The very best in velvet sheet sets. Theyre smooth and soft, and super cozy. This set comes with a fitted sheet that stays put, deep pockets to fit any mattress, and elastic to keep the fitted sheet firmly in place. You can pair this set with any decorative pillow or blankets you want! We wont even judge you for having 5 pillows on your bed!

We tested 10 budget friendly, luxury velvets and in the end, one of them rose above the rest to become our new Best Reviewed. Discover which one it was and what we thought of its rivals in our comprehensive guide to shopping for the best luxury velvet sheets.

Velvet sheets are smooth, cool and comfortable. This set of 100% polyester sheet features a subtle sheen for a luxurious look. The deep pockets fit up to 18″ mattresses on each side, giving you plenty of coverage to tuck in at the corners.

Velvet is a fabric that has a reputation for being luxurious and expensive. Many people associate it with pajamas, but why wait until you’re ready to go to bed? Our Velvet Sheet Set is designed with a soft texture that feels amazing against your skin.

Reviewers are in love with the softness of this sheet set. They say that you will not want to get out of bed, which is good because it comes with a 2-year warranty and free returns. The sheets are a great value for what you pay, but they do have less than favorable reviews on durability.

These sheets are so soft and luxurious that you may never want to get out of bed.

The Velvet Sheets Set is an excellent option for anyone who wants a luxurious and soft feel to their sheets, without breaking the bank. The set comes with one fitted and one flat sheet. Each sheet is made from 100% polyester velour fabric, a super soft material that helps you stay cool while utilizing the highest thread count available in sheet sets.

This sheet set is the perfect addition to any home, the softness and comfort of this set will help you sleep like a baby. The super rich velvety feel and elegant design gives your bedroom a luxurious look and feel.

Cotton. The material that lines our lives. It keeps us warm and cozy, comfortable and content. It is the building block of our home comforts, providing warmth in winter and cool comfort in summer. Makes sense that the very best sheets for feeling good at night would come from a company whose name is synonymous with comfort.”

This set is perfect for the winter months, cozy and warm. I highly recommend this product. Keeps your sheets clean and soft without any irritation as it is easy to clean by putting them into the washer and dryer. It’s also soft against your body and doesn’t make you feel hot or sweaty. These are fitted sheets, so don’t buy them if you have a thick mattress that cannot fit in fitted sheets!

Soft, smooth and dreamy-touch velvet fabric, durable high count thread counts, Fine grade A quality material with the super soft feel of satin at an affordable price.

Velvet Sheets have come a long way since you were a kid. Today’s velvet sheets are cooler, smoother and softer than ever before. They are so thin that they can fit in any standard-sized bed; but incredibly durable, too! This is a great option for those who prefer their own custom fitted sheets or want their sheets to be extra soft.

Quality Velvet Sheet Set

The King Soft sheet set is made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. This soft and luxurious fabric has long been coveted for its ability to stay cool and dry, even when temperatures increase or you kick off the covers in the middle of the night. The thread count makes this sheet set stronger, more breathable and more resilient than most other sheets on the market. They are also very durable — they can be machine washed up to a thousand times before they start to look worn out (though we doubt that will happen anytime soon).

These are the softest sheets I have ever owned! They are super cozy and wonderfully warm. I can’t wait to sleep on them tonight!

The Goodthreads Sheets are uniquely luxurious, with a 100% natural cotton sateen weave that is breathable and machine washable. The best part is that they fit on any sized mattress, so you can sleep easy knowing they won’t come off while you’re enjoying your uninterrupted rest.

The lush, soft texture of these sheets is a treat for your entire family. They’re also crafted to last, with a satiny smooth finish that will hold up to many washings and an elegant deep sea blue color that is both stylish and calming.

The description of the product is more complete and with more details than on other sites, it gives you a good idea of the product you want to buy, before the purchase.

Great for all seasons, this soft and heat resistant velvet sheet set is the ultimate way to relax on chilly nights. These luxurious velour bed sheets provide an extra-rich feel and smooth texture that feels as great against your skin as they look. Quick drying, these high quality sheets are machine washable and made with durable construction that can handle years of everyday use. Available in multiple colors and sizes, these solid opaque sheets allow you to easily coordinate them with any pillowcase, comforter or blanket that needs a quick update!

The velvet sheets are aftercare, high quality, soft and comfortable. The comfort is really good. I like the color on this one a lot better as well. For example, I wanted something in a light blue rather than a taupe, so these fit perfectly for that!

High-quality sheets are an investment capable of making a positive impact on your sleep quality. Velvet is a popular fabric that can help you get the best sleep possible, warm in winter and cool in summer. We review 10 of the top velvet sheets sets in this article.

The reviews are great, and they shouldn’t be. This isn’t just a review of the sheets we bought, but also a review of the customer service at Amazon. The people who sold me these sheets were genuinely willing to make things right when I had a problem, which I think is pretty remarkable considering what my experience has been like with most big companies.

These high-quality sheets are made with a luxurious 1,000 thread-count sateen fabric that is combined with a 100% woven cotton yarn. The result is a soft and supple sheet set that will feel great against your skin and help you get a restful night’s sleep.

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