When you’re going on a princess cruise, you want to look your best. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you figure out What to Wear on Princess Cruise Formal Night, princess cruise formal night 2022 and princess cruises dress to impress. We’ll start by breaking down all the different options for men and women, then talk about how to coordinate them into outfits that will make you feel confident and comfortable all night long. Princess Cruises are the perfect way to feel like royalty, but what should you wear? When it comes to formal nights, you want to make sure that you look your best! You can’t go wrong with an elegant dress or a classic suit. If you’re a princess in training, then don’t forget to pack some of these essentials:

What to Wear on Princess Cruise Formal Night

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-time traveler, there’s no question about it: Princess Cruises is one of the best cruise lines in the world. They’ve got an impressive collection of ships, from the intimate to the extravagant, and they offer so many different itineraries that you can find a trip that fits your needs. And while they have plenty of options for families with kids, they also offer great adventures for adults only.

One of the most exciting things about Princess Cruises is their formal night—a chance for everyone on board to dress up in their finest attire and celebrate together as a community. But what should you wear?

We’ve got some tips from our own experience as well as from our friends at Princess Cruises themselves so you can look your best when it comes time for your formal evening!

We all know that Princess Cruises are the most elegant, refined way to travel. And what better way to show off your swankiness than by dressing up in your finest duds for formal night?

But what should you wear? And where do you start? Don’t worry! We’re here to help with a few suggestions on how to look your best while sailing the high seas.

Princess cruise formal night 2022

During your cruise, you should dress the same way you would do ashore. Leisure wear such as shorts and t-shirts is appropriate on board and on shore excursions in a warm climate. Depending on your itinerary, we advise you to bring sweaters and jackets for chilly evenings.

Keep in mind that it could rain and that you need correct clothing for visits to religious sites. On deck, sandals with rubber soles and sneakers are ideal.

There are two recommendations for evenings and dinners:

  • Smart casual:
    Dress the same way you would do for a visit to a restaurant at home. Skirts, dresses or trousers with t-shirt or blouse for ladies, trousers and shirt or poloshirt for gentlemen. Shorts and swimwear are not allowed in the restaurant.
  • Formal:
    Evening gown, cocktail dress or pantsuits for ladies, suit, combination or dinner jackets for gentlemen.

Princess cruises dress to impress

In today’s YouTube video I’m sharing the final sorority recruitment lookbook! I’ve got ten outfit ideas perfect for Preference round of sorority recruitment. Although Greek Week is wrapping up, I will still be sharing new college content every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the fun!


As I mentioned the last couple of days, for the sake of there being so many different outfits, I took these photos old school, #mirrorselfie style. I hope you don’t mind—I just knew 30 outfits over the span of three days was too much to ask of Madison, lol.

Anyway, here are ten outfit ideas that are perfect for Preference round of sorority recruitment. Please keep in mind that every school’s dress code is a little different so what works for me, may need to be modified a bit to work for you! If you go to Kent State the suggested outfit guidelines are: cocktail style, dresses, maxis, two-piece sets, rompers, heels.

This is the round that you’ll be (hopefully) sealing the deal so make sure you’re wearing something you’re comfortable and confident in. Put that best foot forward, girl!

For my own Preference round, I wore a white lace long sleeve dress and heels. I figured I would throw this look into the mix because it’s right along those lines. Shockingly enough, this was actually the dress I wore for my high school graduation! It’s older from ShowPo but still a favorite of mine with the lace-up detailing along the back and ruffled hem.

To pair with the lace-up back of the dress, I felt a pair of white lace-up heels would go perfectly. I love coordination like this. I’m wearing my “triple threat” jewelry with this look— a dainty gold necklace, gold statement earrings, and my favorite cuff. This look is a classic!

Outfit Details— dress: ShowPo, heels: SheIn, earrings: Walmart, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

Sorority recruitment is all about showing who you are as a person and letting your personality really shine through. This is ultimately how you’re going to meet girls with similar interests and find your home away from home. Let your outfits speak for themselves! if you’re a bit more laid-back, a bohemian two-piece set may be right up your alley!

I absolutely love the colors of this one. Although it’s a bit more casual it totally suits an easy-going personality. Most girls will be wearing heels however they aren’t required. If flat sandals like my white Palm Beach’s are more your vibe, stick with them.

Outfit Details— set: SheIn, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, earrings: Walmart, necklace: The Silver Heron, bracelets: Alex and Ani

This is the round to go out with a bang! I encourage you to make a bold statement with your outfit choice. This bright red screams confidence and will leave all eyes on you. While dresses are definitely the standard for this round, jumpsuits are totally appropriate as well. Plus, if you’re rushing a bit later in the fall, chances are it’s going to be a bit chillier and you’ll be thanking yourself for having pants on.

