In this article, we’re going to take a look at what you can wear on Remembrance Day, Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day, when to wear a poppy 2024 and poppy wearing etiquette.

As we approach Remembrance Day, we here at Buyandslay want to remind you that it is important to remember those who have served and are serving in war. We know that it can be easy to forget about the sacrifices that these brave people make on our behalf.

For Remembrance Day, wearing a red poppy symbol is common in many countries. It’s typically worn on the left lapel. Beyond that, wearing respectful and modest attire, often in dark or somber colors, is appropriate for ceremonies or events commemorating Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day Dress Code for Women

Remembrance Day dress code is generally somber and respectful. Women often wear dark and modest clothing, such as black or dark navy dresses or skirts paired with a blouse. It’s customary to avoid vibrant colors or flashy accessories out of respect for the solemn nature of the occasion. If you choose to wear a poppy, it’s typically pinned on the left side as a symbol of remembrance. The overall aim is to dress in a way that reflects the solemnity of the occasion and honors the memory of those who served and sacrificed.

Remembrance Dress Code for Men

For Remembrance Day, men typically observe a somber and respectful dress code. A common choice is to wear dark-colored and conservative clothing, such as a black or dark navy suit with a white shirt and a subdued tie. It’s customary to avoid vibrant colors, patterns, or flashy accessories to maintain a solemn tone. If you choose to wear a poppy, it’s often pinned on the left lapel. The overall goal is to dress in a manner that reflects respect for the significance of the day and honors the memory of those who served and sacrificed.

We’ll cover the history of remembrance day, as well as the meaning behind wearing poppies and why millions of people do so every year. We’ll also discuss some of the potential controversies surrounding the holiday and why it’s important that we continue to honor those who have fought for our freedom.

So whether you’re looking to learn more about how to dress appropriately on remembrance day or just want a deeper understanding of why people wear what they do on this day, keep reading.

Why do we Celebrate Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a holiday celebrated in Commonwealth countries on 11 November to remember those who have died in war. Remembrance Day was originally called Armistice Day and first marked in 1919 after the end of World War One. The name changed in 1945 to commemorate all those who have died in military conflict.

Remembrance Day is a time to honor the people who have served in the Canadian military. It’s a special day for Canadians to reflect on their service, and the sacrifices that were made by both soldiers and their families.

The day was originally known as Armistice Day, which was celebrated on November 11th every year since 1919. In 2004, it was renamed Remembrance Day to reflect the fact that it also marks other conflicts like Korea, Afghanistan and most recently Syria.

On Remembrance Day, people wear poppies in their lapels as a symbol of remembrance. Some people also attend ceremonies at cenotaphs (places where war dead are commemorated) or watch them on television or online.

What to Wear on Remembrance Day

We’ve prepared this blog post as a resource for what to wear on Remembrance Day so that you can remember those who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for our country.

The day of remembrance is a time to honor those who have fallen in service to their country. It is also a time for you to show your support for those who are still serving, and for the families of veterans who have been lost.

Whether you’re attending an event or staying home, these tips will help you dress appropriately and keep it all in perspective:

The lapel Poppy should be worn during the Remembrance period, from the last Friday in October until November 11. The Legion encourages the wearing of Poppies at funerals of Veterans, and for any commemorative event such as a memorial service, or the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

When to Wear a Poppy 2024

Wear a Poppy to Remember this who have served in War for the country.
Throughout the Remembrance period, we see Poppies worn with pride in every corner of our lives to honour our Veterans. The Royal Canadian Legion provides a Poppy Protocol to guide Canadians on appropriate and respectful wearing of the lapel Poppy. However, wearing a Poppy is a personal expression of Remembrance, and how someone chooses to wear a Poppy is always an individual choice.

How to Wear a Poppy

The Poppy should be worn with respect on the left side, over the heart. The Legion’s lapel Poppy is a sacred symbol of Remembrance and should not be affixed with any pin that obstructs the Poppy. Also available through some Branches is the Legion’s reusable black centre Poppy pin to affix your lapel Poppy.

When to Wear a Poppy

The red poppy is traditionally worn in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, which is observed on November 11th in many countries. People wear poppies to honor and remember those who lost their lives in war. It’s common to start wearing a poppy at the end of October and continue until Remembrance Day.

The lapel Poppy should be worn during the Remembrance period, from the last Friday in October until November 11. The Legion encourages the wearing of Poppies at funerals of Veterans, and for any commemorative event such as a memorial service, or the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. As well, it is not inappropriate to wear a Poppy during other times to commemorate Fallen Veterans and it is an individual choice to do so.

