Silke London silke hair wrap is the ultimate concealer for thinning hair. It’s long-lasting, unnoticeable, and easy to apply. With this professional solution, you can forget about the extra time and money spent on constantly experimenting with different products in search of the one that works. Now all you need is silke.

Silke London silke hair wrap makes your hair look more voluminous, luxurious and healthy. This is no ordinary silk pillowcase; it is made from the highest quality silk that has been certified as 100% natural by OEKO-TEX, one of the most stringent international standards in the world.

Silke London Silke Hair Wrap is a lightweight hair wrap that is super elegant and can be worn as a headband, scarf or as a neck warmer for an extra layer of warmth. Silke london silke hair wraps are perfect for babies and children who are always moving around and catching their hair up in things!

Silke London wrap is double faced, with a soft silk satin side and a luxurious jacquard design on the other. This versatile piece can be worn as a scarf or decorative belt, tied in your hair or tied around your waist. The Maori pattern is wonderfully versatile, making it perfect for throwing over your shoulders or wearing as an accessory all year round.

When you let your hair down with silke Hair Wrap, the silky waves that cascade down your back are just a simple twist away.

Our silk wrap is a must have for any woman who values luxury and comfort. Made from the highest grade mulberry silk, each wrap is meticulously hand-sewn in our London studio by artisans who use traditional techniques passed down through generations of craftsmen. The result is a sexy and comfortable alternative to ties, pom-poms or ribbons that’s both easy to use and makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

silke london silke hair wrap is the ultimate tool to coif, contour and protect your tresses. Designed to be worn in ponytails, braids, buns or twisted updos – this versatile styling tool helps smooth flyaways and frizz while providing maximum control. Easy to use and made from our premium memory polymer blend.

silke london silke hair wrap is made from 100% silk, the most luxurious fabric on earth. Designed to keep your tresses intact while taking a dip in the ocean, soaking in a spa or relaxing at home.

silke london silke hair wrap is a lightweight, stretchable and breathable bun-in-a-bag. This simple yet sophisticated design can be worn in many different ways, making it possible to create a fresh new look every day.

Say hello to portable style with the silke london silke hair wrap. This versatile hair accessory works as a headband, ponytail holder, or even scarf when you’re on-the-go. Made from a soft and stretchy fabric, this wearable will stay secure without leaving behind creases or indentations in your hair.

A super soft, easy to use hair wrap for mid length hair that wraps around the hair with ease. Silke Hair Wrap comes in 3 different sizes and is made of a wonderfull material that contains no metal pins but rather magnets. This makes sure that there are nothing to snag on your clothing or be uncomfortable when you move while wearing a headband.

Silke is a modern, versatile hairwrap that can be worn in multiple ways to suit any outfit and occasion. Soft and light, it’s the perfect accessory for your on-the-go days.

silke london silke hair wrap is the perfect hair accessory for a flawless fit throughout the day. Instant tension relief and comfort for your scalp, this luxurious silk bonnet is comfortable to wear, ultra lightweight and low profile.

silke london silke hair wrap is a 100% Premium Silken Polyester Top Coat that is double sided. One side has 0.75oz of “silky” and the other has 1.5oz of “frizz resist”. Used together, this combination allows for medium-high shine and soft control of strands, flyaways, frizzies and humidity.

Silke london silke hair wrap is a great accessory for any occasion and lifestyle.

Celebrate your new look with silke London. Whether it’s a wedding, or a special event, silke London will help you embrace any day with confidence and style no matter what experience you’re going for.

Hair Wrap with Silk, Cotton and Bamboo fabric is a versatile product that can be used to protect the hair, as a scarf or wrap and even as a blanket. The unique material brings together the performance of silk and bamboo fibres that help to keep you cool while keeping you warm.

silke london silke hair wrap is a multipurpose protective cloth that wraps your hair and protects against the elements. Consistent in its feel, from light to medium hold, it tames frizzy and unruly hair without flattening or weighing down for enhanced manageability.

silke london silke hair wraps are made of soft, lightweight silk that gently drapes around your hair without heat. The broad band of fabric holds the wrap in place and prevents any slippage. silke’s signature black and gold design is an elegant look that works well with a variety of outfits.

Silke London Silke Hair Wrap is a beautifully designed wrap that allows you to wear your hair in a variety of different styles. So whether you want to wear it in a turban or as a headband, this scarf can do all of the hard work for you. It is made from 100% silk, so it is suitable for all hair types, and can be worn multiple times without washing – just add water to the dry scarf for instant refreshment

Silke London Silke Hair Wrap is the first and only 100% silk scarf to be added to the collection. The silken touch of this product leaves hair with a smooth finish and provides protection against frizzing using its thermal binding properties, whilst also adding shine.

Silk is soft and lightweight, making it a versatile material for almost any occasion. Perfect to throw on after a bath or shower, this wrap will keep your hair looking simple and smooth.

Make a statement with this striking headwrap. Crafted from thick, luxuriant silk, it’s been double-layered for added volume so it drapes beautifully around your face and neck, while a silver pendant detail adds extra glamour.

silke london silke hair wrap is a must have for your hair styling routine. It will help you save time and give you a smooth, tided up look in no time!

silke london silke hair wrap is the perfect finishing touch for a relaxed ponytail or top knot. Unlike traditional silk wraps, the silke london silke hair wrap features an elastic band that fits all head sizes.

Silke London Silke Hair Wrap is an innovative on-the-go hair accessory that solves the problem of unruly bunches. Made from soft double silky nylon, this innovative wrap uses friction to stay put without causing hair breakage. You’ll love the variety of styles you can create using Silke London Silke Hair Wrap because it can be used multiple times in a row and still feel fresh. Choose a style that best suits your mood or occasion; whether it’s a classic chignon or messy bun you’re after, Silke London Silke Hair Wrap will do the trick

Keep your hair in place with this silke London Silke Hair Wrap. This soft, lightweight fabric has just the right amount of stretch and long-wearing elastic that will keep your hair where you want it.

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