Plus, this one has pockets which is even better! I’m pairing it with simple gold block heels—this two-inch height is going to be your best friend if you’re not used to wearing heels for long periods of time. Popping on some glittery star earrings to complete my look.

Outfit Details— jumpsuit: Express, heels: SheIn, earrings: SheIn, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

If you’re not feeling the whole dress/jumpsuit thing, feel free to reach for a romper! This one screams “little black romper” and is the perfect option for this round of recruitment. It’s got the cutest open back and fun crochet detailing under the bust. Paired with some simple strappy sandals and a pair of gold hoops you’ve completed a classic look.

Outfit Details— romper: SheIn, heels: SheIn, earrings: SheIn, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

I wanted to throw another white dress option into the mix. Almost all of the chapters will have their members wearing white so keep that in mind if you decide to reach for this color; you will definitely mix in with them, lol. This dress has more of a sundress silhouette to it and has the cutest ties along the back of it.

I wanted to give this one a beachy feel so I popped on some straw wedges and a pair of crochet earrings. If you prefer a bohemian vibe, this outfit is the one for you!

 Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, heels: Chinese Laundry, earrings: Walmart, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

Oh, how I love a little black dress, or a long black dress in this case! I actually wore this earlier this week for my 10K photos on Instagram. This dress is so effortlessly sexy. There are a few different ways to tie this dress but I have it wrapped around the back and then along the waist. I have this in the bodysuit, romper, and jumpsuit version so if you’re not sold on the maxi dress, you can totally find an option that better suits you.

I’ve got my classic gold jewels on with this look; both my earrings and cuff are old but they are still some of my most reached for pieces. Definitely check your local Walmart (the Time&Tru) line for the best $4 statement earrings. I highly recommend wearing a big pair of earrings; they will frame your face and draw attention to it!

Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, heels: SheIn, earrings: Walmart, necklace: Target, cuff: Mantra Band

If I were going through recruitment again, this is without a doubt the outfit I would wear. I cannot stress enough how important it is to express your personal style during recruitment! The girls recruiting you want to see you for who you are and more times than not an out-there outfit is going to be the one they compliment/talk about later on.

You also want to choose something that sparks meaningful conversation. For me, talking about my blog and the brand I’ve built is an easy conversation to have when I’m wearing something as bold as this pastel tulle dress and these boa fur heels. I definitely don’t recommend these shoes though if you’re new to wearing heels as they are very tall!

You can’t go wrong with a maxi dress! If this is more your style than a mini dress, don’t be afraid to reach for one. This is another dress with more of a bohemian feel. The off the shoulder, tiered ruffles, and smocked bust are all so cute. Not to mention, a dainty floral print never goes out of style! I’ve got this one on with just a flat pair of sandals.

Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, earrings: Walmart, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

If you have a color that really speaks to you, perhaps there’s a backstory to it like me with yellow or maybe it’s your secret weapon to feeling confident, go full-on monochrome with it! This linen dress is the perfect start.

I paired it with some chunky heels in the same color. These are some of my favorite heels as they’ve got a super thick wedge to them making them extremely comfortable if you’re going to be on your feet for long periods of time; in fact these were the heels I wore for my own Preference round. This look screams happy thoughts!

Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, heels: SheIn, earrings: South Moon Under, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Targ

I could not love this maxi dress more. It’s definitely not everyone’s style but it’s got such a unique color palette with the most gorgeous pleats. It’s super wide with lots of fabric making it move like an absolute dream. I could twirl in this for days.

You can’t see them, but my yellow block heels match to a tee and my tassel earrings are the perfect finishing touch. This outfit will surely get you lots of looks so make sure you’ve got the confidence to go along with it!

Outfit Details— dress: SheIn, heels: SheIn, earrings: Walmart, necklace: The Silver Heron, cuff: Mantra Band

You definitely don’t need to go out and buy all new clothes as many of these looks can be recreated with items already found in your wardrobe. However, if you are planning on purchasing something from today’s blog post a majority of the items are from SheIn and you can use my code Q4mckenz15 to get 15% off your entire purchase.

I really hope this series gave you some outfit inspiration for your own sorority recruitment! I had so much fun putting together all of these looks and would love to do more laid back blog posts like this one if you’re interested. Let me know what you think and I’ll be sure to take your thoughts into consideration for my July content. Thanks so much for tuning into Greek Week!

