What clothes do they wear on love island

On Love Island, every contestant wears a different outfit. The show’s producers have strict rules about what the contestants can and cannot wear.

The clothes they wear are not allowed to be too revealing or flashy, but they must also not be too conservative or boring. The contestants’ outfits should be interesting but also appropriate for the cameras, so they don’t seem like they’re trying too hard to impress anyone.

If you’re going to be on Love Island, there are a few things you need to know.

First off, don’t wear anything that’s too revealing. It’s not like you’re competing for love in the real world, so it doesn’t matter how much skin you show. And if you do want to show some skin, make sure it’s covered in glitter or sequins or something equally flashy and attention-grabbing. You don’t want people thinking about your body when they should be thinking about whether or not they can fall in love with it!

Second of all, make sure your outfit is colorful! This might seem obvious since the island is surrounded by water and sand, but remember: There are other things out there besides water and sand. Like trees! And rocks! You don’t want to look like a tree or a rock when people are looking at you—you want them thinking about what a fun person you are! So make sure everything is bright and cheery and totally not boring!

Finally: Your hair should be messy. It doesn’t matter if your hair looks great because someone has spent hours doing their best work on it—if it isn’t messy then how will anyone know how much fun you are having?

Love Island

If there’s one thing that rivals the attention we give to who has coupled up with whom, then it’s the Islanders’ fashion. With a carousel of stylish new outfits turning up on our screen every night, perhaps you’re wondering does Love Island provide clothes for the contestants to wear? Particularly since the suitcases they walk out with after being dumped seem rather light for several weeks in the villa (need to catch up? Here’s how to watch Love Island UK if you go on holiday).

While we’re excited to see what the singletons pick to wear on Love Island 2022, things are set to drastically change this year when it comes to the Islanders’ sartorial choices as the show moves to a more sustainable approach. Because, while their relationships may not last (talking of which, these Love Island UK couples are still together), their swimwear really should…


The Islanders are welcome to wear their own clothes on the show—however, in previous years they’ve also been gifted outfits for the villa. This ensures they always look on-trend, and never run out of appropriate ensembles during their weeks away from home, whether they are heading out on a glam date or want to relax by the firepit. 

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Many of the stylish looks will come from Love Island‘s official partner, which for three seasons has been the fashion site I Saw It First. Other brands to send in freebies include PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly. A representative for the latter previously opened up to Ok!(opens in new tab) about the process of dressing the contestants, explaining: “Each islander takes in their own product and obviously wants to make sure that the product makes them look their best and reflects their personality.” They also work in advance on the series starting, revealing that they get requests for items from the agents of hopefuls preparing to enter the villa.

While there is no specific dress code on the series, allowing the Islanders to get creative with their outfits, there is one small rule. They cannot wear any branded clothing or footwear, although the exception is if a brand happens to be a sponsor of the show. This was the case with the ‘R’ logo, standing for Rewired, embossed onto items including hats, hoodies and T-Shirts used by some of the line-up 2021.

In past years, it has proven financially smart for brands to help dress the contestants. The Independent(opens in new tab) has previously reported that the show can garner three million viewers per episode—providing great advertising reach for items worn by the hot singletons. Indeed, I Saw It First saw a 67% increase in sales and a 254% boost in Instagram followers during the 2019 series. Meanwhile, last year Millie Court triggered a 127% spike in online searches for “marble dress” and a 114% rise in “hot pink co-ords” as viewers tried to replicate her ensemble.


The upcoming Love Island UK season eight will be taking a very different direction when it comes to fashion. They are teaming up with eBay, meaning that the Islanders will be offered up a stylish wardrobe of second-hand clothes to wear. The move to support sustainable fashion follows criticism in recent years from their partnerships with fast fashion brands accused of encouraging a disposable attitude toward garments. 

Of the news, Mike Spencer, the executive producer of Love Island, said(opens in new tab): “As a show, we strive to be a more eco-friendly production with more focus on ways in which we can visibly show this on screen. This partnership will see our islanders get to dive into the shared wardrobes, and help themselves to some incredible preloved clothes sourced from eBay.”

Jemma Tadd, the head of fashion buying at eBay, noted: “Love Island is a worldwide phenomenon, nobody can deny it. It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to change the conversation around fashion. I really hope that is going to lead to meaningful change in the industry.” Yay for the planet!

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