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Down the memory lane,the sneaker we now call the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has turned 100 years old. Brief history lesson: Chuck Taylor was a  basketball player who was also a salesman for Converse. In 1921, he joined a sponsored team called The Converse All Stars … and you can fill in the rest. By the 1960s, the Chuck Taylor was being worn by virtually every professional and college basketball player in the game.

As sneaker technology and design evolved, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star transitioned into the preferred leisure footwear of the creative subculture—especially artists and musicians. Everyone, from Elvis to Kurt Cobain, has worn these sneakers, more or less securing their iconic status for generations to come. More than any other shoe you can probably name off the top of your head, Converse Chuck Taylors seem to complement every avenue of personal style from punk to prep. The bright white canvas version has remained the most ubiquitous in both its low-top and high-top silhouettes, but today you can find them in a rainbow of colors and fabrications.

The universal appeal of these sneakers is especially apparent during Fashion Week events from New York to Paris, when editors, buyers, and bloggers can all be seen putting their very personal twist on these cool kicks. To prove just how versatile they are, we rounded up 20 different outfits to illustrate that you really can wear your Converse Chuck Taylors with just about anything.

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