What To Wear To A Football Game

What To Wear To A Football Game

The Super Bowl may have come and gone but we can still look ahead to the upcoming football season.

Whether you’re a fan of the ol’ pigskin tossing spectacle, or know you’ll be seeing a game or two this coming fall, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to wear. 

Sporting events seem like a no-brainer to dress for, but if you still find yourself wondering what to wear to a football game you’re not alone. 

By no means do football game outfits require the planning and thought that goes into an outfit for a wedding or graduation. But, understandably, it’s still confusing territory if you’re dressing for your first game or even an important game like the Rose or Super Bowl. 

To build the best game day outfit for yourself, you’ll need to understand a few key style tips first.

Lucky for you, this guide has all the advice you need. We’ve put together a list of several football game outfit ideas and, after reading the guide, you’ll know the following info and so much more:

  • What to wear to football games
  • What to wear to a football game in hot weather 
  • What to wear to a cold football game
  • Football outfits for ladies 
  • College football game outfits

What Is Football?

Football, also known as American football, is a sport that evolved from two other sports: rugby and soccer. In a football game, there are two competing teams aiming to gain control of the ball.

That seems easy enough until you factor in the fact that players kick the ball through the goal post or speed across the field to throw the ball down in the opponent’s goal area. 

Also, opponents keep the ball from touchdown status by tackling each other to the ground in an attempt to secure the ball for themselves. In short, football is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity.

History Of Football

The invention of America’s great game dates back to the college years of Walter Camp—although the first official football game was played a decade before Camp’s contributions to the game.

The first recorded football game took place in 1869 between New Jersey’s Rutgers University and Princeton University.

In essence, the game was rugby with a few football-like attributes, such as each team having 25 players. Yet, football didn’t gain popularity until the 1880s

Walter Camp was one of Yale University’s best rugby players during his enrollment. Camp had an idea to modernize the game of rugby so he began editing the rules.

With help from the IFA (Intercollegiate Football Association), Camp’s changes to the rules of rugby led to the invention of a whole new game (American football). 

Although football has experienced many changes throughout the years and has grown even more popular, Camp’s influence is still felt. For instance, he is the originator of such positions as the ‘quarterback.’ 

Towards the end of the 1800s, football started gaining popularity with the mainstream public.

The first professional game was held in 1892 between the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The game was rigorously intense but ended in a tie of 6-6. 

This game also produced the first professional football player—William Heffelfinger—who was paid $500 to play the game. 

The first professional football league came later, but before the NFL (National Football League) we know today, there was The Ohio League (the first founded league) and the APFA (American Professional Football Association). 

The APFA was founded after four teams from The Ohio League left to form a league with better standards. The APFA is regarded as the first professional league since it was the first to use schedules and accurate payment systems for its players.

By the 1900s college football was still going strong. But in the 1950s, the NFL began to push the college games to the backseat while the professionals took center stage. And this trend has continued to this day.

What To Wear To A Football Game

Figuring out what to wear to a football game doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, dressing for sporting events in general—as long as you’re not playing—isn’t too difficult. 

Remember that the point of the outing is to have fun and get as riled up with team spirit as you can.

For this, the most obvious choice is sporting team colors, jerseys, or getting wild by wearing supportive makeup. However, there are a variety of cool and laid-back ‘fits you can rock in the football stands. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • For the all-out sports fan

So you’re a superfan and you aren’t afraid to show it. You get loud at games, you know all the cheers, and your favorite colors just so happen to be the colors of your favorite team. 

For the people that want their love for their team to shine through, the jersey of your favorite player is an easy choice.

Pair the jersey with jeans or joggers for chillier season games then swap out the leg warming styles for shorts or cropped trousers during the warmer games. Fashion-forward sports fanatics can still rock a jersey with style. 

You can also grab a jersey in a size or two up from your regular size and sport the jersey as a dress or layer it over a sleek turtleneck

  • For the minimalist 

So dressing up for the game isn’t your thing but you’re still wondering what to wear to a football game?

Thankfully, football games don’t require spectators to come fully decked out in their team’s threads. If you love the game but appreciate your own sense of style more, don’t be discouraged. 

There are lots of looks appropriate for a football game. The key to dressing for any sporting event is to keep it casual.

Jeans and a T-shirt are a common and flawless choice while tracksuits and fleece co-ords also make a great look. 

If you’re feeling an ounce of team spirit, throw on a team hat for a supportive look that doesn’t compromise your ‘less is more’ aesthetic. Also, you could consider incorporating team colors into your outfit to show your team spirit. 

  • For the fashionista/o 

Fashion has a place at all functions or events, even an old-fashioned pigskin game.