How to Remove a Poppy

To remove a poppy, gently pull it from your clothing. If it’s attached with a pin, be cautious not to damage your garment. If the poppy has a sticker or adhesive, carefully peel it off. Discard it respectfully, as the red poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those who sacrificed their lives in war.

Poppies may be worn throughout the Remembrance period, including in the evening after Remembrance Day Ceremony. Some choose to remove their Poppy at the end of the day on November 11. Some choose to remove their Poppy at the conclusion of the ceremony and place their Poppy on the cenotaph or on a wreath as a sign of respect. This has become a poignant tradition each year at the National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa as thousands of Poppies are placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

When a Poppy is removed, it should be stored appropriately or it may be disposed of respectfully. We encourage anyone who finds a Poppy that has fallen to the ground to pick it up and brush it off so that it can be kept or disposed of respectfully.

While Poppies are always free, The Royal Canadian Legion gratefully accepts donations to the Poppy Fund, which directly supports Canada’s Veterans and their families in need.

Canadians outside of the country can get a Poppy from Royal Canadian Legion Branches in the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands, or through their Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

The Legion’s lapel Poppy is the Poppy you will see most during the Remembrance period, and the one the Legion distributes during the Poppy Campaign to help raise Poppy Funds for Veterans and their families. For Canadians who want to show their pride and support year-round, the Legion’s Poppy Store sells Poppy broaches and other products to show you remember. Proceeds from the sale of these products help support the Legion’s mission to care for Veterans and promote Remembrance.

We invite everyone across the country to honour and remember Canada’s Veterans by proudly wearing this symbol of Remembrance and taking a moment to reflect.

Poppy Wearing Etiquette

Poppies, or the poppies, are a symbol of remembrance and sacrifice. They are worn by many people to remember those who have died in war, as well as those who have served in the military.

The poppy is unique in that it can be worn all year round, but most people choose to wear them during November. This is because it is when we traditionally observe Remembrance Day on November 11th. It’s a time when we pay homage to the fallen soldiers who gave everything for our freedom.

We encourage everyone to wear a poppy if they so choose. There are many different ways to wear one, such as:

-Pushing it through a buttonhole on your shirt or jacket

-Pinning it on your lapel or blazer pocket

-Putting it into your hair (it’s also fun to see how long you can keep it there before someone asks about it).

How to Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK)

Remembering those who gave their lives in wars is an important part of British Culture. A day is set aside every year to remember the fallen, Remembrance Sunday, and on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, two minutes silence is observed throughout the country. In addition to these ceremonies, paper and plastic Poppies are sold to raise money for servicemen and associated charities and for people to wear to show that they remember the fallen. Start at step one so you’ll know how to wear your poppy with pride.

How to Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK)

Step 1

Buy your poppy from a genuine source. Schools, large offices, local government offices, Salvation Army shops and public service buildings will all have poppies for sale. There are often volunteers selling poppies in supermarkets, at public gatherings and in the street from late October onwards. Poppies don’t have a set price; however. Pay what you can afford and feel is respectful.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 2
Start wearing your poppy on your every day clothing straight away or wait until the week of Remembrance Sunday.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 3
Wear your poppy on a sweater or any other woolen or loosely woven fabric top by just poking the plastic stem through the fabric. Wear it on the left side of your chest if you are a civil servant, or right side if you are either a serving or past member of the armed forces. Some people believe that women traditionally also pin their poppies on the right side of their chest; however, it can be frowned upon to do this.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 4
Ask for a pin with your poppy if you want to pin it to a tee shirt, top or coat. (November is pretty chilly in the UK, chances are you’ll want it on your coat!)
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 5
Wear a poppy in your button hole if your jacket, blazer or similar garment has a button hole.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 6
Show respect to the fallen by proudly wearing your poppy in public. ALL public places in the UK should allow you to wear your poppy unless it contravenes health and safety guide lines. If anyone asks you take off your poppy, you have every right to ask why. If they cannot give a valid reason, you may wish to leave the premises.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 7
Wear a poppy on your uniform. Cubs, scouts, girl guides, police officers, military cadets, service men, police officers, firefighters etc will have guide lines to follow about correctly adding a remembrance poppy to their uniform. Make sure you stick to the guidelines.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy

(UK) Step 8
Buy something more permanent. Many retailers sell remembrance poppy brooches, pins, tie bars, cuff links etc that you can pay a set price for, some of which will go to charity, then you can wear it every year.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 9
Buy a larger fabric and plastic poppy. Not all the vendors have these but if you see one and you have an occasion to wear it such as a remembrance Sunday church service, buy one and wear it as you would a corsage.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy

(UK) Step 10
Stop wearing your poppy after the 11th of November or after Remembrance Sunday, whichever is later.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 11
If you wish to be very correct: Position the leaf at 11 o’clock to represent the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time that World War One formally ended.
Image titled Wear a Remembrance Day Poppy (UK) Step 12
Consider wearing your poppy on the left side, as this is close to the heart, men may consider it correct to wear their poppy in their left lapel, similar to a boutonnière. Some believe it correct for women wear to wear their poppy on the right, similar to a brooch.

