Suit Material Price in Nigeria: Suits are made from a variety of materials, but wool and cotton are preferred. Wool is warm and comfortable, but it can be itchy for some people. The best weight for the suit depends on how hot or cold the room is where you’ll be sitting. The prices is at the rate of NGN 3000 to NGN 9000 per yard. Today, we will look at cost of suit material and suit material brands.

A lot of people are aware that the price of suit material varies according to the type of material and the availability of the material. Suit materials can be categorized into three basic types: wool, cotton and linen. The most expensive material is wool, followed by linen and then cotton.

Wool is a natural fabric that comes from sheep’s hair. It is known for its durability, resistance to stains and wrinkles, as well as its ability to absorb moisture. Wool suits are usually worn during formal occasions such as weddings or funerals because they require more care than cotton or linen suits. They need to be dry cleaned regularly and should not be worn in the rain or when swimming because it could cause shrinkage or discoloration.

Cotton suits are made from cotton fibers produced by plants such as flax, jute, hemp and ramie trees. Cotton fabric is breathable so you won’t feel hot when wearing it in summers but also warm enough during winters since it traps air between its fibers which acts like insulation against cold temperatures.

Linen suits are made from flax fiber which comes from plants such as flaxseed oil-producing seeds called linseed.

Suit Material Price in Nigeria

A suit is one of the most important pieces of clothing you can own. It’s not just for special occasions either; a good suit is an investment that will last you for years and years, so it’s worth investing in the best fabric possible. But what do you really need to know about suit materials? Here’s our guide to suit material price in Nigeria.


Wool is one of the most common fabrics used in suits because it’s durable and can be made into different weights depending on your needs, from lightweight summer suits to heavy winter styles. It also has a nice texture that gives your outfit a little extra flair. Wool suits can be found at any price point, but they tend to hold up better than other fabrics over time, so they’re worth spending money on if you want something that’ll last forever!


Linen is another popular choice for suits—especially linen-cotton blends which are lighter weight than pure linen but still durable enough for everyday wear. Linen suits tend to be less expensive than wool or tweed varieties because they’re easier to produce

The heavier or thicker the weight of the fabric, the higher the price. It also depends on how many meters there are in one linear yard. There are other factors that can affect the price, such as how often the fabric is sold, what type of cotton was used (Egyptian cotton will be more expensive) and where it’s made.

Our Suits are made of high quality fabric, they are durable and comfortable to use. Our fabrics have comfortable hand feeling and performance-friendly functions, which are ideal for formal occasions such as wedding, party or business meeting. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

We offer a wide selection of the best fabrics in our suits. The suit material is mid weight and is woven by one of the most trusted mills in Italy. The fabric consists of a brushed wool and cotton blend that makes it suitable for all seasons.

Suit material price is a suit material made up of different materials. It provides comfort and durability with light weight to the user. It comes in different colors and designs for both men, women and children

Suits material is a very sensitive product. There is no variation in color, design and finishing of the suits. Suit material price is one of the most important factors when purchasing a suit. A higher price virtually guarantees better quality and better tailoring.

Cost of suit material

The price of suit material is determined by the materials used, the weight and design of the fabric. Most suits are made from wool, linen and cotton blends, although other fabrics such as silk can sometimes be found. The suits with high-end price tags are generally made from more expensive materials such as wool or silk, which have a nicer texture and drape beautifully.

We sell a variety of fabrics and colors, such as cotton poplin, cotton twill, 100% cotton suiting, wool suiting and other varieties. You can choose between different weights from 1oz to 14oz, or even more if you need double layer. We also offer different patterns like plain solid color, 2-tone/striped, flannel/plaid…etc. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products at low prices and great service!

We can offer any material you want, and we will try our best to meet your requirements. Suit material price is so low and competitive, if you find cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price.

White suit material price is a special fabric made from high quality pure fiber. The fiber is finely and evenly woven into an elastic fabric, which is soft and breathable as well as durable and anti-wrinkle. It’s widely used in all kinds of garments, like coat, shirt, dress and etc

The price of the suit material mainly depends on the fabric, the brand name and the end user. We provide you with free samples for your reference.

The price is determined by the material and quality of the suit. The major determinants of the cost of a suit are the fabric, design, and style. The price of the cloth depends on both its quality and its weight.

The price of suit material depends on the type and quality of fabric used. Fabrics that have a fine weave and are more durable, such as wool or linen, tend to cost more than synthetic fabrics. Whether you need materials for your next project or our renowned custom tailoring service, we have what you’re looking for.

When it comes to suit material price, the quality of your suit is what matters most, not the price. Our suits come at affordable prices for all budgets, so even if you’re on a tight budget it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or quality.

Suit material brands

First of all, you need to remember that suit materials are a matter of personal preference. There’s no one right choice. You need to find what works for your style and body type.

So how do you get started? Well, here are some popular options:

-wool suits: wool is the material that started it all and remains one of the most popular choices. It’s durable and easy to care for, but can be heavy in warm weather. However, if you’re looking for an investment piece that will last for years, wool is a great choice.

-polyester suits: polyesters are easy to care for and come in many different weights, from lightweight summer suiting to heavier winter fabrics. They’re also stain-resistant and wrinkle-free—making them great options if you don’t want to spend time caring for your wardrobe every day.

-linen suits: linen is a natural fiber that makes for a great summer suit material because it’s breathable and comfortable in warmer temperatures without being too sheer or revealing too much skin when worn without undergarments underneath (which can happen with cotton or silk). It’s also usually very affordable compared with other suit materials—but can be difficult to clean because of its porous nature

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