Many of our customers have purchased Wamsutta 500 Pima Cotton Sheet Set and say that they love their new sheets. They say that their sheets are high quality and soft, and they are satisfied with the price.

This is a review for the Wamsutta 500 pima cotton sateen sheet set. I am so glad I purchased these sheets. They feel amazing, fit great and look beautiful. They are so soft and breathable, and actually stay cool to the touch!

The Wamsutta 500-Thread Count Pima Cotton Percale sheet set is an incredibly affordable option for people who are looking to buy their first set of sheets, or the next replacement set. With a sturdy 400 thread count, these sheets can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use and still remain comfortable. The percale weave prevents the sheets from getting wrinkled easily, which allows them to last for a long time before needing replacement. The high thread count also helps keep the sheets wrinkle-free once they are clean.

This Wamsutta 500 tc sheets are very soft and comfortable with a nice feel, particularly in cold weather. They dry quickly after washing and they seem to be of high quality.

The Wamsutta 500 damask collection is a classic, multi-purpose cotton. This fine quality sheet collection has the texture and sheen of formal napery, and is perfect for luxury hotels or upscale residential homes. Wamsutta 500 sheets offer contemporary elegance to any bedroom décor.

Pima cotton is known for its strength and ability to keep you cool in the summer. This sheet set from Wamsutta washes well, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and can be used all year long. The satin pillows are a nice touch that helps add to the luxurious feel of this sheet set.

The Wamsutta 500 Pima Cotton Solid Sheet Set features soft, breathable pima cotton that is long-lasting and hypoallergenic. These sheets are made in the USA, and the weave of this cotton is very tight, giving it a smooth feel that is soft to the touch.

Wamsutta 500/Pima Cotton Sheets are Aged Pima or Supima cotton sheets from South America, the softest and best of all cottons. These sheet sets contain 4 pieces in 3 colors: White or Natural Gray, Sage and Taupe. Each set includes a Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillowcases. Wamsutta’s best selling sheet set collection is named after the New England Coastline. The luxurious softness and strength of 100% pima cotton makes these sheets extremely comfortable.

The Wamsutta 500 pima cotton sheets are a great addition to any bed. These sheets are made from high quality material and provide superior softness, comfort and breathability. They are strong enough for repeated washing and dry cleaning to keep that fresh look and feel. The new European sizing covers the mattress with only one or two fitted sheets, making it easier than ever before to change your bedroom style or match your decor

The Wamsutta Pima Cotton Blanket is a luxurious bedding designed to provide you with the comfort, warmth and softness of 100% cotton. Made of high quality Pima cotton, this blanket is luxuriously soft and has a silky-smooth feel. It comes in four colors – white, gray, light gray and ivory – making it easy to match your favorite colors or mattresses. This blanket is so comfortable that you will want one for every room! The blanket can be machine washed and dried for easy care.

You will not find a better quality bed sheet set than this. It is soft and comfortable and washes up great.

Each sheet set is manufactured using the finest European combed cotton and contains a single layer of 100% combed cotton fabric that performs for years even after hundreds of washes. The sheets are specially woven to ensure high thread count and give crisp, exceptional quality feel. Each set contains one flat sheet designed in a fitted style with edges stitched to prevent frills from getting bunched up, a standard size pillowcase to keep pillows secure and four standard size pillowcases in your chosen colour.

The wamsutta 500 pimacott sheet set is a 500 thread count cotton sateen sheet. It is made of 100% long staple cotton. So, you can expect that it will be soft and cool to sleep on. The double-sided fabric is softer than most people expect, which makes the sheets extra comfortable. The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around, so that it stays put no matter how many times you change positions during the night––and if you have a mattress without an indentation in the middle, the flat sheet fits fine too.

Quality Wamsutta 500 Pimacott Sheet Set

Wamsutta has been a classic, popular brand for years. At the same time, it is a place where we can find some of the most luxurious and beautiful sheets on the market. These Wamsutta 500 Pima Cotton Sheet Sets are an excellent example of why this company is so successful. The set includes six hot water proof pockets that are perfect for storing your jewelry and valuables when you pack them away after use. The top side ties ensure a secure fit on your mattress and allow you to make sure all corners are tucked in securely.

Made from fine cotton fabric with a sateen finish and packed in a convenient machine washable bag, these sheets will last you years upon years of enjoyable sleep. If you want sheets that feel like silk but cost less than that, look no further than these beauties from

A review of the Wamsutta 500 Pima Cotton Sheet Set, a 4-piece bedding set with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases. The thread count is 400 and the fabric is 100% pima cotton. The set comes in four different colors; white, blue, taupe and beige. The thread count ensures that the sheets are soft to the touch but not extremely thick. The fabric is a bit thicker than regular cotton sheets and feels more smooth, almost silky. You can expect long lasting quality for this bedding set because it’s made from pima cotton which does not shrink or deform after multiple washings, unlike typical cotton sheets that can become rough after one or two washes. With this piece being made from 100% pima-cotton, you don’t have to worry about it stretching out over time because it will remain tight over multiple uses thus giving you ample stretch in each corner.

Carbonized cotton is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a soft, controllable and long-lasting fabric. Pima cotton makes this 500 Count Pillowcase Set a wonderful choice for any occasion. Available in 16 different colors, we encourage you to find the perfect match for your bedroom decor.

We live in a very hot climate and it is very hard to find sheets that are soft. These are amazing. They don’t make you feel like there is plastic on your skin when you touch them. They are silky soft and get softer with each washing. I’m extremely pleased with these sheets… I love them!! Not only are they great, but they look beautiful on the bed too!

A comfortable and soft sheet set, suitable for hot summer nights. Sleep on a nice cool cotton pillowcase that fits your bed well. This is a good buy for the price you pay, but keep in mind that it will not fit larger than standard mattresses or king-sized mattresses.

This review of wamsutta 500 pimacott sheet set is a good place to start for anyone who’s looking for the best in bed sheets.

The Wamsutta 500 Series Pima Cotton Sheet Set features Premium 400 thread-count, 100% PIMA cotton sateen weave with a 650 thread count. The luxuriously soft and smooth, wrinkle-resistant fabric is lightweight yet durable to provide long-lasting wear and comfort.

This is a wonderful product, my mother loves the design and the feel of this. It’s the perfect addition to make any bedroom comfortable, clean and welcoming. This Pimacott from Wamsutta combines all natural cotton with crisp 300 thread count sateen for a luxuriously soft bedding experience. The 300 thread count has an exceptional smoothness that also offers exceptional durability and easy maintenance.

The Wamsutta 500 Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set is a set of sheets that offers a luxurious feel and extra softness to stay comfortable. They are made with 100% cotton percale weave and 400 thread count, which provides a breathable, yet durable fabric for any type of weather or season. The sheets also feature button closure around each individual pillowcase for added convenience year-round.

For many years Wamsutta has been an American favorite. This well-known brand is known for its fine quality and this sheet set is no exception. The 500 thread count makes them durable, yet soft and breathable. This set will last a very long time and you won’t regret buying it!

Pima cotton is known to be a very soft and durable fabric. This set is made of pure pima cotton and comes with a thread count that is very high at 500. The sheets are extremely soft and feel great against your skin.

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