Every year, diwali brings a lot of festive fun, shopping and decorations but it’s also one of the most important festivals in India. It is celebrated with great zeal and fervor by people all over the country. They dress up in their finest clothes and adorn their homes with beautiful lights, decorate their living rooms with flowers, fruits etc. Today, we will discuss What Color to Wear on Diwali, what clothes to wear for diwali and the best colour to wear on diwali. There are many things one can do to honor this festival. One can even change up their daily looks to make a fashion statement for this day! And what better way than to wear something that’s as colorful as the festival itself?

Yes, Diwali is a day to celebrate the wealth and prosperity of entire year. It is one of the best occasions when we get together with our family and friends to wish each other the best. But it’s not necessary that you wear some specific color on this auspicious day, but it is better to wear dark color clothing for celebrations. The main reason for this is that it gives you a royal touch and also helps in reflection of light that helps to glow your hands.

It’s Diwali, and you’re wondering what color to wear.

The answer is simple: wear any color you want—because this is Diwali, and it’s about celebrating the colors of life!

Diwali is a celebration of Rama’s return from exile, during which he defeated Ravana, who was the king of Lanka (Sri Lanka). It’s also a celebration of good triumphing over evil and light overcoming darkness. Because of this, Diwali is often referred to as the “festival of lights.”

So whether you’re celebrating with fireworks or just lighting up your home with candles and lanterns, wear whatever makes you feel festive!

diwali outfits

What to Wear on 5 Days of Diwali Festival

Diwali is the most celebrated Hindu festival around the globe. It is the festival of Lights and everyone celebrates into joy the victory of good over evil. It is the festival of Hope, the fresh start, the fresh start of the newest happiness awaiting you there in next year.

No one in this world can say that I Hate Diwali (except our most favorite evil-minded KRK, spreading his evilness through social media. {Beware of him}).

I mean everyone loves to wear new clothes, get together with family and friends with whom you are not met for a long time, eat as many sweets as you want, Firecrackers! And the aroma of faith, happiness, and hope stay in the air for 5 days in Diwali. Yes,

Diwali is celebrated for 5 days starting with Dhanteras followed by Kali-ChaudasDiwali (major day), New Year, and Bhai-Dooj. And every day defines a different belief.

Gold, clothes, sweets, and firework sellers get alert a month before Diwali because, as obviously this is the business that earns the most on Diwali. Also, these are the mandatory stuff to celebrate Diwali. And the relation between Diwali and this seller is like Karan Arjun.

It is mandatory for every Indian and especially Hindu to buy new clothes when Diwali reaches. And so we would like to give you some important quick style guides on what to wear on which day, to look fabulous on this Diwali 2016.

What clothes to wear for diwali

First Day, Dhanteras –  A Quick style guides for Men & Women

Worshiping Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Clothes Recommended To wear,

Men –  Try Designer Kurta suits or Dhoti suit
Women – Saree

On this day Hindus worship the Goddess of wealth, money, and fortune to get blessings for the upcoming New Year.

So, a Kurta suit is the best outfit to wear in Laxmi Pooja, a dhoti suit is also an option for the one who wants to look way more traditional these days. Women will look flawless in a saree, a Red saree.

Second Day, Kali Chaudas – Quick Style Guide

Kali Chaudas is Also known as Black Day, worshiping Goddess Kali who defeated and killed Asura (demon) Narakasura on this day.

Clothes Recommendation for Kali Chaudas,

Men – Pathani Suit
Women – Kurti or Salwar suit

Kali Chaudas itself tells you the color code, right? Black is the most suitable color to wear on this day.

As Diwali is a very special and auspicious festival, it is good to wear traditional wear these days.

Pathani suit will keep you guys in limelight, and Black Kurti or Salwar suit will make women look beautifully attractive.

Third-Day, Diwali – Style Guide for Men & Women

Diwali is A major day, celebrating the return of Lord Rama after exile for 14 years and the victory of Good over Evil.

Diwali Day Style Guide

To wear, Men – Waistcoat set
Women – Lehenga choli, Salwar Suit

Everyone celebrates it with fireworks, decorating the home, streets, shops everything, exchanging sweets, and enjoying the togetherness of families.

Everyone gathers, wishes each other “A Very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year”, firecrackers and rockets, and dines the food together. The ‘FOOD’ that can make your mouth leak.

The best outfit for women is western and Anarkali suits and men look better than anything in a waistcoat set. 

Fourth Day, New Year – Style Tips

The day after Diwali is celebrated as a New Year as per the Lunatic Hindu Calendar.

