The Sleep Number Temperature Control Sheet works by figuring out how hot your body is and changing itself accordingly. The sheet will cool you down when you’re too hot, and it will warm you up when you’re too cold. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to sleep at different temperatures throughout the night.

The Sleep Number Temperature Control Sheet is a revolutionary innovation in bedding that lets you adjust the temperature of your sheets on the fly. It’s like having an adjustable thermostat for your bed! King Sleep Number Sheets, Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheets.

Sleep Number Temperature Control Sheets

To ensure a restful night’s sleep, Sleep Number created a temperature-controlled sheet set. The smooth knit fabric incorporates temperature management technology, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in colder weather. Queen, King, and California King sizes are all on hand.

The Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet Set is tailored to the exact dimensions of your bed. Fabric is a silky knit that is moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable. Available in all sizes from twin to king.

Sheets from Sleep Number’s SmartFit collection are tailored specifically for use with the company’s namesake mattresses. They are suitable for mattresses up to 18 inches deep, and the top sheet may be tucked in or out on either side of the bed as needed.

All of the sheets are constructed from 100% cotton, making them comfortable and breathable. The low-maintenance nature of the material is further enhanced by the fact that it is resistant to wrinkles and stains. There is an elastic band sewn into the seam of the fitted sheet, which will hold it in position while you sleep.

The Sleep Number SmartFit Sheets come in three colors: white, gray, and purple.

You can purchase these sheets at Macy’s or on Amazon for $79.99 per set (twin).

The Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet is the only sheet that adjusts to your body temperature and unique sleep style.

The Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet is the only sheet that adjusts to your body temperature and unique sleep style. Using our patented fabric technology, it automatically adapts to provide a perfect fit for you and your partner. The result? A more comfortable night’s sleep in just minutes!

The Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet is available in three sizes and two colors: white and ivory.

The Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet is a temperature-control sheet designed to keep you cooler when you’re warm and warmer when you’re cold. The sheets feature titanium-coated dots that reflect body heat back to your body and prevent it from escaping, so the sheet feels cool to the touch when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold. Each set comes with two sheets, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet.

Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheets Features:

Provides temperature control

Titanium-coated dots reflect body heat back to your body and prevent it from escaping

Soft percale weave allows for airflow between the sheets

Fitted sheet has elastic corners for secure fit on mattresses up to 18 inches thick

Flat sheet has deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 23 inches thick.

Sleep Number Sheets Reviews

Sleep number sheets are the perfect way to add some luxury to your bedding. They’re on the pricier side, but they’re worth it for the comfort and quality. The Sleep Number Smart Bed 2.0 is a great choice if you want a more advanced model that can connect with other devices in your home (like an Amazon Echo). If you want something simpler, the Sleep Number Sheets 2.0 comes with a wireless remote that allows you to adjust your bed’s firmness from across the room.

SleepNumber Sheets 2.0 Review


1) These sheets are made of 100% breathable cotton percale material that feels like silk when you’re sleeping on them. It’s hypoallergenic and machine washable. I love how soft they feel! They also come with a 10-year warranty so they should last awhile!

True Temp™ Sheet Set - Sleep Number

2) You can control both sides of your bed individually with these sheets so each person gets their ideal level of firmness without having to compromise with each other’s preferences! My husband likes his side of the bed firm while mine is softer, so this makes for a perfect combination!

3) These sheets are highly rated by many different.

Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheets

Sleep Number sheets are made from a soft, smooth fabric that’s breathable and easy to clean. The fitted sheet fits snugly over the mattress and is designed to stay in place all night long.

Sleep Number’s Smart Fit sheets are designed for use with Sleep Number’s adjustable beds, which feature a patented air chamber technology that allows you to adjust the firmness of your mattress to fit your individual sleep style.

The Smart Fit sheet comes in three sizes: Twin, Full, and Queen. It also comes with two options for the depth of each side of the bed: standard (about 12 inches deep) or deep (about 20 inches).

