The Moon is our closest neighbor in space, yet it can be a mysterious creature. That’s why we’ve made this learning watch (yes, learning watches exist) that tells you things like what color to wear on a full moon and when. It’s made for the individual who likes knowing how things work and how the world works around them.

Wear the color purple on a full moon, whether it’s bright or dark. This is because midnight blue reflects the night sky, which is where the full moon comes from. Many believe that wearing a pair of purple sneakers on a full moon will bring you good luck, so you should definitely wear them for this reason as well.

What To Wear For A Full Moon: One Writer’s Full Moon ‘Fit

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Iusually associate a full moon with Halloween or a night of restless sleep so I was surprised to hear that there’s an important full moon happening this week. The moon will arrive in Virgo in the wee hours of Friday, March 18, and like any last-minute important occasion, I’m fixated on one question: what to wear for a full moon. The full moon is bound to bring transformation, so wearing the right look just seems important. 

You can read all about what the full moon could mean for you, but I’ll sum it up for you. Essentially, when the full moon shines in all of her glory, so will you. Anything you’ve been trying to hide will come out into the open (it sounds scary but I promise it’s not) and it’ll help you move forward with clarity and assurance. From a fashion perspective, I’m interpreting this as the classic “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” saying.

Find pieces that feel the most you and add something that feels daring, a bit out of your comfort zone. I’ve developed a simple formula for nailing a full moon look: basics are for the things you’d like to hold on to, they build a foundation and statement pieces should channel a version of yourself that you aspire to be more like. 

I’ll lead by example—and break down what my personal full moon outfit will entail. 

The Foundation

My style is a bit eclectic. I love menswear-inspired cargo pants just as much as I enjoy wearing a floor-length ruffled dress. This can make it difficult to feel grounded in one style identity. For this exercise, I’m going to rely on my tried and true pieces that can be styled to fit any aesthetic. 

STYLECASTER | What To Wear For A Full Moon

The Way High Drape Pant

I love wearing slacks. They make me feel chic, sophisticated, pulled together and ready for any event. They work for minimalist attire but can also be maximized with layering and accessories. Overall, they make me feel grounded which is important for the full moon.

The Intention

I’ll admit I don’t spend a lot of time manifesting, but if I’m going to be dressing up for a full moon, you better believe it’s going to feel intentional. When the moon is shining down with her beautiful bright light, I want it to notice the effort I’ve put into reaping the full moon’s benefits. Therefore, I’m going to pick a very literal option and wear a moon shirt.STYLECASTER | What To Wear For A Full Moon

Crescent-moon Print Jersey Top

I have been obsessed with this Marine Serre moon print top for years. It’s the perfect layering piece and I love that I can use it to build many future dream outfits.

The Vision

Here is where I’m going to step out of my comfort zone a little bit by picking bold statement pieces. I want to lean into my eclectic preferences and develop a stronger sense of personal style. By layering a fun top over my foundation, I’m building on the best parts of my look—in doing so, I’m hoping the full moon will return the sentiment in all aspects of my life. 

STYLECASTER | What To Wear For A Full Moon

Ruffled Lace Top

This sheer ruffled top from Zara’s new studio collection has almost a witchy vibe to it which is exactly why I love it. Wearing something ruffly and ultra-girly makes me want to harness intense feminine power by dancing under the full moon. More realistically, I’m going to layer it over the moon shirt and wear it to happy hour.

Power of Color

It has been known since ancient times that colors directly affect us both scientifically and metaphysically. Color therapy, which is also known as Chromopathy utilizes the infinite range of colors found in the full spectrum. It can affect or change the balance of our physical organs our moods and our emotions. Through color we are able to stimulate balance and harmony within ourselves on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is due to the fact that each individual color has it’s own unique frequency of electromagnetic energy that passes through us like a wave. Color therapy has also been directly linked to the harmony of the Seven Chakras (the energy centers of our very beings). Following is a list of individual colors and their known affect.


Relates to the Root Chakra. It has physical effects on the lower portion of our body and the internal organs of the lower abdominal area. It ignites and stimulates Life Force Energy. It triggers characteristics of ambition, change, anger, war, power, sex, alertness, liberation, and survival. It helps for better circulation and has been recognized by the medical profession for use in Cancer treatment.


Relates to the Spleen Chakra. It has physical effects on the area around the naval and upper abdomen organs such as ovaries, spleen, prostate, kidneys, bladder, and sacrum. Its characteristic effects are joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and generosity. It awakens one to wisdom. Moves energy gently. It eases cramping anywhere in the body and can lift depression. Acts as a relaxant and is said to boost the immune system. It cleans and purifies the hormonal system.


Relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra. It physically affects the solar plexus, digestive system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and adrenals. Yellow is great for mental activity, learning, intellect, concentration, and focus. Cheerful, sunny, warm and cleansing. It aids in empowerment, self-esteem, and confidence. Eases fear and emotional instability.


Relates to the Heart Chakra. It physically affects the heart, lungs, breasts, shoulders, arms, and hands. The color green acts as a relaxant. It is cooling, calming and soothing. It balances the body on a whole. It is good for eye problems, bronchitis, gout, diabetes, cysts, tumors, bones, and anti-inflammatory, helping with painful joints and allergies. Its characteristics are money and prosperity, birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, trust, precision work, feelings, harmony, integrity, and truth.


Relates to the Throat Chakra. It physically affects the throat, hypothalamus, thyroid, ears, jaw, and neck. It can cool a fever, promote restful sleep and ease the pain of arthritis. Blue is cooling, soothing and brings deep inner peace. It helps with communication to allow one to be clearly understood. A good color for general overall healing. Its characteristics are expression and creativity.


Relates to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. Purple relates to self-knowledge and spiritual awareness, intuition and the mystical side of life. It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness. Dis-ease can result with an in-balance of energy in this Chakra, either too much or too little. The Crown Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world.

Color could very well be one of the most magnificent experiences we take for granted. Look around; it’s everywhere, surrounding and embracing us. Stimulating our emotions and feelings. We interpret life as much through color as we do shape, texture, sound, and smell.

Add some color to your life or to the life of someone special with some colorful Indian textiles today. 

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