To wear,
Men – Blazer, Coat suit
Women – Saree

Everyone wears new clothes, visits relatives’ places, even friends’ to meet his/her friend’s parents, mouth-watering food, and happy-happy moments all the way around.

As you will be socialized very much today, you should wear a blazer or a coat suit to give up above your mark. Women can wear a remarkable designer saree or a western Salwar suit will be also a great pick.

Fifth Day Diwali Celebration, Bhai Dooj – Style Guide

Brother visits her sister’s place
To wear,
Men – Shirt, Jodhpuri waistcoat
Women – Kurti, Salwar suit
This is the day bestowed to brother and sister’s eternal love. On this day a brother visits her lovely sister’s place where a sister does Pooja of him, takes his blessings, and serves him his favorite food or thali mixed up with her unchanged love.

As this is the day when you can look the way you exactly are, you can wear a normal shirt or you can wear it with a Jodhpuri waistcoat if you are visiting your sister after a long-long time.

Women can wear a Kurti or a decent salwar suit. It will be just like the best end of the festival which is so jam-packed with JoyTradition, Culture, Relation, and Love.


THESE are the auspicious colours you should wear on Diwali based on your zodiac sign

Diwali is a festival in India that people love to celebrate with much enthusiasm and excitement leaving no stone unturned to bring in the festive cheer. It is imperative that a lot of planning goes into choosing the best outfit to match with the festive spirit of the season. People start planning their Diwali outfit days in prior and there’s a lot of excitement involved around it. 

From choosing the right accessories to footwear, your outfit should add to the bling and glamour of the festival since Diwali is all about illuminating yourself and your surroundings. If you’re still confused about what to wear this Diwali, simply look to the stars and let astrology be your stylist for this festive season. These are the auspicious colours you should be adorning on this Diwali and pick your outfit accordingly.

Aries – Red

This colour will bring out the best in you and will draw attention towards you at a Diwali party. It will boost your confidence and instantly cheer you up. Pick up an outfit in red colour and you’re sorted.

Taurus – Blue

Blue is a neutral colour that will suit you best. You can choose to wear a blue suit and make it look eclectic without looking too extra.

Gemini – Orange

Being a Gemini, you should go for a vibrant colour that will bring out your cheerful personality and add to the Diwali bling and glitz.

Cancer – Green

Crabs are very sentimental so they look for colours and clothes that have a meaning or some purpose. Green symbolises nature and since they are nature loving people, Green is the colour you should wear on this auspicious festival to resonate with green peace.

Leo – Brown

The sunshine loving zodiac sign, they use clothes to express themselves. Their style statement is sometimes bold, luxurious and classy. Brown is the colour you should choose to wear this festive season.

Virgo – White

Sophisticated, classy and humble is the style statement for this zodiac sign. Hence, white is the ideal choice for a Virgo to match it with good jewellery. 

Libra – Yellow

Libras often have a feminine side when it comes to clothing. Yellow is the colour that would suit their traditional attire this Diwali.

Scorpio – Maroon

Scorpios love to dress up in bold, intense and rich colours. A maroon coloured saree or a suit would suit them best this Diwali.

Sagittarius – Purple

Sagittarius often find themselves gravitating towards silhouettes, polished and classy style statement. A purple saree or a suit will be the best Diwali outfit for this zodiac sign.

Capricorn – Black

Stylish and sophisticated, black kurta or a black embellished saree would be the perfect Diwali outfit for this zodiac sign.

Aquarius – Grey

Quirky and classy, Grey is an ideal choice of colour for this zodiac sign to look fabulous in their traditional attire on Diwali.

Pisces – Pink

Subtle, sober, eye-catching but never too extra. Pink is the perfect colour to adorn a traditional attire for this zodiac sign.

Best colour to wear on diwali

Happy Diwali!

We’re celebrating the festival of lights by sharing our favorite colors to wear on Diwali.

Diwali is a time for celebration and festivity, so we say go ahead and dress up in your favorite colors—and enjoy yourself!

If you’re not sure what color to wear on Diwali, here’s a quick guide:

Red: This color represents joy and victory. Red is a great choice for any occasion, but especially if you’re looking for something festive and celebratory.

Yellow: Yellow represents wealth and prosperity. It’s perfect for any kind of holiday or celebration where money is involved—like Diwali! Wear this bright shade if you want to bring some extra good luck into your life.

Green: Green means growth and rebirth, which are both qualities associated with Diwali! If you’re feeling like this year’s celebration could use a little kick start or reinvention, try wearing green today to help get things moving in that direction.

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