Wedding dresses can be so much more than just a beautiful dress. They are a statement, an expression of love and romance, a memory that you will cherish forever.

There’s no better way to express your love for each other than with a wedding dress that speaks volumes. If you want to show your love for the outdoors, you can choose a wedding dress with cowboy boots on it. It doesn’t matter if you are getting married in the country or at home, this is one of the best ways to show off your personality and style.

The concept of the wedding dress with cowboy boots has been around for quite some time now and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! This is because it combines two things that have become part of our culture – weddings and cowboys!

Wedding Dress With Cowboy Boots

Bride wearing white dress and brown cowboy boots sitting on wall with groom wearing jeans.

We love a good rustic outdoor wedding ceremony. Yet one of the possible risks for an outdoor ceremony is the potential mud factor. Heels don’t go well together with either grass or mud. So another option is to wear a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots!

Let’s face it: heels are not always the best option for a long day of walking down aisles, mingling with people, and dancing the night away. Wearing cowboy boots on your wedding day is a great option for both the comfort factor and the little bit of lift they provide.

Plus, look at all the fun, unique, and memorable photos you can capture sporting a pair of cowboy boots on your wedding day!

Cowboy Boots in Bridal Attire

Traditional cowboy boots tend to be earthy tones such as brown, gray, or black.  A bride that is a little shy about the idea of wearing a boot may want to stick to traditional brown boots with less embellishment. They will look fab against a white dress.  

Modern designs renew drab neutral color boots with an array of colors from neon green to hot pink.  Be careful not to step too far outside the box with your boot choice, as you don’t want to take away from the beauty of your natural bridal charm.

It’s all a matter of personal taste as to which boot you choose. The right choice is the one that best reflects your own style, color, and comfort.

Real Wedding Cowboy Boot Inspiration

We’ve got a ton of real weddings and styled shoots with cowboy boots. They’re always so much fun to view. The boots really steal the show (although not too much) and look amazing!

Pair of brown cowboy boots on window sill (left photo); Bride putting a pair of brown cowboy boots on.
Bride wearing white dress and black sash in light brown cowboy boots standing with groom in grey suit and black tie.
Dark brown cowboy boots on wood bench (left photo); Bride in white a-line gown standing outside under tree with bouquet of blue hydrageas (right photo) Wearing Cowboy Boots on your Wedding Day!
Bride sitting on wood bench pulling up her gown to show off her dark brown embellished cowboy boots.
Rustic Country Barn Wedding
Bride standing with bridesmaids in blue dresses with brown skinny belt all wearing brown colored cowboy boots on grass

If a dark brown boot is too scary, wear a light taupe or white boot like the two brides below.  We love that this first bride was actually able to find boots with heart cut outs!

Bridesmaids helping bride put on light colored cowboy boots with heart cut outs on
Bride wearing light colored cowboy boots with heart cut outs, standing with bridesmaids wearing nude heels
Pig Themed Barn Wedding
Bride and groom sitting head to head on a hay stack. Bride wearing light brown colored cowboy boots.
Bride wearing cowboy boots standing with bridesmaids wearing brown colored cowboy boots and teal knee length dresses.
Wedding at Holland Ranch
Bride standing on a country road with bridesmaids who are wearing purple mismatched dresses and all wearing cowboy boots
Chris and Chelsea’s Wedding

Cowboy Boots in Bridesmaid Attire

If your style is all-out rustic, why not get your bridesmaids to wear a pair of cowboy boots too?  That way you can ensure a cohesive theme for your entire day.

Keep in mind that you are the bride and should be the center of attention. So, if you wear a short gown you may want to opt for a taller boot with more embellishment and your ladies can wear an ankle length boot.

Also, make sure that each of your bridesmaids actually has a pair of their own. Otherwise, that could get a bit expensive to outfit an entire bridal party with a pair of boots. If your feeling like giving them each a really nice bridesmaid gift, and have the cash to spare, then go hog wild!

Another option may be a boot rental service. Not super popular as far as I know. Does anyone out their have knowledge about a reliable cowboy boot rental service for weddings? If so, leave a comment at the end of this article.

Cow boy boots and wedding rings places on the toes of the boot at Lindsey Plantation in Greer SC wedding
Bridemaids wearing cow boy boots at wedding ceremony at Lindsey Plantation in Greer SC
Bridal party in cream and white standing in door way at Lindsey Plantation in Greer SC wedding

This has to be one of our all time favorite real weddings featuring bridesmaids in boots. Love the matching short pink dress and boot look!

Bride and groom with bridal party. Bridesmaids wearing pink knee length dresses with cowboy boots and groomsmen wearing brown pants, tie and suspenders.
Pink Wedding with a Classic Car and Cowboy Boots
Bride standing with bridesmaids in blue dresses with brown skinny belt all wearing brown colored cowboy boots on grass
Bride posing in front of bridesmaids who are lined up behind her wearing short ankle cowboy boots and yellow knee length dresses.

Another favorite real wedding for its elegant appeal. The bridesmaids in black and boots match well with the gents dressed in gray suits and ties.

Bride standing with bridesmaids who are wearing black dresses and all wearing brown cowboy boots
Bride standing on brick stairs with bridesmaids all wearing brown cowboy boots. Bridesmaids wearing blue and floral knee length dresses.
Bridesmaids wearing multi-color pink and purple dresses all wearing colorful cowboy boots.
Chris and Chelseas Wedding

Cowboy Boots in Decor

Love a bit of rustic wedding charm as much as we do? Are you a country girl at heart that wants to include cowboy boots in her wedding, but not in your attire?

Use cowboy boots within your decor! For example, a great option is to arrange a pair of boots as a flower vase on a dessert table, guestbook signing table, or really any place that they will fit into the overall decor theme.

Mason jar with garden flowers on wood slab left photo)
Light Cowboy boots on hair with flower bouquet in one boot asdfasdf

Where to Buy Cowboy Boots For Your Wedding (owned by Amazon) is a good option for those that need to buy a pair of cowboy boots or bridal heels for their wedding!

Roper Riley Floral Cowboy Boot
Roper Riley Floral Cowboy Boot
Old gringo sintra cowboy boot

Zappos have a strong selection of boots from many top western wear brands. We love Zappos commitment to outstanding customer service and recommend them for buying boots online.

Sienna VentTek Western Boot
Dingo Mesa Calf Boots

Other shops, such as Nordstrom and Macy’s, also have some options – like the ones above – on offer. Worth checking out as well!

That’s all from us on the cowgirl wedding boot homestead. Hope your wedding day is filled with amazing and lovely things — including all the rustic cowboy goodness you can imagine.

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