Community Q&A

How do I wear a poppy with a safety pin?

Top Answerer
Choose a small to medium safety pin. Pin the safety onto your garment carefully (as safety pins can damage delicate fabrics), then push the stem of your poppy between the two bars of the safety pin. The petals should hold it in place.

Don’t do anything disrespectful like customize a poppy.

Not everyone believes in honouring the fallen by wearing a poppy. Respect the wishes of others that choose not to wear a poppy as long as they respect your wish to wear one.

What to Wear on Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an important event for the bride and groom. It’s a chance to celebrate with family and friends, and it’s also the last time you’ll see all of your loved ones before the big day. The dress code is typically more relaxed than at a wedding, so you won’t have to worry about finding a killer gown or tuxedo. Instead, focus on picking out something that makes you feel confident and beautiful while still being appropriate for the occasion.

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing your outfit, we have some tips that will help:

  • Talk with your fiancé or fiancée about what they want you to wear. This can help set some parameters around what kind of look will work best for them—and if they have any ideas for what they’d like for you!
  • Think about how much time you want to spend getting ready: If it’s going to take a long time, make sure that whatever dress or suit you choose doesn’t require too many accessories (like jewelry). On the other hand, if you’d rather not spend hours getting ready on this special day, go ahead and invest in something with lots of embellishments and sparkle—just make sure

“For formal rehearsal dinners (not black tie), men should wear dark suits and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns. For semi-formal rehearsal dinners, men should wear jackets, suit pants (or slacks) and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits or dressy skirts and blouses.

What you should actually wear to a rehearsal dinner.

Wedding rehearsal dinner

Follow these tips to avoid any potentially awkward mishaps.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to wear to a rehearsal dinner, particularly if you’re not a part of the wedding party.

Though you might be able to take some cues from the location of the wedding, the location of the dinner, or the formality of the invitation, you still might find yourself going back and forth about the most appropriate outfit for the occasion.

We consulted wedding experts to find out what you should really wear to a rehearsal dinner, so you don’t have to stress over it anymore on your own.

Determining what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner can be more complicated than you might think, regardless of your role at the wedding.

Because you’re not a bride or groom, you probably feel as though you shouldn’t be either overdressed or underdressed, so you might find yourself hemming and hawing over the best choice.

“Sometimes rehearsal dinners are formal affairs. Sometimes they’re casual hangouts. My standard recommendation is to dress in a way that fits the atmosphere of the event,” Janessa White, co-founder of Simply Eloped, told INSIDER.

Perhaps a dress is most appropriate, or a casual pair of pants or a skirt, maybe you should wear heels or opt for something akin to boat shoes, sandals, or even sneakers, depending on the details of the event. Ultimately, there are a number of things that can clue you in and help you make the best choice you can, leaving you feeling confident going into the rehearsal and dinner itself.

In some cases, you might receive a printed invitation to the dinner. If so, taking your cues from the invite itself can be a good place to start.
“If the rehearsal dinner is on the earlier side of the evening (5 p.m., for example) that generally would imply a less formal attire than a dinner at night (7 p.m., for example),” Maya Devassy Tarach, owner of Preoccupied Bride, told INSIDER.

Besides taking note of the time of the dinner, you can also infer a dress code from where the dinner (or other rehearsal event) is being held.

“Some have a theme geared toward the bride and grooms’ hobbies, like a barn dance if it is someone who is into equestrian sports or the country club if it is golfers. You tailor your choices to fit the mood and theme of the dinner, as you wouldn’t wear jeans if it’s at a country club or a cocktail dress to a barn,” Diane Lloyde Roth, owner of L’Armoire, told INSIDER.

Dress according to any pre-set themes. Jacob
If you don’t have a rehearsal dinner invitation to use as a reference point, either because you received a verbal invite to the dinner or are attending as someone’s date, it can be much harder to know what’s appropriate and what might be missing the mark.