So if you’re a fashion-forward individual and wondering what to wear to a football game, or even what to wear to a college football game, know that you don’t have to sacrifice your killer sense of style.

Dressing it up for a football game can be approached in a variety of ways. If you’d like some more detailed advice on what to wear to the game, check out the outfit ideas below for some fashion inspiration.

5 Outfit Ideas for a Football Game (Women)

While us mere mortals can only hope to be as iconically stylish as Rihanna, we can look to the singer/renaissance woman for inspiration.

Ditch the heels and the opera gloves (although you don’t necessarily have to) for more casual accessories like sneakers and your favorite jewelry for a gameday look that is ‘street style fabulous.’ 

Don’t forget your sexy side when thinking about what to wear to a football game. Infuse your sultry aesthetic with a casual vibe by pairing a cropped corset with relaxed cargos and fresh kicks. 

Kick it comfortably from the stadium seats in a cozy fleece set.

For the games that fall during the transition of seasons, pair a crewneck sweater with matching shorts for a warm and trendy look. Top your outfit off with sneakers and pull up your socks to increase the trendiness of your look. 

Sport your sleek minimalist look by wearing relaxed trousers, a cropped knit top, and trendy white sneakers.

Up the fun factor and swap the kicks out for a funky platform sneaker, and take this look into the warmer game season by trading the knit for a cropped tank or jersey. 

What To Wear To A Football Game

For the dolls that like to bring a little slay to gameday, consider layering a relaxed blazer over a tracksuit.

Perfect for the fall/winter games, this look is as cozy as it is chic. You can further stylize the ‘fit with retro sunglasses and dainty gold jewelry. 

5 Outfit Ideas for a Football Game (Men)

For the style-forward minimalist wondering what to wear to a football game, look no further than Noah Beck’s simple yet effective layering.

Piece your favorite knit with cargo shorts and a utilitarian jacket for a look that’s cool and casual. Keep the outfit monochromatic if you’re going for a trendy look. 

Jeans and a white T-shirt is a classic casualwear go-to. It’s a default look for running errands, hitting up the post office, and attending football games.

Add some flair to your look by tucking in your shirt and wearing a thick belt. Bring along your favorite bomber jacket for style or warmth. 

No matter your gender or age, a sweatsuit makes a perfect ensemble for a football game. Enjoying the game in a cozy set is not only in line with current trends, it’s effortless and comfortable.

Keep the look cool and simple by rocking it alone or further stylize the look with trendy fall/winter accessories or simplistic jewelry. 

Wondering what to wear to a football game? Why not overalls? The iconic one-piece ensemble has long branched out from the workwear scene and into the fashion landscape. 

Overalls are another easy breezy option for football games as they require minimal thought.

Simply pair your favorite T-shirt or sweater with a pair of overalls and finish the look off with a trendy pair of kicks. 

Simplicity is key when considering what to wear to a football game or even what to wear to a high school football game. 

Slouchy trousers in the color of your favorite team paired with a plain white tee will showcase your team spirit without fully immersing yourself in sportsman-like style.

Finish the look off with sunglasses and a gold chain to show you’ve still got style even on game day. 

What Type Of Football Game Outfits Can You Get?

If you’ve come this far and you’re still unsure about what to wear to a football game, don’t worry because you’ve got options. And we’re going to tell you all about them.

The superfans know they have a wide range of choices and retailers that cater to their football fashion needs.

As previously mentioned, these outfits typically include a jersey of the team you’re supporting paired with bottoms of their choosing—or à la Rihanna no bottoms at all. 

Another way to show support for your team and still look stylish is to wear a team headband paired with an all-black look so the accessory really stands out. 

Other fans get really creative when considering what to wear to a football game. For instance, the LA Rams have long been called ‘melonheads.’ Because of this, some fans hollow out large watermelons and wear them as hats to hometown games. 

Like any other sports game, the outfits you can wear are really dependent on your own sense of style.

If you’re willing to be really showy and flashy with your team spirit, there are some pretty whacky football ‘fits you can wear. 

However, the common spectator can rest easy knowing they can wear an outfit similar to the ones they’ve worn before on days off or hanging out with their friends/family. It’s really that simple.

How To Choose The Best Football Game Outfits

Choosing the best gameday outfit can be an effortless process. Some often find the issue comes when they begin to wonder what to wear to a football game girls styles or if they’re considering gameday outfits college looks.

