What do brides wear on their head

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The question is: what do brides wear on their head?

Well, that depends.

There are a lot of options out there for the bride who wants to wear something on her head, but there are some rules. You want it to look good—no less than perfect. You want it to be comfortable and easy to remove at the end of the ceremony. And you want it to stay put throughout your special day!

Of course, there’s no right answer here. We’re just going to give you a few ideas and let you decide what works best for you!

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Wedding accessories for bride list


Based on superstitions and beliefs, a piece of the bride’s wedding dress can usher in good fortune. To avoid guests ripping off parts of the bridal dress, brides began to wear a garter that one lucky attendee can take home. The garter was also believed to be a symbol of the consummation of the marriage.

Like the bouquet toss, the garter throw is a tradition. It’s an opportunity to establish rapport between the bride’s and the groom’s family and friends. As an unexpected benefit, the garter toss may bring two people together (perhaps, in holy matrimony).

Wedding Shoes:

Whether you want sky-high heels or comfy flats, you’ll need to select your wedding shoes before your first dress fitting so that your gown can be hemmed perfectly. When selecting your wedding shoes, consider your comfort and also your wedding venue and style. For example, if you’ll be outdoors on grass or in the sand for most of your wedding day, stiletto heels likely won’t be comfortable or appropriate—stick with wedges, sandals, or flats instead.

Hair Accessories:

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you should wear your hair up or down, or in between. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll wear any hair accessories. For classic brides, a headband, comb, or tiara with pearls is timeless and chic. You truly can’t go wrong with pearls when working with a bridal white palette. You can even go for a clip or comb with real flowers, if you like the idea of a flower crown but want something a little more toned down. A hairpiece with rhinestones or feathers is perfect for the glamorous bride while sleek and sculptural pieces in gold or silver suit ultra-modern tastes.

Bridal Jewellery:

The most obvious bridal accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day are your engagement ring and wedding band. But in terms of additional jewelry, it’s up to you to decide what looks best with your dress. For example, a necklace can look great with a strapless neckline, but might not work well with a detailed illusion neckline. Our best advice is to avoid going overboard with the jewelry. One or two carefully chosen pieces is likely all you’ll need to dazzle on that big day.


There’s a lot more to the wedding bouquet than the bride throwing it over her head at the end of the ceremony. It’s also a vital accessory to the way you dress on your big day. So choose it carefully, and make sure you go with a bouquet style that goes with your dress.

The best way to make sure of this is to study the wedding bouquet brochure your florist shows you. Look at the pictures and try to spot brides wearing a similar dress to the one you’ll be wearing. When you find a similar dress, go with the same bouquet in the picture so you can be sure of a good match.

Bridal Sash:

Wedding dresses showcasing lots of beading and embellishment tend to be expensive. If you are into that sparkly look but don’t want to blow your budget, adding a crystal sash to your bridal look is a great option.

Unlike many accessories for your big day, a bridal sash or belt is most likely something you’ve never thought about. Until you go dress shopping and find a gorgeous dress, that needs something a little bit extra to make it perfect.

When you pair the right bridal sash, it can take a simple wedding dress up a notch.

From simple ribbon sashes or vintage embellished bridal belts, to more fashion-forward accessories in metallic or jewel-encrusted styles, a bridal sash or belt can flatter your figure, add personality to your look, break up a plain white gown or tie bridal separates together.

Yep, we’re big fans.

So to help you find the perfect sash to match your wedding dress, we’ve put together a few of our favourites that you can shop online today. Easy!


You probably won’t want to carry a purse during your wedding. You will likely be carrying your bouquet for much of the day and you may end up misplacing it. However, if there are certain items that you would like with you during the reception—makeup for a touch up, breath mints, or tissues, you can certainly put them in a purse or clutch and enlist a bridesmaid or close friend or family member to keep it safe for you.

What do brides wear on their head?

The obvious first choice (and still a firm favourite out of all the wedding hair accessories) is wedding veils! Brides tend to be divided on a traditional veil, as some feel like a ‘real bride’ in them while others think they’re too old fashioned. But whatever your initial thought is, always try one on as you may be surprised at your reaction! Try it with your dress to make sure it’s the right length and colour and that any embellishments on it works with your style of dress.

1) Veils

Ornate Lace Veil with Wedding Hairpiece - Veil Style V2877 by Pronovias | Confetti.co.uk

Veils come in all manner of styles (e.g mantilla veils and birdcage veils) and lengths (e.g. cathedral length and elbow length) too, so you might be a bit spoilt for choice. You could go classic with floaty silk tulle, or you could add a dose of wow factor with embellished lace floral appliques or sparkling crystals.

