Split head flex king is designed for high-pressure applications that require a fast flow rate and optimum pressure drop, such as the oil and gas industry. The Split Head Flex King is the most flexible of our standard krill hoovers, and it produces up to 7000 litres per minute flow.

Our Split Head Flex King is the first of its kind: An entry-level flex driver able to replace both a 3 and 5 iron delivering distance and accuracy.

The Powerhouse split head flex king brings a new level of performance to the advanced player. Featuring a fast graphite shaft and interchangeable weights, this rod is ready to dish out maximum punishment in the biggest fish.

The Flex King is a split head design, with a non-compressing flange for easy one person installation. Corrugated flanges make it the strongest flexible joint available on the market today.

Split head flex king Features a split head design that allows easy use by both left- and right-hand players. The durable design is made to last year after year.

Split head flex king is an excellent multi-purpose tool. It can be used for levelling, plumb, and setting out lines or scribing. Heavy duty blade for casting concrete walls and re-pointing work on brickwork. Flexibile coupler allows use in tight spaces where standard quadrants cannot go.

With the all new split head flex king, a high performance, extra comfortable and powerful rod is now available. The split head is designed to provide you with access from either side of the rod and offers a longer face for high speed actions. The split head also reduces wind resistance and means that you can work your lure in behind cover easier than ever before!

The Flex King split head was designed specifically for use with the Flex King Long Tracker. The flexible pilot can be rotated to meet the tank’s specific needs and helps make assembly easy.

The Flex King split head design allows for the mold portion of the sink to be separated from the faucet, making installation easier and saving homeowners both time and money.

The Flex King Split Head is designed for a more efficient and effective workout. The jaw-dropping split head design gives you a wider range of motion and eliminates any unwanted tension in your joints. This also means you’ll build up more explosive power on each rep, so you can achieve amazing results faster than ever before!

Strong and flexible, split head flex king is great for heavy duty jobs. It has a hammer action handle and a long handle, allowing you to get into tight spaces. It’s light weight with slip resistant grips, making it easy to use without tiring your hands out.

Split Top King Sheets

The split head flex king is a multipurpose angling device. It is designed to be lightweight, durable and portable. Split Head Flex KingWith the Split Head Flex King, you get the best of both worlds, the toughness and power of a metal hook with the strength and durability of polycarbonate. The 1/8 gauge wire is welded together to form a sturdy hook that is perfect for any carp rig. Each hook comes with 3 split rings to use on your lures or jigs.

This carbon steel split head flex king measures to 5′ in length and is designed to be used with a firepit. It features a decorative handle, which has been utilized on many of our larger split head pieces, while the two small heads can be used to cook breads, steaks and more.

A Split-Head Flex King features a durable head split into two that are connected by a cable. These heads are built for serious pounding and can withstand extreme force.

Fit Split Head Flex King is a high quality and low price single edge blade for use with the High Speed Cut Saw, Multi-Function Saw and Radial Arm Saw. This blade fits all Bosch Single Edge Saws.

The split head flex king is a great tool for those tricky situations where a long-handled tool is not enough to get the job done. The double-sided, non-slip grip will make sure you have the strength and control needed to clean out your gutters without having to wade through the mess!

The split head flex king is the best product for your money. It comes with a carrying case and is extremely lightweight and easy to use. This durable foam roller is great for professional or beginner massagers alike, offering a self-massage experience that improves circulation, relaxes tight muscles and relieves pain.

The split head flex king is a completely customizable and versatile artificial lure designed to mimic a wide range of baitfish. A perfectly balanced and weighted head allows this lure to be fished both above, on and below the water’s surface with ease. The split head design eliminates line twist while maintaining your desired depth while the flexibility allows fish to engulf the entire lure with ease. This lure is made from an innovative superhard material that not only performs well but also lasts longer than many other brands

The Flex King Split Head Powerhead will be your go-to plier for almost all applications. The split head design and 3/4″ jaw opening makes it easy to use with small round objects, and allows you to pick up items placed between frame members or other tight spots. The spring loaded head returns to the open position when released.

The Flex King is perfect for those who like a split head. It is designed to provide you with the perfect amount of flex and power for any style shot.

This flexing soft bait is made with a super soft, squidgy material and has three different heads, which allow you to choose which one will work best in the conditions. The Soft Bait can be used as a swim bait and will give the impression of an injured minnow or small pike – try it on weed beds and around structure.

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