Treadclimber Workout For Weight Loss

The Treadclimber is a workout machine that simulates running. It’s a great way to burn calories and get your heart pumping. It can be used in the gym or at home. The key with this exercise machine is to use it properly and push yourself as hard as possible. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Treadclimber workout:

Stretch first before starting your Treadclimber workout. This will help prevent injuries and keep you from getting sore after your workout.

Warm up for 5 minutes by walking at an easy pace and then increase the speed every minute until you reach a challenging pace (about 80 percent of your max heart rate). Once warmed up, begin jogging or running at a steady pace for 30 minutes without stopping. If it feels too easy, add hills or incline settings to make it harder.

Cool down by walking slowly for 5 minutes at a slow pace before stopping completely

Treadclimber Workout For Weight Loss

Is the Treadclimber Good for Losing Weight?

Bowflex’s latest creation, the TreadClimber is great for losing weight, its touted as an efficient cardio machine that helps to slim down. As the name suggests, it is a peculiar merger of a treadmill with a stair stepper. Bowflex promises to help you “get the body you want in half the time,” but can the hype be trusted? Is the TreadClimber any better than those other products for losing weight?

The manufacturer claims to have combined the benefits of both a stair stepper and a treadmill in one. This “hybrid technology” really packs a punch when getting the most out of your cardio workouts. Jonsguide has conducted reviews of the TreadClimber providing valuable information if you are in the market. The machine even comes with a diet program. So, is there any truth in advertising? Let’s find out. 

The Principle

On the Treadclimber, you can accelerate up to 4.5 miles per hour (for TC5500). Here are the main elements of any model:

  1. a pair of so-called treadles with belts,
  2. handlebars, and
  3. dashboard with electronic controls.

When you are exercising, the treadles move up and down. Meanwhile, each of them works as a separate treadmill, as it has a moving belt. To keep your balance, hold on to the handlebars. The dashboard allows program switching and shows progress indicators. 

Main Benefits

Cardio Effects

Cardio is perhaps the most significant advantage with the TreadClimber, which has been confirmed by many exercise professionals. During their tests, the machine delivered impressive cardio results. Cardio exercises, in general, are an indispensable part of a well-structured weight loss program.

A 30-60 minute daily cardio workout with moderate intensity improves HDL cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease. Naturally, it also burns calories in the process, which studies by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have documented.

Toned Muscles

As the treadles work like stairs, they help strengthen leg muscles – hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and calves. The programs may simulate an uphill walk or climbing up a staircase. The latter has impressive health benefits, including lowering the risk of premature death by up to 15%.

Does TreadClimber Help With Weight Loss? 

The results are in the TreadClimber does help get rid of unwanted fat provided that you stick to a rigorous routine as prescribed. Even ten minutes of interval cardio per day can bring results. You can add a fat burner to your morning workout to help with your weight loss.

According to the manufacturer, you should be able to shed more than 300 calories over half an hour session at moderate speed at the 12th level of intensity. However, note that such things are very individual. Lighter users burn fewer calories in comparison with their heavier peers. As with any weight loss program, diet and exercise in combination will bring the best and fastest results; don’t get discouraged, create a routine, and stick with it. Weight loss often is about changing habits; you need to eat proper portions, eat a balanced diet, drink clean and filtered water on schedule (read more about water filtration on RO Guide ) and exercise regularly. Stick to the plan, and you will see the results.Lossing Weight

Image by Natasha Spenser from Pixabay

Dieting Program

The TreadClimber comes with a diet plan; this plan appears to be generic, providing advice that may not be best suited for all individuals. We all know that balanced meals are necessary for healthy weight loss and overall fitness. Achieving lasting results is impossible without the right nutritional plan and creating healthy habits going forward.