2) Tiaras, Crowns and Diadems

Antique Gold Wedding Crown Sinclaire Vintage Style Wedding Dress with Keyhole Back from the Cordelia Collection by Maggie Sottero Designs | Confetti.co.uk
Glittering Gold and Silver Crystal Wedding Crowns and Tiaras by 3D Jewellery | Confetti.co.uk

Wedding tiaras, crowns and diadems are something of the go-to bridal accessory for anyone wishing for a fairytale wedding. Such a pretty, romantic, regal accessory, we predict they’ll remain a favourite among brides for many, many years to come. Whether you want something small and delicate or big and blingy, there are designs to suit all dresses. Tiaras suit most hair dos, however they look best with a bouffant style as they balance out and frame taller tiaras. Perhaps you could complete your look with a traditional veil too?

3) Headbands

Kate Edmondson 2015-2016 Couture Bridal Collection - A Line Wedding Dress with Cap Sleeves and Bateau Illusion Neckline and Lace Bodice | Confetti.co.uk

Headbands can go with any wedding theme and complement any bridal look. But you should definitely try before you buy as the last thing you want is it digging into your head on your wedding day. They come in many styles and can be thick or thin, simple or ornate. Choose a classic Alice band for a cute and feminine look, or if vintage is the style for you you can opt for side pieces or 1920s style headbands. Whichever hairstyle you opt for, there is a headband out there that will work with it.

4) Combs

Silver Wedding Combs by Pronovias - PEDRERA PEINETA - MONUMENTAL PEINETA - and LIS PEINETA from the Pronovias Headpiece Collection | Confetti.co.uk

Available in large and small sizes and all manner of styles, bridal hair combs remain a popular bridalwear choice and are particularly common with brides who wear their hair in a pretty ‘swept to the side’ style or up-do on the big day. They look stunning and can come with all kinds of embellishments to suit your style—some are even finished off with a chain of crystals or pearls. However, bear in mind that, unlike a tiara or headband, a hair comb will not be seen in photos from certain angles. Even so, they’re some of the most stunning wedding hair accessories.

5) Hair Vines

Arianna Headpiece - Vines and Browbands - AR503 AR507 and AR518 | Confetti.co.uk

Hair vines are often quite delicate pieces of jewellery that fall beautifully with your hair or can even be fully incorported into your chosen hairstyle (such as twisted/tied into a braid). These wedding hair accessories are especially pretty for a nature-inspired, bohemian wedding.

6) Circlets and Halos

Arianna Headpiece - Circlets Halos and Browbands - AR521 and AR448 | Confetti.co.uk

More delicate than a tiara or a headband, and often overlooked, is a circlet. Usually worn across the forehead, these are elegant and beautiful bridal headwear pieces that make gorgeous jewellery alternatives.

7) Statement Headpieces

Gold and Pearls Wedding Headpiece - Style 9907 by Justin Alexander Embroidered Lace and Sequin A Line Dress | Confetti.co.uk

Headpieces come in such a huge array of styles, and some brides enjoy going a little off the beaten track by using statement hairpieces like unique, elaborate headdresses, fascinators, and brooches. Others play it a bit safer with ornate pieces of jewellery. Don’t be afraid of making a statement with your own wedding hair accessories.

What do brides wear on their leg?

Brides have been wearing stockings and garters to their weddings for a few centuries now. It’s a classic look, and it’s still a popular choice today. But what do you wear on your legs?

It used to be that brides wore just the stockings and garters. But now, with the popularity of short wedding dresses, there are more options available for legwear. Brides can choose from a variety of different styles: tights, pantyhose, stockings (with suspenders), knee-high socks, or no hosiery at all.

Stockings come in a variety of materials including nylon, silk, polyester and cotton blends. The most popular choices for wedding legwear are nylon or silk because they feel silky against the skin and drape beautifully over your legs. Another benefit of using these materials is their ability to stay up on their own without the use of garters or pins – though many brides still choose to use both for extra security!

If you’re looking for something more functional than just looks then cotton blend tights might be right for you! These hose tend to be thicker than other types so will keep you warm on those chilly winter days – perfect for outdoor weddings where temperatures may dip during.

Whether the wedding garter tradition makes you laugh or cringe, it’s one that has stood the test of time. Even brides that don’t embrace the garter toss sometimes wear a garter as a sexy addition to the wedding night.

What Is the Wedding Garter?

The wedding garter is a piece of bridal lingerie worn under the wedding dress. During the reception, the groom will remove the garter from underneath the bride’s gown (with his hands or teeth) and toss it into the crowd.

The garter toss is very similar to the bouquet toss. The bachelor that catches the garter is believed to be married next. Today, couples are observing this tradition in new and modernized ways, which we’ll go into a bit later.

As you consider integrating the garter toss into your wedding, questions will likely arise: Which leg do you wear it on? How much will it cost? How far up the leg is it supposed to go? Where did the tradition begin, anyway? Read on to learn more about this storied tradition and for answers to every wedding garter question you can think of.

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