Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6 Piece Sheet Set

After reviewing the sweet home collection 1500 thread count 6 piece sheet set, we found it to be an excellent value for the price. Although we wouldn’t describe them as “luxury” quality, these sheets are very soft and comfy and should hold up well over time.

Enjoy the luxury of a high thread count sheet set with the Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6 Piece Sheet Set. These sheets are constructed with 100% cotton to ensure durability and softness, so you can sleep well knowing that these sheets will stay strong through all of your tossing and turning.

With a soft, super-smooth feel and a cool crispness, sweet home collection 6 piece sheet set is our top-selling 1500 thread count cotton sateen. The elegant but affordable 6 piece set comes with 1 fitted and 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases, 1 standard or king blanket (either size), 1 standard or king duvet cover and personalized matching cases. These bedding sets are designed for those looking for an upgrade in comfort but without all the fuss of high thread count sheets. We have also added invisible zipper closure and corner strap pockets to guarantee that you get the best quality product available.

Our 100% cotton sheet set is made with the finest quality, long staple cotton yarns. The 1500 thread count sateen weave offers soft comfort and enhanced durability for years of use. The sheets are wrinkle and fade resistant, thus less susceptible to pilling. With a finished size of 40” x 80”, our sheet set will fit any mattress up to 16 inches deep.

“The sheets are very soft, light and smooth. They feel like silk to touch. The fitted sheet fits snugly on the mattress without extra fabric to tuck around corners, something my other sets cannot compete with. They are so luxurious that I don’t want to take them off the bed.”

After 100 washes, these sheets still look as good as new. The fitted sheet has elastic around the entire edge to keep it in place on any mattress, and deep pockets at the foot of the bottom sheet also help keep it secure. These sheets come out of the dryer wrinkle-free and require very little ironing if you want to press them before putting them on your bed.

Our review of sweet home collection 1500 thread count 6 piece sheet set revealed that this is a quality product, but there are other options out there for a similar price. If you like this brand, you might be better off looking at something else that offers similar value.

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6-Piece Sheet Set is a quality set of sheets that feels soft and smooth against your skin. They are incredibly comfortable, durable, and affordable, which makes these sheets ideal for those who want something more luxurious than bargain basement cotton sets at a reasonable cost.

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6-Piece Sheet Set is one of the best sheets you will ever sleep on. These sheets are an awesome value for the price, with silky-soft fabric that’s durable and easy to maintain. Made from high-quality cotton, these sheets provide an excellent balance between softness, breathability and durability so you can have your best night’s sleep from now on.

For the most luxurious feel imaginable, this 1500 Thread Count 6 Piece Sheet Set is our best selling sheet set. It’s made with self-adjusting 100% cotton “Egyptian” long staple cotton, which produces a silky-soft and exquisitely soft feel that only gets better as you wash it. They’re also durable, breathable and resistant to shrinkage & fading.

Think cotton and comfort, with a touch of luxury. Our 6 piece sheet sets are tailored for a soft and smooth feeling, offering maximum comfort for your family at an affordable price.

These sheets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, which is considered to be one of the best materials for the bedding industry, due to its softness and extra long fibers that make it feel silky smooth against your skin. Additionally, we tested these sheets with a wide range of different temperature settings, including all-night low heat conditions and high heat drying.

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6 Piece Sheet Set is a great option for anybody who wants to make their bedroom more comfortable and relaxing. These sheets are made with good quality fabric, are very comfortable and fit perfectly on the bed. They’re also available at a reasonable price, which makes them an excellent deal!

The Sweet Home Collection 6-piece sheet set features a sateen cover with a 1500 Thread Count and 4 inch deep pockets. The thread count of these sheets is above average for the price range, allowing for a smooth, silky feel and superior comfort. These sheets come in a wide variety of colors to match any décor yet maintain their look over time. Overall they are easy to care for while still feeling like they should cost more than they do.

I rate this product 5 stars. Great set of sheets and noticeably softer than other 1500 thread count sets I’ve had in the past. So comfortable, we want to sleep in our bedroom. I researched many options for sheets before buying these at Overstock and am glad that I did.

This 6 piece sheet set has a 1500 thread count and is made from 100% cotton. Its lightweight and breathable, and it’s available in multiple colors and two sizes.

The 1500 thread count sheets are well made, have a great drape and are extremely comfortable. They feel good under your skin and the hem looks good too. This set is an affordable option for those looking to try out the feel of a higher thread count sheet without breaking their budget.

Not only are these sheets soft and comfortable, but they fit my bed better than any other sheet set I have ever owned! The colors are beautiful, even after washing them. They are just beautiful. I can’t say enough about how much I love these Sheets!

We have reviewed our newest sheet set, the sweet home collection 1500 thread count 6 piece sheet set. This is a very high quality and highly durable product, it is easy to clean and has an attractive design/pattern.

Incredibly soft, the 1500 thread count 6 piece sheet set from Sweet Home Collection is a great addition to your bedroom. Each set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 4 pillowcases. The sheets are made with a long staple cotton blend that’s 100% soft, breathable and durable.

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 6-Piece Sheet Set is a great option for those looking to buy a set of sheets that will last them a long time. Having a comfortable and durable set of sheets is important, especially if you want to use your sheets for the rest of your life, so this product could be perfect for you. There is less risk than ever when buying these sheets because there is no better time than now to find out if they are actually worth the investment or not.

perfect for any bedroom, the sweet home collection 1500 thread count 6 piece sheet set has a classic design that is sure to compliment the sheets that are already in your bed. These sheets are machine washable and wrinkle resistant, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love.

The Sweet Home Collection bedding set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bedroom. The 1500 thread count cotton and breathable weave will keep you sleeping comfortably all night, while the vibrant colors complement any style of room. The fitted sheet is a perfect fit for mattress sizes up to 14” deep, so even if your mattress is a little too tall for normal sheets, this bedsheet set will work perfectly.

The super soft single-ply sheet set sports 1500 thread count and a 300-thread-count pillowcase. These sheets are made from combed cotton for that fine, smooth feeling. The elasticized corner pockets will keep your sheets in place stay wrinkle-free longer, and you’ll love the way they feel on your mattress.

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