Sleep Number Smart Fit sheets are designed specifically for the Sleep Number i7 and i8 series mattresses. They feature elasticized corners that stretch over the sides of your mattress and adjust to fit perfectly. The top sheet has an elastic band around it that keeps it in place on the mattress, preventing it from sliding off during sleep.

The newest innovation in the world of sleep number sheets is the Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet Set. These sheets have been designed to fit any type of bed, including adjustable bases and other types of beds. They also come in different colors and sizes so there’s something for everyone!

Sleep Number’s Smart Fit Sheet Set is designed to fit mattresses with a thickness of 12 inches or less. The sheet set comes in two color choices: gray or white. It has a soft, brushed microfiber fabric that feels like cotton and is designed to stay cool all night long. The sheets are also machine washable and dryer-safe, which makes them easy to care for.

Sleep Number Smart Fit Sheet Set Features:

Fits mattresses with a thickness of 12 inches or less (excluding 6 inch memory foam mattress)

Soft, brushed microfiber fabric feels like cotton

Removable cover for easy washing and dryer-safe

Machine washable in cold water; tumble dry on low heat.

Sleep Number sheets are a great option for people who want to sleep comfortably, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on their bedding.

Sleep Number sheets come in different sizes and can fit any type of mattress. They’re also available in different materials, including cotton, microfiber and silk.

The Sleep Number Smart Fit sheet is designed to fit all Sleep Number mattresses. It features elastic around the edges that stretch or shrink depending on how much room you need. The sheet also adjusts automatically as you move throughout the night so it always fits perfectly.

The Smart Fit sheet is made from 100 percent cotton percale fabric and comes in seven colors: black, white, grey, navy blue, light blue, brown and tan.

The Smart Fit sheets have a fitted sheet with elastic edges to keep them secure on your mattress while also allowing you to adjust them as needed to get the perfect fit. The flat sheet has elasticized corners so it stays in place on your bed without having to fight with it every time you make the bed. Both pieces are easy to clean — just toss them in the washing machine and dryer like any other set of sheets.

King Sleep Number Sheets

Sleep Number sheets are made to fit your bed perfectly, with a zipper that runs along the bottom of the mattress and connects to a fabric panel that stretches across the mattress. This allows you to create a personalized fit for your Sleep Number bed.

Sleep number sheets are a great investment. King size sleep number sheets are the most popular king size sheets because they fit any king size bed, no matter what the mattress size is. The only problem with these sheets is that they are not made in the USA and they can be very expensive. If you want high quality sleep number sheets, please read this article before you buy!

Sleep Number is a brand that’s known for its innovative mattresses and pillows, but it also makes a variety of sheets. You can find Sleep Number sheets at most major retailers, including Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sleep Number Mattresses: An Honest Assessment | Reviews by Wirecutter

While the brand sells a variety of sheet sets, we’re going to focus on their Smart Fit sheets. These are an evolution of the brand’s Smart Sheet line and come in two different styles: King-size and Queen-size. Both are made from polyester microfiber fabric with a 300 thread count that feels soft against your skin.

Sleep Number sheets are designed for the Sleep Number bed and the SleepIQ bed. They are available in a variety of colors and materials, including microfiber and cotton blends.

SleepNumber’s sheets are designed to fit all models of Sleep Number beds and the SleepIQ bed. The company also offers a line of SmartFit sheets that are designed to fit any brand or size mattress with no need for attachments or straps. These sheets have a hidden elastic band that stretches around your mattress, holding them tightly in place while they’re on the bed.

The company says that its SmartFit sheets are machine washable and dryer safe, but they should not be ironed or dried at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).

Sleep Number’s smart bedding line, including sheets and pillows that can be adjusted via a smartphone app, is now available in Canada.

The company says its SleepIQ technology tracks your movements and adjusts the temperature of your bed accordingly. The sheets are also machine-washable.

The SleepIQ system costs $200 on top of the price of a new bed, but you can also buy an add-on mattress pad for $300 that will work with any Sleep Number bed (including the one in your current bedroom).

Sleep Number says it has sold more than 1 million smart beds since launching the technology in 2016. It plans to ship some 4 million SleepIQ products by 2020.

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