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If shoe designers have their way this summer, children’s feet will look as though they are dressed  in the ancient Roman style.  Gladiator sandals are essentially arrangements of straps, designers are constantly challenged to take a few strips of leather and make them into something new.

This season the inspiration appears to have come by and by from the footwear of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The shoe to look out for is exceptionally similar to the one gladiators and charioteers wore in early motion picture epics, multi strapped and moving past the lower leg, some of the time to the calf. The height regards fill in what can be a cumbersome hole amongst lower legs and longer hemlines. With the exception of night, soles are flat. Strippy sandals have offered approach to more extensive swatches of leather, with lower leg straps looking like sleeves. The straps either tie or affix with new-looking equipment: metal rings, snaps and, in one case, garters like the ones that used to hold up stockings.

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