Something blue to wear on wedding day

Something blue to wear on wedding day. Now that you are married, many people consider the wedding is over. While the wedding was a grand event and deserves it’s own focus, there is much more to a successful marriage than just the wedding day. The wedding itself was a culmination of many months of planning; so to put the whole thing behind you without a proper sendoff would be disrespectful to your friends and relatives who worked so hard to see you get hitched. That is why I created this list of blue colored items that you should wear on your honeymoon.

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29 "Something Blue" Wedding Ideas That Feel Fresh

Wedding traditions are rich with symbolism and meaning.

The Something Blue tradition dates back to the Victorian era and is thought to bring good luck and happiness to the bride-to-be on her special day. In fact, the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is said to date as far back as the 13th century.

Here are some fun ideas for incorporating this age-old tradition into your own wedding:

1. Something old: A family heirloom or antique keepsake

2. Something new: A gift from your fiancé or a piece of jewelry with a personal meaning (like your engagement ring)

3. Something borrowed: A piece of jewelry from a friend or family member

4. Something blue: A piece of clothing or accessory in this color so that you’ll be wearing something blue on your big day!

Blue wedding for a traditional romantic and Disney inspired wedding

Something old for a wedding:

A great way to incorporate something old into your wedding is to use family heirlooms as decorations. If you’re having a destination wedding, this can be even easier because you don’t have to worry about shipping delicate items.

Make sure that you and your partner’s shoes match on your wedding day. This is a fun way to add some extra color to your outfit and make it unique.

Ask a friend or family member who has been married before if they would lend their dress or suit for the ceremony. You can also ask them to be a part of the bridal party so that they can wear something borrowed as well!

Something blue:

It’s time to get creative with this one! There are so many ways that you can incorporate blue into your big day and make it one of the most memorable parts of the celebration.

When it comes to wedding traditions and rituals, there is no denying that the “something blue” tradition is one of the most popular. It’s also one of the simplest: You just wear or carry something blue on your wedding day.

The color blue represents fidelity and purity, and these are qualities that you want to have in your marriage. When you’re choosing what to wear as your something blue, keep this in mind. It’s fine if you don’t have anything already that is blue, but if you do, make sure that it’s something you love and will want to use again after your big day.

When it comes to traditions, there are a few different ideas for what exactly this item should be. Some people choose a piece of jewelry or an accessory like earrings or a scarf; others opt for a more traditional item like a garter belt or sash; still others choose an article of clothing such as pants or shirts.

Whatever you choose for your something blue, make sure that it means something special to you as well as being appropriate for the event itself.

29 "Something Blue" Wedding Ideas That Feel Fresh

Something Blue Wedding Dress Options

When it comes to the dress, you can find something blue in so many ways. The color is a symbol of purity, fidelity and loyalty, so it’s a great choice for your wedding day. It’s particularly fitting if you’re wearing white or another light color because it will help bring out the blue hue.

If you’re looking for something old, then you could choose antique lace or vintage fabric for your dress. If you want something new, there are all sorts of beautiful new fabrics that have a strong blue hue. For example, chiffon and silk are both very popular choices for bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns. If you’re looking for something borrowed, then consider borrowing jewelry from your mother or grandmother. You could also ask friends and family members to loan their jewels to you so that they’ll be with you on this day! And finally, if you’re looking for something blue, then choose any shade of the color that suits your taste — whether it’s sky blue or peacock blue!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It’s a wedding tradition that dates back to the Victorian era and is believed to bring good luck to newlyweds. While you don’t have to follow this tradition word for word, it’s fun to incorporate some or all of these elements into your wedding day.

Something Old: Something from your parents’ wedding or a family heirloom is an excellent choice for something old! If you don’t want to use anything from their wedding, consider other family heirlooms like jewelry or an antique chest as a backdrop for your ceremony.

Something New: This could be anything from the dress that you wear on your big day to your shoes! I love incorporating something new into my weddings because it gives me an opportunity to try something that I’ve never done before. For example, one of my favorite vendors has hand painted wooden signs that she uses as escort cards; they’re so unique and so beautiful!

Something Borrowed: A great way to incorporate something borrowed into your wedding day is by borrowing someone’s time (like an officiant) or expertise (a photographer). You could also borrow items from friends or family members like cash

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This is the traditional wedding rhyme that has been passed down through generations. It is a time honored tradition that many brides and grooms continue to follow.

This romantic monastery wedding venue is not where you would expect

Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate the rhyme into your wedding day:

Something Old: The Something Old tradition is supposed to represent continuity and a link with the past. This can be anything from an antique lace handkerchief or even an old family heirloom like a ring or necklace. Something old can also be used as part of your dress or incorporated into your decorating theme, such as using aged looking flowers or incorporating antique furniture into your reception space.

Something New: The Something New tradition represents hope and optimism for the future. You can use this by incorporating new elements into your ceremony such as exchanging rings, writing vows on new paper or having a separate unity candle lit during the ceremony. In terms of decorating, this could mean using fresh flowers instead of dried ones or using modern elements in your reception area such as lighting fixtures or furniture.

Something Borrowed: The Something Borrowed tradition represents love, friendship and affection between two people who have shared something special in their life together. For example, if there

Something old: A family heirloom or a piece of jewelry that has been in your family for generations.

Something new: A gift that you and your spouse have chosen together.

Something blue: A piece of clothing or accessory that is blue, the color of love and fidelity.

Something borrowed: Something borrowed is a symbol of good luck. It can be something borrowed from a friend, an object given to you by an ancestor or simply an item that was important to someone who has passed away.

Something blue: The color blue has long been associated with weddings because it symbolizes purity and faithfulness — two things every bride wants for her marriage. The bride often wears a blue garter on her leg during the wedding ceremony as a reminder of this tradition.

The bride’s mother has a beautiful antique engagement ring that she plans on wearing on her daughter’s wedding day. This is a great way to honor both her daughter and her mother.

The bride plans to buy a new pair of shoes for the big day. She wants to wear something that makes her feel pretty and feminine, but isn’t too high or impractical for dancing the night away in.

This romantic monastery wedding venue is not where you would expect

Something Borrowed:

The groom’s best man used to live in London when he was younger, so he knows where all the best pubs are located! He also knows where all the best shops are located and has offered to take the groom shopping for his wedding suit.

Something old has a special meaning in wedding traditions. It’s the gift of wisdom, which is the foundation for the marriage. The bride and groom are starting their life together with new experiences and stories to share. Something old can be a family heirloom or an object that reminds you of an important person in your life.

Something new

The tradition of something new comes from an old superstition about bad luck associated with wearing anything old on your wedding day. You don’t want any bad luck ruining this special day, so you’re supposed to wear something new instead. This custom is also said to bring good luck for the future of your marriage or relationship.

Something blue

The color blue has always been associated with fidelity, purity and devotion in Western culture, so it’s no surprise that it should make an appearance at weddings. Many brides choose a blue garter belt or veil as part of their wedding attire to symbolize this meaning. Blue flowers are also popular additions to bouquets and centerpieces at weddings because they represent these same qualities so well.

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