What color lipstick does jennifer lopez wear on american idol

Jennifer Lopez is known for her bold fashion choices, and has been known to wear lipstick in a number of different shades.

She’s worn red lipstick recently on American Idol, but it’s also been pink, purple, and blue. Here are some of her looks:

You’ll have to excuse the lack of fabulous pictures of the gorgeous bright orange-red lipgloss Jennifer Lopez wore on American Idol last night, but I don’t take the pictures, I just post ’em. Anyway, it was bright and saturated and lovely, and I know exactly what it was. Wanna know, too?

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Her makeup artist Mary Phillips tweeted last night that it was a combo of YSL Gloss Pur #3 Pure Coral and #10 Pure Redcurrant.

Unfortunately, since those glosses are $30 a pop, that exact shade will run you $60. But if your budget doesn’t allow for it, you can check out Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Shimmery Orange Juice—it’s a tad more tangerine, but it’s also only $15. Fair trade.

Did you love her lipgloss on last night’s show or what?

We all know Jennifer Lopez for her killer voice and jaw-dropping red carpet ensembles, but beauty-wise, Jenny from the Block has become synonymous with sultry smoky eyes, glowy skin and glossy nude lips over the years. You know, like this:

“Jennifer is just a total makeup chameleon and we love to switch it up,” Phillips tells PeopleStyle. “While she does wear varying shades of nudes, we do like to change things consistently color wise there’s just a time and a place [for it].”

And that time and place happened to be her for a recent press trip to N.Y.C. to promote the last season of American Idol, where Lopez and her makeup pro decided to have a little fun with color, including bright fuchsia, red-orange, classic red and a deep red wine (all shown above).

“We’re not really used to seeing Jennifer in colder climates, so we saw her in these really stunning coats and sunglasses, and it inspired us to play around a little more,” she says. “To do a really ‘bronzy-nude’ look [in the cold] just doesn’t necessarily fit the scenario; that’s a little out of place to me. But beauty wise, we still kept it very glamorous and elegant.”

But there is a reason that glossy nude is J.Lo’s signature, so don’t expect her to suddenly rock a red lip every day, Phillips says.

“Some of her most memorable looks are something with the warm, glowy skin, a smokier eye and a nude lip, and I think when people think of her that’s what they envision, beauty-wise,” she tells PeopleStyle; however, “We love statement makeup! It’s Jennifer she’s so beautiful, seriously, she can rock any look, no joke.”

Our favorite? The deep red she wore to a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers, which Phillips says might just be her favorite, too.

“That color is absolutely stunning on her. Not many could pull that one off,” she tells PeopleStyle. “She kills so many looks she’s like a Barbie doll in that sense of when you’re a little girl and you want to try new things, be a little bit more daring — everything just works on her.”

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