Whatever the football function, picking an outfit is not difficult

Jerseys and other sports team merch can be found at a list of retailers at multiple price points. Football jerseys are sold in four models:

  • Elite 

Elite jerseys are considered the highest-ranking jersey model. Elite is the model worn by all NFL players, which makes Elite jerseys the highest in quality and the fit slimmer than the average jersey (since they’re made for athletes).

The best finishes are reserved for these jerseys which feature premium stitching, stitched graphics, and authentic paneling. In short, Elite jerseys are the best of the best, hence the price point of $325$370

  • Limited 

The next best jersey model is the Limited jersey. Priced between $150-$170, Limited jerseys are not true authentic jerseys like the Elite model but they do share features with the Elite jerseys.

Like the Elite model, Limited jerseys also include stitched graphics. In fact, Limited jerseys are the most affordable stitched jersey you can buy. 

  • Game 

Game models are the most popular jersey style amongst sports fans—typically due to the lower price range ($120$140).

These jerseys are considered replicas of the above models and are designed without stitching. Game jerseys also come in a breezier, slightly oversized fit

  • Legend 

Lastly, the Legend jersey is the most affordable jersey model. It’s absent of stitching and other premium features seen on an Elite jersey and it doesn’t have an oversize fit like the Game model.

Also, Legend jerseys are the easiest models to wear since they fit like a T-shirt and can be effortlessly styled with your everyday pieces. 

You can find all of these jersey models at sportswear retailers like Nike.

How To Style Football Game Outfits

Don’t hesitate to add some fashion flair to your football ‘fit. Take a cue from courtside sitting celebrities and dress it up! 

If you’re steady on your feet then don’t discount your high heels. Tons of style stars have hit the stadiums in style with stiletto boots in their home team’s colors.

Look to the cast of Euphoria for makeup inspo and get creative with team colors for a look that’s just as stylish as it is supportive. 

Think outside the box when styling your game day ensemble. If LA Rams fans can hit every home game with hollowed-out watermelons on their heads, the options for styling your football game ‘fit are nearly endless.  

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Football Game Outfits

Despite all of the easy-to-wear outfits previously discussed, there is still a list of looks to avoid when considering what to wear to a football game.

Although the spectators’ sport is all in good fun, some ensembles/clothing pieces are better worn outside of the roaring stadiums. 

When thinking about what to wear to a football game, do not consider these styles:

  1. A Suit 

Leave the professional dressing for the board room. There’s no denying the sleek appeal of a well-tailored suit but stadium seats aren’t that big and the games aren’t too short.

So you’ll want to enjoy the game in something you can comfortably sit in for over an hour while also sitting beside rowdy fans drinking and cheering. 

  1. A Jersey From the Wrong Sport 

This one is a no-brainer but just to make sure, let’s go over this gameday faux pas. Wearing a jersey to a sports game is common practice for most fans cheering from the seats.

However, it’s important you ensure the jersey not only belongs to one of the teams playing but that it’s also a jersey that belongs to the game you’re viewing. 

In short, don’t show up to a football game in a jersey that isn’t a football jersey. While other sports are also entertaining, don’t set yourself up to be a showy Blue Jays fan at a Giants game. 

  1. Misspelled Jerseys 

Jerseys can be expensive and sometimes getting a dupe is more cost-efficient than investing in an authentic piece.

There are plenty of suppliers that retail inauthentic jerseys that look like the real thing (without the authenticity patch).

But be mindful of the details when purchasing a non-authentic jersey—especially details like the name on the back. Also, double-check the spelling on your inauthentic purchases to eliminate any possible embarrassment. 

How To Take Care Of Football Game Outfits

If this guide has inspired you to snag a jersey of your very own, be mindful of the care instructions before purchasing it.

Each jersey has a detailed list of washing instructions printed on the tag inside of the piece. 

It’s extremely important to pay attention to the care instructions of any garment but considering that an authentic jersey can cost you a few hundred bucks, it’s best to take the utmost care of your garment

After the highs or lows of gameday be sure to pre-soak your jersey before washing it inside out in cold water.

Jerseys wash best in detergent designed for cleaning jerseys and air drying them on a hanger as opposed to the inside of the dryer is a good idea.

In fact, here’s the best advice: avoid putting your jersey in the dryer altogether

These instructions are specifically for Elite jerseys but it’s always wise to read the washing instructions included within the piece you’ve purchased. 

Best Places To Buy Football Game Outfits

Whether you’re wondering what to wear to a football game girl style or considering your options for what to wear to a football game woman’s style, you’re going to need a place to shop for the perfect ‘fit. 

Thankfully, you most likely already have a plethora of pieces suitable for gameday outfits in your closet, whether they be big NFL showstoppers or a college game. 

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