“Whenever you’re invited to a rehearsal dinner verbally, chances are it’s either an afterthought or the rehearsal is super informal. With that said, we always say you can never overdress for any event,” Brian Kelly and Sean Koski, owners of luxury event planning company Ticket2Events, told INSIDER.

“For men we suggest wearing a suit but removing the jacket and tie if after sizing up the crowd you feel uncomfortable and for women we suggest wearing an LBD that hits just below the knees. Although our suggestions are boring, it’s better to be safe and comfortable amongst the grouping than underdressed and glued to the bar.”

If you crave a bit more guidance and don’t feel comfortable selecting an outfit without knowing more details, reaching out to the couple, their family, or whoever invited you can be a good move.

“If you get a verbal invite, my suggestion is to call back and ask what the dress code is for the dinner,” Lloyde Roth said. “Don’t try to guess if there is a dress code. You can also call the location where the dinner is being held and ask if they have a dress code. As a last resort, you can either call or email the person that invited you to inquire. It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Regardless of where the rehearsal dinner is going to be held or the timing of the event, you’ll want to wear something less formal than you’ll wear to the actual wedding.
“Consider also that it will be more casual than the official invitation for the wedding, meaning that your outfit for the rehearsal dinner will be slightly more casual than the wedding outfit,”

Sheree Bergthold, owner of TRE Boutique, told INSIDER. “If it’s dictated to be cocktail attire, men should consider wearing either a suit or sportcoat while women can consider wearing a dress or black pant with a bright top, mirroring what their partner is wearing.”

You can also take a hint from the dress code for the wedding itself for what you should you wear to the other events of the weekend, most notably the rehearsal dinner. Again, because your attire for the rehearsal will likely be less formal than that of the actual wedding, you can use that as a general jumping off point.

And for wedding rehearsal dinners with an established dress code, knowing how to interpret the dress code is key.
wedding rehearsal dinner 2
If there’s a dress code on the invitation to the rehearsal, make sure you follow it.

“For very formal rehearsal dinners (black tie), men should wear tuxedos, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns,” Devassy Tarach said. “For formal rehearsal dinners (not black tie), men should wear dark suits and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns.

For semi-formal rehearsal dinners, men should wear jackets, suit pants (or slacks) and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits or dressy skirts and blouses.

For casual rehearsal dinners, men should wear polos or button downs with dress pants (or slacks), and women should wear sundresses or blouses with skirts or pants.”

When you’re pulling together an entire look for the rehearsal dinner, you also have to keep in mind the rest of what you need to wear beyond just your clothing.

“For accessories, try to figure out one piece of your outfit to be a focal point,” Bergthold said. “Don’t be afraid to layer jewelry, whether that be stacked bracelets or a choker with a chain necklace.”

Though it can be tough to know exactly what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner if you’re not explicitly told what the general dress code or theme might be, opting for a business casual look that you feel good in is often a good idea. And don’t forget, it’s a party for someone else and the focus really isn’t about you, so just do your very best to dress appropriately and don’t worry too much about fitting the dress code to a T.

What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner as a Guest

Deciding What to Wear
Attire for Men and Women
Etiquette Rules

A rehearsal dinner is like the party before the actual party. It usually takes place the night before the wedding, after the wedding party has rehearsed for the big day. The actual dinner is typically a small, intimate affair, with just the wedding party and the couple’s close family in attendance.

10 Common Wedding-Related Events and Parties to Know About

In addition to plenty of food and wine, you can expect to share a lot of laughter and maybe a few tears amongst the couple and their loved ones. But aside from what’s on the menu, the first question you may ask yourself when you’ve been invited to a rehearsal dinner is: What do I wear? Rehearsal dinners are not as formal as the wedding, of course, but it is still an important event that should be taken seriously.

Sharon Warten is a personal stylist at Wishi, an online styling service founded by acclaimed celebrity stylist Karla Welch. Wishi connects you with the world’s top stylists to help you shop online while incorporating what’s already in your wardrobe.

So, to guide you through the process of getting dressed for this significant event, we spoke with fashion and wedding stylist Sharon Warten in order to provide recommendations for what to wear to a rehearsal dinner, based on the season, venue, and wedding theme.

How to Decide What to Wear

To start, take a look at the invitation. It’ll have all the important details for the evening, such as the venue name and any information on the proper attire. “Knowing the venue or location beforehand will be the first step in helping you decide what to wear,” says Warten. “If it’s a more formal location, your best bet is to wear cocktail attire or that dress you’ve been holding onto in your closet for an exceptional occasion.”

