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Tibetan Brocade Book Cover (Blue Dragon Motif)

Brocade Tibetan Incense

Tibetan brocade altar cloth involve a rich tradition. The material, designs, and colors of the brocade altar cloth have been defined by religious orders and monasteries. Tibetan silk brocade fabric is a requisite part of any religious service in Tibet. In this regard, we work with genuine Tibetan manufacturers to source authentic silk brocade fabric varieties that can be used as altar cloth or prayer flags. Our high quality tibetan silk brocade fabric are made with 100% pure silk making it a soft and smooth textured fabric.

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The beauty of tibetan brocade fabric lies in its uniqueness, for this reason we promise you an original design pattern and color. We are sure you have never seen anything like this before. We know that our patterns and designs are what makes us stand out among the rest, unlike so many other companies who simply copy others work.

Tibetan brocade is a specific style of fabric with a rich and long history that dates back to the 8th century. The pattern on this type of fabric is woven into the fabric, unlike normal brocade which consists of dyed or printed motifs on top of the fabric.

Brocade fabric, made from silk and other fibers, is a luxury clothing fabric. The pattern on such fabric, called brocade, is woven; it is characterized by a raised surface with designs formed by threads interlaced with each other. Brocade is primarily used for high-end fashion in velvet or satin and for home items like pillows, duvets and upholstery.

Tibetan buddhist orange lotus design silk brocade / silk fabrics

Tibetan Silk Brocade Fabric

Brocade fabric, made from silk and other fibers, is often used for high-end fashion in velvet or satin and for home items like pillows, duvets and upholstery.

Brocade brocade, woven by silk and other fibers, is a luxury fabric used in fashion design and home textiles. Woven with intricate threading, a brocade fabric exhibits a raised degin patterned by threads interwoven throughout the clothing material. Brocades are primarily found as high-end fabrics in velvet or satin and are used in the creation of pillows, upholstery, quilts, and more fashionable items.

Brocade fabric is a luxury and decorative fabric made from silk and other fibers. Its surface has elaborate designs and comes in velvet or satin, used as home items or high-end fashion items.

Brocade fabric is used for upholstery and clothing. It consists of a satin or velvet surface raised with a pattern produced by interlacing threads.

Brocade fabric is characterized by a raised pattern formed by interweaving threads. It is used to produce high end clothing and home furnishing items.

Silk is a natural fiber that can only be produced by silk worms. It is primarily used for high-end fashion and home items like pillows, duvets and upholstery.

Brocade is a woven fabric with an ornamental pattern. It is used in high-end clothing, home decor, and upholstery.

Brocade is defined by the quality of its finishes and by the shape of its patterns. As a fashion fabric, it generally consists of silk and similar fibers that are gathered together and then woven using several threads to form small diamond or geometric shapes.

Brocade, a fabric which is traditionally made of silk threads, is used in a wide range of settings, from fashion to home decoration.

Brocade fabric is a silken textile, woven with precious metals and gemstones. Brocade is primarily used to create garments like dresses, athletic wear and blazers.

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