in a knot to accentuate your figure even more.
Ankle boots will bring even more attention to your legs when you wear dark leggings.
For a look that’s both daring and feminine, pair black leggings and a white top with a floral cardigan.
A hoodie and skinny jeans
Chill and vibe together in this laidback look. Keep it really understated with a black hoodie and white runners, or have some fun with a really colorful hoodie and distressed jeans. Pop on some sneakers, combat boots, or platform sandals and you’re good to go.
For a softer look, play with pastels, such as a light blue hoodie with a pink pleated skirt.
Wear a tie-dye hoodie and ripped jeans for a cute vintage vibe.
Swap out jeans for a plaid skater skirt and accessorize your hoodie with a choker or a leather cuff.
A cute activewear set
Be ready for any adventure with this comfy number. Go for a sporty crop top and high-waisted leggings or a colorful and fresh tracksuit. Add fun little touches, like a sweat headband, a cropped shrug, pullover hoodie, or crossbody pouch. Then, put on your favorite pair of kicks—anything from fresh white sneakers to neon trainers works.
Wear a high ponytail to get ready for any games or sports you want to jump into.
Accessorize activewear with printed socks to show off your fun-loving side.
Wear simple jewelry that’ll stay in place when you move around
Throw on some cool sunglasses if he’s planning a picnic or lunch in his backyard.
Cozy loungewear
Snuggle up to him in an adorable set for movie night. Go for a matching set, or mix things up with printed lounge pants and any fitted tee or tank top. Throw on a cropped hoodie if you get cold, and slide on some cute fashion slippers. For an extra touch, go a little heavier with your makeup just to have some fun and keep the look date-ready.
Throw on cable knit shorts, a tank top, and a ribbed cardigan for a super soft set.
Cut off an oversized band or graphic T-shirt to add some personality to your loungewear.
Treat yourself to a fresh manicure and show it off with your fave slippers.

What to Wear on Second Date

If you’ve made it to the second date, congratulations! You’re well on your way to finding that special someone.

But what should you wear? Well, here are some tips:

-Dress like you’re going out to dinner with someone who has good taste in fashion.

-Be comfortable, but don’t dress like you’re in pajamas.

-Wear something that makes you feel sexy, but not in a trashy kind of way.

You know the saying: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Well, it’s just as true when you’re trying to impress someone on a date. In fact, it might even be more important—because while you can easily change jobs, it’s hard to change your first impression.

So we asked ourselves: What should you wear on a second date? And what if this is someone you really want to impress? How do you dress well without looking like you’re trying too hard?

We’ve got answers!

On a second date, you can really let your true colors shine, especially if you played it safe on date number one. If you are a T-shirt–and-pants kind of girl, wear that, but if you want to pull out all the stops and wear a bright floral dress and satin platforms, there’s no time like a second date to do it

Look up “what to wear on a first date” and surely you’ll find hundreds of outfit ideas to draw inspiration from. Thanks to your incredible first-date look (and your charming personality, of course), you scored a second date. Things are looking up until you remember you need an outfit for that too. Why does no one talk about second dates? They really are just as important as the first, if not more important, and we want to make sure you have the ensemble to prove it.

To help us out a bit, we gathered some second date-outfit inspiration from a handful of our beloved bloggers. Some of the ladies ahead are married, some are single, and we are here just to admire the quality of their outfits for being top-notch second date material. On a second date, you can really let your true colors shine, especially if you played it safe on date number one. If you are a T-shirt–and-pants kind of girl, wear that, but if you want to pull out all the stops and wear a bright floral dress and satin platforms, there’s no time like a second date to do it. At the end of the day, wearing what makes you the most comfortable and confident is the right choice, date number aside.

Ahead, shop the second-date outfit ideas straight from some of our favorite bloggers.

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