Warten suggests picking fabrics, colors, and prints based on the season and dinner location. “In the summer months, choose lighter and brighter colors. In the fall and winter go with jewel tones or darker colors! Soft, quiet subdued prints can show off your personality without stealing the bride’s thunder,” she says.
When in doubt, a black cocktail dress works in all four seasons.

A great rule of thumb is to remember that the rehearsal dinner will typically never be more formal or fancy than the wedding itself. Use that as a measuring stick to help guide your outfit selection. “Rehearsal dinners tend to be a more relaxed version of the actual wedding, but it’s still a fun time to show off your personal style,” says Warten.

And as with all events, you should avoid wearing anything that will make you uncomfortable. You don’t want to be pulling and tugging on your outfit, especially if you’re standing up to give a speech. “Pick an outfit formula that is true to your style and silhouette which will make you look and feel confident,” says Warten.

Every Wedding Guest Dress Code, Explained
Rehearsal Dinner Attire For Men and Women
Once you’ve got a good idea of the dress code based on the invitation, it’s time to start shopping. In Warten’s expert opinion, classic styles and cuts will be the best choice. “I like classic and elegant fabrics such as silk, satins, chiffon, lace, or embroidery,” she explains. “These fabrics and textures are another perfect way of displaying your personal style.”

Depending on how formal the rehearsal dinner is, men might want to wear either a button-down and chinos or a suit. Men shouldn’t be afraid to accessorize with custom cufflinks, patterned socks, or a trendy tie or pocket square.
While women certainly can’t go wrong with a classic cocktail dress, there are plenty of other options you can wear that show off your own personal style. “

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing dresses, so I’m thrilled to see more options when it comes to jumpers and elegant suits,” says Warten. “In more recent years, a silk suit and trouser set have become more of a norm.”

What Not to Wear to a Wedding

If you’re part of the wedding party, chances are you didn’t get to pick your bridesmaid dress. The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to have fun with semi-formal attire, but you don’t want to go overboard. If your dress or outfit is the statement, pair it with nude heels and simple studs. Or, upgrade a little black dress with a chandelier or drop earring and an embellished clutch. When it comes to style, it’s all about balance.

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Your hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories can take your ensemble to the next level. Make sure to incorporate all these little details as you’re planning your final look to create something truly special. “Accessories should never be an afterthought,” says Warten. “Having the right accessories can complete the outfit and give it that wow factor.”

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit Etiquette

“Rehearsal dinner dress code etiquette will have the same vibe as the wedding,” says Warten. “If the rehearsal dinner is later in the evening it will be more formal. When unsure, you can always ask someone from the bridal party.”
You should avoid asking the bride what you should wear to the rehearsal dinner.

The first rule of any wedding-related event is to never upstage the bride, and that certainly applies to the rehearsal dinner. If you’re worried your outfit is too flashy or distracting, it probably is.

“Wearing loud prints sequins or something overly sexy is another no-no,” says Warten. “Once again, this takes attention off the bride, and no one wants to outshine the bride during any of her pre-wedding celebrations.” And it should go without saying, but wearing white is also out of the question unless otherwise stated or requested by the bride or groom.

Occasionally, the couple may have a theme to their rehearsal dinner, which would be noted on the invitation. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to lean into the theme and really get into character! Whether it’s Wild West-inspired or Roaring 20’s-themed, the couple wants to see everyone dressed up to the nine’s, so put on your best cowboy boots and your flapper dresses.
Statement accessories are also made for rehearsal dinners. Where else can you wear a set of stunning floral earrings paired with embellished heels? While it may be fun playing dress-up, don’t go overboard with accessories. Stick to one statement, whether that’s a dress or a necklace, and let the rest of your outfit speak softly.

What dress styles can you wear to a rehearsal dinner?

Cocktail dresses are the obvious pick, but you can also wear something a little more fashion-forward like a jumpsuit, silk suit, or a flowing maxi dress. Skip the sundresses, unless it’s a daytime event.

Is it OK to wear black to a rehearsal dinner?
Yes! Unless explicitly stated otherwise, black is a go-to color for rehearsal dinner attire.

​​What does dressy casual mean for a rehearsal dinner?
Dressy casual is a step above casual but before cocktail and semi-formal. To nail this look, try pairing pieces of slightly different formality levels—like wearing a pair of heels to dress up more casual pants or a skirt, or wearing a blazer over nice, black jeans. Jumpsuits can also skew dressy casual depending on the accessories.

Is it OK to wear jeans to a rehearsal dinner?
Unless the invite specifies casual, avoid wearing jeans to a rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is one of the most special events leading up to the wedding, so dress appropriately for the celebration.

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