Split Sheets for Adjustable Beds

Our split sheets for adjustable beds are a must-have for patient care. These single-patient use, perforated bed sheets allow for a more comfortable sleep for patients with adjustable beds and those who move during the night.

Our split sheets for adjustable beds are designed to allow you to adjust the bed from your bedside. These split sheets are an investment in convenience, allowing you to sleep comfortably and adjust your adjustable bed at any time.

Our split sheets for adjustable beds are created to fit your exact needs. They are available in both standard and queen sizes, with a variety of removable bed rails to accommodate you and your lifestyle. We offer split sheets in fabrics that are durable, form-fitting and luxurious.

Perfect for adjustable beds and hospital beds, split sheets for adjustable beds offer a simple and safe way of raising the feet up to an angle of up to 100°.

Flexible, Responsive and Durable – These Split Sheets have been designed to provide an excellent stretch. The memory foam mattress contours to your body for optimum comfort and support. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a plush pillowtop mattress.

The Split Sheet features innovative split corners. Transformed into two adjustable beds, it is designed to be effortlessly operated by using side soft-touch buttons.

A variety of split sheets for adjustable beds are available on Amazon. These versions can easily be adjusted, allowing you to get a perfect mattress fit that is snuggly in all the right places.

Our split sheets are designed to fit adjustable beds and other curved surfaces without bunching or sagging. They’re also easy to remove, wash and replace.

These split sheets fit sleep number beds and other adjustable base models. These sheets allow you to use the full range of motion while sleeping which is key in achieving a restful sleep.

Our split sheets are made from high quality latex and cotton. They have finished borders with elastic all around the fitted sheet to prevent bunching, wrinkling and sheets coming off the bed. The flat sheet is extra deep and keeps tucked away on your adjustable mattress base.

The perfect addition for elderly and disabled individuals. These split sheets allow you to raise your head or feet separately from your body, providing total comfort and support.

We offer an astounding assortment of split sheets for adjustable beds that are designed by the expert team of designers to suit your demand and amusement. The fabric used in our products is non-allergic, skin-friendly and smooth. Keeping in mind the comfort of our clients we offer these sheets at a fair price.

Twin XL Fitted Sheets for Adjustable Bed

The split sheets for adjustable beds can be adjusted to a new shape quickly, the split sheets are made from the high-strength and anti-static PU foam to ensure the bed keeps its comfort and support.

Split sheets are designed for use with adjustable beds. Each sheet is split into two separate panels, each with a lengthwise zipper for easy removal. These sheets can be zipped together or unzipped and used separately. The two panels provide twice the width of a standard sheet, allowing you to tuck in from head to foot without contorting yourself at night.

Our split sheets allow you to customize your adjustable bed with the perfect fit. Split sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses up to 15″ thick and feature a side zipper for use on adjustable beds equipped with split functionality. Our split sheets are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sizes.

Split sheets allow you to turn a twin or queen mattress into two individual twin XL or Full mattresses. Designed for use with most adjustable beds, split sheets are available in a variety of fabrics and all cotton.

Split adjustable bed sheets are designed for use with adjustable beds. They are made from a premium cotton/spandex blend that does not wrinkle easily, is breathable, soft and durable. Split sheets fit over mattresses up to 17″ thick. Features: Quality Cotton/Spandex blend Wrinkle free Breathable Soft Durable Seamless design (no stitches on the seams) Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low to prevent fading and stretching. This product cannot be used on a bed with a bottom rail due to its split design

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