The Good Side

The diet plan included may be lacking a little in specifics, but finding a good plan is no more complicated than an internet search. Make sure to find a diet plan that suits your needs and goals that includes all the elements of a balanced weight loss plan: eat proper portions, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly


Overall, the exercise hybrid equipment does help to lose extra weight. The nature of this cardio exercise ensures you achieve your goals if you follow the routine. And it does not require much time. Even twenty minutes per day will bring noticeable improvements.
To accelerate the process, go for interval training, where you alternate between high and low intensity. This way, the aerobic effects are the strongest. Besides, it brings variety, so your cardio session is never monotonous. When you do interval training, it keeps your body on its toes; if you do the same routine day in and day out, your body becomes accustomed to the work and learns how to conserve energy, thus reducing the amount of calories burned. To trick your body change up your routine often to get the most out of your workout.

As for the diet portion of your weight loss, find a plan that works best for you. You may also want to consider consulting with a registered dietitian; they will help you find the perfect plan for you. Your weight loss goals are within reach, start your plan, and stick to your routine, and you will meet your goals in no time. Good Luck!

TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan: What should you know?

You’ve seen the commercials, you’ve heard the ads and you’ve read about all the success stories of people losing weight and leaning out with the Bowflex TreadClimber. The incredible 2-in-1 workout machine combines the best of a treadmill and stair climber. The best part about this machine? You only have to workout for 15 minutes each day to lean out and lose weight!

Sounds pretty remarkable to me. But losing weight is not just about working out, as we know. Losing weight comes from a healthy, well rounded, portion-controlled diet. The neat thing about the TreadClimber machine is the option to utilize the weight loss eating plan in correlation with the workouts.

Just like every diet program, the question remains – is it for me? Let me lay out the ups and downs of this plan and you can be the judge.

TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan: A diet created by an exercise machine

First thing that comes to mind when learning about TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan is where is the credibility? Who constructed this plan that thousands of Bowflex customers follow? Don’t get me wrong, the plan utilizes some great basic nutrition tips and tricks. But some of them also seem a little far out there. And you know you can count on having a very specific grocery list in the TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan.

Universal Eating Structures

While this one-size-fits-all program demonstrates important, basic nutrition knowledge, such as food group serving sizes and being a tiny bit forgiving with slip-up’s, it still displays a diet mentality. When participating in the plan, you are told when to eat, how often to eat, how much to eat, what to eat, and given a calorie budget that is not individualized what’s so ever. If you are a female, your budget is 1,400 calories, and males are limited to 1,600.

Nothing about each individual is taken into consideration with these calorie budgets. When calculating a calorie budget, height, current weight, goal weight, age, gender, and exercise levels are just some of the factors that should be taken into consideration. A female at 5’0” and 120 pounds should not have the same budget as a female at 5’9” 200 pounds. There is zero individualization on this TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan when it comes to calories.

Oh, and the advice surrounding calorie budgets? “Keep in mind that everyone’s metabolism is very different depending on age, height, weight, activity level, and genetics. Pay close attention to your weight, hunger levels, and energy and adjust your calories if needed.” How do you know how to adjust your calories without any sort of education?

Balanced Eating on a Tight Schedule

On the flip side, when it comes to what to eat on this plan, wholesome, balanced nutrition is the key. This eating program focuses on getting a well rounded diet, that allows for a variety of foods. Nothing is off limits, per say, but there are definitely specific tips and guidelines with each food group. The layout of the eating plan is as follows:

  • Eating breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up
    • Breakfast consists of a 1:1:1 serving size ratio of “smart carbs”, fruits and protein/fat
  • Snack 1: half smart carbs, half protein
  • Lunch: half vegetables, other half consisting of smart carbs and protein evenly, with small source of fat
  • Snack 2: half smart carbs, half protein
  • Dinner: half vegetables, other half consisting of smart carbs and protein evenly, with small source of fat

The forgiving part of this eating pattern, you have the option to swap out one of the snack options for a 100-150 calorie treat. It is suggested to only do this 3-4 times a week. You should also cut out any sugary beverages and alcohol and stick to only unsweetened tea, coffee and water.

TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan Encourages Logging, But Does Not Provide Resources

This eating plan also encourages dieters to log their foods to help keep track. But yet, there is no food journal offered. The TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan does not come with other resources besides the eating plan and grocery lists. To log your food, the plan suggests using outside sources, such as My Fitness Pal or Lose It. Seems a little odd to suggest this practice but not offer any sort of in-house system.

