What to wear on pref day

On the day of your preference, you want to look like a boss. These are some of our favorite looks from sorority girls on Lulu’s Rush 2020, Sorority Rush 2020 and Winter Sorority Rush 2020.

Preference Day Outfits

Can you wear black on pref day? Yes! Black pants, black dresses and white shirts look great with any color flats or heels.

Sisterhood Day Outfits

What you wear to sisterhood day depends on your chapter’s attire requirements. Some chapters require dressy attire while others ask for casual clothes such as jeans and sweaters.

Sorority Preference Round

For this round, go for something comfortable but still chic like a maxi skirt or leggings paired with a cute top and cardigan. Choose shoes that are easy to walk in so you don’t get tired easily during the day!

When it comes to sorority preference round outfits, you want to look polished and put-together. You want to make sure your outfit is both comfortable and flattering.

Some of the items you should consider including in your wardrobe for sorority rush day are:

A comfortable pair of flats or tennis shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking around campus, so having comfortable footwear is essential!

A blazer or cardigan. Don’t forget that it’s usually cold on campus in the fall and winter months! Keep yourself warm by throwing a cardigan or blazer over any outfit that you wear on pref day.

A chambray top or white button-up shirt. It’s important to look professional on pref day, but it can be difficult when the weather gets cooler outside! A chambray top or white button-up shirt will keep you looking put together without overheating from layering too many shirts on top of each other.

A denim skirt or dress. Denim skirts and dresses are great because they can be dressed up with heels or worn casually with boots!

A lot goes into the process of getting a sorority bid, and you want to make sure that you look your best on the day of your preference round. If you’re planning on attending a rush event, then your outfit will be more casual and comfortable. However, if you’re just doing a pref day, then you’ll likely want to dress up a bit more.

Rush Outfits

If you’re going to rush an organization during the fall semester, then you’ll need to wear something that’s both comfortable and stylish. The important thing is that your outfit makes you feel good, because it’s important that you feel confident during the entire process. Here are some ideas for what to wear on rush days:

Leggings, tights and boots are great for colder weather but can be worn all year long if paired with a cute sweater or jacket;

A pair of leggings with a loose top like a tunic or long-sleeved shirt is perfect for fall weather;

Tights under shorts are also great for fall as well as springtime;

What to Wear on Preference Day

In the weeks leading up to preference day, you’ll be so busy that it’s easy to forget what day it is. It’s time to pull out your calendar and take a look at the schedule. Preference day is the day when each active member of a sorority will spend time with every other sorority on campus. This means that while you’re at one house, another active member of your sorority will be there too! You should wear something comfortable but cute, because you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking around campus. It might sound like an obvious choice but avoid flip flops or sandals – they’re not exactly practical for walking around campus all day!

Sisterhood Day Outfits

Sisterhood day is the first step into recruitment for many chapters across the country (and sometimes even internationally). Your chapter is going to want to show off its sisterhood in their outfits, which means plenty of matching shirts, dresses, skirts and jewelry! Make sure you check out our sisterhood day outfit section for inspiration on what to wear and how to style it!

Preference is one of the most important days for many girls who are in Greek Life. It is the day that you are able to show off all of your hard work, dedication and commitment towards your organization. As a member of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Alabama, I have had the opportunity to attend many preference events and have seen many different outfits that girls wear on this special day.

Here are some tips on how to dress for preference:

Black dresses are always a good choice as long as it fits well and makes you look confident. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress but you should make sure that it fits well and looks elegant

If you are wearing makeup, use neutral tones like browns, golds or reds so that there are no distractions from your face

Choose accessories that complement your outfit without taking away from it

Sandals or flats work best for preference because heels can be risky if they do not fit well or if you do not walk around much during preference day

If you want to wear heels, make sure they are comfortable before wearing them on pref day

Can you wear black on pref night?

Yes! You can wear black on pref night. You can also wear white and other colors. However, we recommend sticking with a solid color like navy or gray so that it doesn’t distract from your outfit.

Sisterhood Day Outfits

When you go through sisterhood day, it’s okay to wear an outfit that is a little bit fancier than what you would wear for pref night. You still want to look professional, but you can add a pop of color or a statement piece to make it more fun! For example, if you have a shirt that says “Sisters Forever” on it, pair it with a skirt and heels for sisterhood day (and skip the heels for pref night).

Sorority Preference Round

For the preference round, which is usually when schools hold their formal recruitment events (where they host all of the sorority chapters at their school), girls typically wear dresses or skirts with blazers or cardigans. The idea is to look professional but still be comfortable enough to talk freely with current members and potential new members.

Can you wear black on pref night?

Yes, but you’ll want to tone down the look. Black is a great color to wear on pref night because it’s so versatile. You can pair black with any other color, including red and pink. You may want to avoid black dresses with white or light-colored lace, however, as they can come across as too matchy-matchy with your sorority sisters.

If this is your first year rushing, we recommend choosing one or two solid colors for pref night and one or two patterns for sisterhood day outfits. This will help you find something that works for both nights and won’t be too distracting from the rest of your sisters’ dresses.

Sisterhood day outfits: What should you wear?

Sisterhood day outfits are typically simpler than pref night looks because they’re worn during pledge classes and while getting ready for recruitment events like skits and dances (the latter of which are often coordinated by alumni volunteers). You’ll want to stick with solids that won’t distract from your fellow pledges’ outfits.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on rush dresses — in fact, many sororities require only that members wear professional attire during

Are you a member of a sorority or thinking about joining one? Then it’s important to know how to dress for the sorority rush days and pref night.

If you are going for a sorority rush day and pref night, then there are a few things you need to know about what to wear and what not to wear.

Sorority Rush Dresses 2022

Sorority Pref Night Outfits

Sisterhood Day Outfits

Sorority Preference Round Outfits

You’re a sorority woman now! Whether you have been accepted or not, you are a part of the sorority experience and we want to ensure that your first impression is perfect.

Sorority Rush Dresses

A sorority rush dress is a must-have item for any aspiring member. The dress should be flattering and comfortable and reflect your personality while also fitting in with the theme of your chapter. Your dress should show off your personality, but it should also be appropriate for a formal event.

There are many different styles of dresses available online, so finding one that works for you shouldn’t be too difficult. A popular style is a long black dress with an open back or one that has slits up either side of the legs. Other popular styles include maxi dresses, cocktail dresses and high-low dresses. If you’re looking for something more casual, there are plenty of sweater dresses and jumpsuits available as well.

Winter Sorority Rush Outfits

As winter approaches, it’s time for winter sorority rush outfits! These outfits can be worn during any time of the day — from pref night to sisterhood day! The key is finding something cute

The winter rush season is in full swing, and we’re here to help you make your way through the chaos. From what to wear on Pref Day to what to wear on Bid Day, you’ll find everything you need below!

Winter Rush Outfits: What to Wear on Pref Day

Pref Day is the first day of sorority recruitment. It’s basically a warm-up for Bid Day and can be pretty nerve-wracking because it’s your first time meeting new people. You want to show off your personality, but not too much — this is a serious day for chapters and chapters only. If you’re going to wear a skirt or shorts, make sure they aren’t too short (knee length or longer). You don’t want anyone getting distracted by your legs! And if you’re wearing pants, make sure they fit well with no wrinkles or bags!

Bid Day is the second day of recruitment and where everyone will find out which sorority they’ve been accepted into. The goal is still showing off your personality while remaining respectful and professional.

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