Under Garment For Dress

Under Garment For Dress

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a dress is the undergarments you will wear with it. Without the right undergarments, you will look sloppy and unkempt. The wrong undergarments can make you look as though you haven’t taken any care in dressing up for an occasion or event.

Undergarments are items of clothing that are worn beneath other garments, such as dresses. They are used to smooth out irregularities and make the outer garment fit better on the body. Undergarments include bras, panties, slips and camisoles. Some women may also choose to wear stockings with their dresses for added comfort and style.

A bra is a type of undergarment that gives support to a woman’s breasts by lifting them from underneath and holding them close together in front of her chest. Bras are usually made from stretchy material like nylon or spandex so they can easily be pulled over your head without having to unbutton buttons or pull down zippers first. Bras come in various styles including push up bras, padded bras, padded bralettes, strapless bras and more!

Under Garment For Dress

The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

29 Jun


The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

The other day I went to put on a cotton body-hugging midi dress to run some errands in. I put on my usual Aerie underwear and as I was about to head out of the house, realized there were SERIOUS panty lines. Fun fact, I love a good pair of granny panties. No shame. And I usually don’t give a shit about panty lines. But this was too obvious. I didn’t want to put on my serious SPANX since I only wear those for special occasions. So Instead I threw on my SPANX Thinstincts. They’re slightly smoothing, super comfortable and aren’t constricting like classic SPANX shapewear. I call them my lazy SPANX.

These SPANX I could actually take a nap in they’re that comfortable. But at over $50 a pair, I wanted to find more options that were affordable. And also ones that weren’t mid-thigh. With so many mini dresses and short skirts for summer, it’s nice to have something underneath your outfit to make you feel comfortable and somewhat covered. I decided to dive headfirst into some hard-hitting journalism and research nearly a dozen options.

The requirements to make the cut for this post included a few things. First and foremost, they had to be comfortable. This isn’t a post on the best slimming shapewear. Approved pieces also had to not roll up, or down, on you. There’s nothing worse than going from sitting to standing and still having to adjust your SPANX. I also wanted a range of price points. From $12 to $58, I’m covering all the best options for every price point.

Jessica wears shapewear in her bedroom | The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses
Photos by Hannah Lozano
Spanx Thinstincts Review | The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

The Best Comfortable Shapewear To Wear Under Dresses & Skirts

Assets By SPANX Thintuition Shaping Mid-Thigh Short review | The Best Undergarments For Summer Dresses

Assets By SPANX Thintuition Shaping Mid-Thigh Short

I feel like this is basically my SPANX Thinstincts 1.0 but half the price from Target. I took a medium, but the small would’ve fit just fine. However, I think a small would’ve made it feel more like sculpting shapewear. They’re slightly smoothing so they’re perfect for wearing under more body-hugging dresses. Also, super comfortable. I found these did not roll up or down while moving around.

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