Now, you have your grocery list, a game plan for your meals and snacks, and a killer 15 minute workout planned for each day. What happens when you get tired of eating the same things over and over? Or you hit your goal weight? The one thing lacking in this program, along with thousands of other diets, is education.

Low Learning Levels in TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan

While I think this program puts people in the right direction of balanced eating and an achievable workout plan, you’re not really learning anything about your body and sustainability goes out the window. There are no real new habits created. The thinking is taken out when you have a meal plan in front of you and a workout routine already made up. The key to long lasting weight loss is learning about the why behind your decisions. Changing your mindset to thinking about how emotions, environments, people, and life in general, affect your choices leads you to a more mindful lifestyle. Without the support and guidance, dieters remain in the never ending, diet cycle, for-ev-er.

You Can Have it All With Noom

And that is exactly what Noom provides, accountability, support and direction for a lifestyle change, not just another diet. Providing Noomers with not just 1, but 2 coaches, to guide them through their journey. Having a goal specialist to speak with on a weekly basis, one on one, helps you develop short term goals to get one step closer to the overall, bigger goal. They follow along with your in-app food and exercise log to provide feedback on changes that need to be made.

The group coach facilitates the group of other Noomers embarking on the same weight loss journey. Here is where there is daily interaction to support you through all the ups and downs. Turn to the group to dust you off when times get tough, or to celebrate your milestones. The group coach provides challenges and educational prompts to get you really thinking about how different areas affect your weight, such as stress and sleep. This 24/7 support system is what many Noomers refer to as their missing puzzle piece through all their years of dieting.

Noom: Taking Food Logging to the Next Level

The in-app logging system allows you to track your progress in the palm of your hand. But it’s not just about logging calories. The logging system is broken down into calorie density categories. Green being the least calorie dense (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), yellow being moderately dense (lean meats, eggs, some dairy products) and red being the most calorie dense (fattier meats, whole-fat dairy products, nuts, sweets).

Here’s the sweet thing about the color system, red does not necessarily mean it’s “bad” for you. It just means a small serving has a large amount of calories. So it’s important to watch your portions with these foods. This is how you learn what foods you need to incorporate more of or less of. It also helps you track the reasoning behind your decisions. On more stressful days, do you turn to your favorite desserts or salty snacks? Having the log shows you how you respond to different situations using food. This is what helps modify behaviors and mindsets.

Personalized Calorie Plans

Along with the food database comes the individualized calorie budgets. These budgets are calculated in the app based on gender, age, height, current weight, goal weight, weight loss speed and activity levels. Each app user is provided with their own budget, not one budget for all app users. The neat thing about the budget is it will self adjust or you can manually adjust it. The calories will adjust based on activity logged in the app, so you are fueling your body correctly with your workouts. If you adjust your weight loss speed to go faster or slower, it will also modify the total amount. Where is the wiggle room for a one-size-fits-all calorie budget like in TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan?

Noom: Limitless Lifestyle Learning

In addition to the support of coaches, other app users and having an individualized calorie budget with a color coded database, comes the education. So, how exactly do you modify behaviors and how do you make them stick? The Noom curriculum is a science based, witty, daily learning experience. Each week consists of a new theme to focus on. The amount of factors, outside of eating and exercise, that affect weight is never ending. Sustainable weight loss can be an emotional rollercoaster, just like life. This content provides you the tools to hurdle those challenges. It also teaches you how to be forgiving to yourself and practice self-care. Every day won’t be perfect, and Noom completely understands that. The daily lessons will show you how to dust yourself off during the tough times and celebrate your triumphs.

TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan: Almost the whole package

When it’s all said and done, TreadClimber Weight Loss Plan is definitely headed in the right direction. Providing dieters with basic nutritional knowledge and showing them workout plans don’t have to be so strenuous, it can be a very beneficial program. But modifying behaviors and developing your own habits is what drives you to long term weight loss. While weight loss can be a tough task, maintaining that weight can be even harder. The newly developed habits you create with Noom will follow you through your everyday life. That’s why Noom is a lifestyle, not just another diet.

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