A beach wedding is a magical and romantic affair. But, the beautiful location does require some special planning, especially when it comes to your dress. Of course, you want it to be beautiful, but it also needs to be suitable for the sand, sun, and sea breeze. That means you’ll need to forget those heavy ball gowns and excessive trains and opt for something a little lighter and more whimsical instead. Something that’s chic, comfortable, and cool will do the trick nicely. Not sure where to begin? That’s ok because we’re here to help you find the perfect gown for your big day. Here’s our selection of stunning beach wedding dresses for brides.

White Beach Wedding Dresses

Even if you choose a less traditional wedding venue, this does not give you license to disregard all norms. Many future brides dream of a traditional white wedding gown, which can be especially stunning when set against a sandy beach. If you’re looking for the perfect white dress for your beach wedding, you should avoid anything too structured or embellished. In addition to being impractical, dresses like these often look inappropriate. Instead, you should feel at peace with your surroundings by donning a lovely, airy gown. Lace and chiffon fabrics are perfect for the summer.

Colored Beach Wedding Dresses

Brides-to-be in the modern era who aren’t afraid to try something new often find that a wedding dress in a non-white hue is the best option. Achieve the desired effect by using muted colors that won’t draw attention away from the subject. Excellent choices include pastel pinks, baby blues, muted purples, and champagne tones. Keep in mind that today is your lucky day. You should absolutely rock that cobalt gown you’ve had your eye on.

Lace Beach Wedding Dresses

There is nothing more romantic than a bride in a lace wedding dress on a sandy beach. Lace is definitely feminine, beautiful, and seductive, but it can also be thin and airy, which makes it great for keeping you cool when it’s hot. Choose a loose, sleeveless lace design if you need some extra cooling time. If you want to look feminine while still keeping your arms cool, opt for a strapless, halter-neck, off-the-shoulder, or spaghetti-strapped design.

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dresses

Chiffon is a great fabric for a beach wedding because of its lightness and fluidity. Also, every bride can find a chiffon dress that is perfect for her because they come in so many different designs. You can find a dress that makes you look like a modern-day goddess or a dress that makes you look like a Greek goddess. Remember that chiffon is often sheer. Consequently, you can go for a more demure, layered look, or amp up the sexiness with a daring, see-through design.

Short Beach Wedding Dresses

When planning a beach ceremony, a short wedding dress is a chic and practical option. For weddings on the beach, this fashion choice is not only on-trend but also highly functional. After all, the midi length is ideal for avoiding heat exhaustion and makes maneuvering in the sand a breeze. In addition to being a great way to show off your tanned legs, short dresses are also incredibly practical for dancing the night away at your reception.

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

With a casual beach wedding dress, you can create an authentic air of ease for your otherwise perfect beach ceremony. A casual wedding dress is beautiful and simple, perfect for the setting. In addition to looking good, it should be functional as well, making it simple to move around in without hindrance. You shouldn’t feel confined to wedding gowns alone when searching for this type of dress. There are times when a luxurious maxi dress is a superior option.

Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses

Want to take advantage of your alluring beach setting? Why not wear something classy and seductive? Gorgeous dresses are ideal for the modern bride who wants to turn heads on her wedding day. A figure-hugging silhouette is key to pulling off the look. An alternative that is equally alluring is a low-cut neckline, which can be worn with more conservative dresses for a touch of sensuality. When it comes to fabrics, lace is the ultimate in sensuality.

Boho Beach Wedding Dresses

Beaches make beautiful wedding venues for free-spirited brides. How about that dress, though? The ideal boho wedding dress would have a dreamy, romantic vibe. Particularly well-suited to conveying the carefree spirit of boho babes are lace designs with a slim, form-hugging silhouette. Then, once you’ve settled on the ideal dress, you can complete your look by letting your hair fly free in the ocean breeze.

Plus Size Beach Wedding Dresses

These days, plus-size women have more options than ever before, and this includes wedding dresses. Therefore, plus-size brides will no longer have to settle for ill-fitting gowns on their big day. As an alternative, they can pick from a number of options that will make their bodies look great. Empire waist styles, in particular, can look fantastic on curvy women because they draw attention to the bust and skim over the stomach. If you tend to overheat easily, choose a design made from lightweight, breathable fabric.

Backless Beach Wedding Dresses

Brides can look stunning in a backless beach wedding dress. The style is not only practical if your beach wedding is scheduled for a particularly hot day, but it also looks great. It’s a lovely choice for those who want to show a little skin without going completely au natural. Wearing your hair up in a stylish chignon or bun will help draw attention to your dress if it has a back. Take some photos with the photographer standing behind you so that the stunning back design can be seen.

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