Traditional Nigerian Wedding Dress

Traditional Nigerian wedding dresses are a special group of wedding attires that characterizes beauty, romance, and dignity. With time, they have evolved into styles of their own and have become one of the most popular choices among brides who prefer traditional designs.

A traditional outfit for a Nigerian bride is usually made up of a lace or embroidered full long sleeved blouse which is usually buttoned on top and gathered together in the middle. The gown would then be tightly fitted around the waist with a string or brocade belt. A colorful handwoven wrapper usually completes the outfit, either worn as a shawl or draped loosely over one shoulder.

This is one of the best Nigerian wedding dress. Its traditional and modern features are showcased in this exceptional design. The neckline has a V-shape, while allowing some skin to be revealed.

Hervette designs and offers nigerian wedding dresses. The women’s menswear ideas can be a perfect match for you not just because of their design, but also for the comfort they offer to you. Get the best of Nigerian fashion in this amazing collection of wedding dresses from the leading brands – from the soft silks to the shimmering evening wear, we have it all here.

The Bicolor African Wedding Dress is the perfect choice for a traditional Nigerian wedding. It is a color-blending masterpiece embroidered with metallic thread in bright design, trimmed with lace to add accent to the dress.

This traditional wedding dress is made from a combination of silk and cotton fabric. The handmade, hand embroidered lace appliques are all unique and vary slightly in color, shape and size.

traditional nigerian wedding dress is a traditional wear which has been used by Nigerian girls in their weddings. It is made of light material and is beautiful. these dresses can be used in a modern or an ornamental way, but they always make the bride look very amazing whether she wears them herself or gives them to other women.

African Wedding Attire

Traditional nigerian wedding dress is one of the most beautiful dresses that you can see at a traditional wedding, especially in west Africa.

The large selection of traditional Nigerian wedding dresses. The designs are inspired by traditional Nigerian fashion and are made in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Choose from long lace wedding gowns, traditional headwraps that match your bridal attire for the biggest day of your life. The designers meet each client individually to ensure you get the perfect dress for your big day.

This traditional Nigerian wedding dress comes in different colors and sizes. Perfect for your own traditional wedding or cultural event.

This traditional Nigerian wedding dress is designed with the most beautiful fabrics and embroidery technique.

Sheer and beaded, this long-sleeved nigerian wedding dress features a plunging V neckline, a boatneck and an open back. A flounced skirt completes the piece.

The traditional nigerian wedding dress is designed to keep you comfortable and stylish all day long.

The traditional Nigerian wedding dress is made up of a matching blouse and wrap skirt. The wrap skirt has layers of fabric that are pleated together and then pulled over the hips and tucked into the waistband of the blouse. The color or pattern of this traditional nigerian wedding dress will be determined by what family members or friends you have invited to your wedding, as well as ethnicity in your community.

The traditional nigerian wedding dress is made of quality fabric and has a unique style to catch your heart. The design of the dress is very elegant. It’s fit for you on every occasion, especially wedding party. This luxury wedding dress can be made into custom-made size based on your measurements

This traditional Nigerian wedding dress is made of high quality materials, soft and comfortable to wear, easy to wash.

The Nigerian wedding dress is a dress that captures the true cultural identity of Nigerian brides, who love to wear distinct traditional African clothing made from unique colorful fabrics that bring out their inner beauty.

Wedding Collection from Nigeria. Nigerian bridal collection includes traditional bridal dresses, long gowns, short gowns and cocktail dresses for your special day. The wedding dress collection takes you back to the basics of African wedding attire.

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