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Silk georgette is a synthetic fabric. It is light weight, breathable, and soft to the touch. Apart from its sheer appearance, it has got many pros. At Buyandslay, you can buy silk georgette fabric by the yard and save big on our discount prices. Our range also includes silk charmeuse sleeves which are ideal for making women’s blouses and jackets. offers a wide range of silk georgette fabric for all ages and sizes. Silk georgette is available here at discounted price and high quality. Buy and Slay is the best online store for you to buy the cheap and top quality silk georgette fabric from us.

We are proud to provide you with our premium quality silk georgette fabric in a ton of colors. We offer our customers an amazing range of silk georgette fabrics in various prints, textures and designs that they can choose from to decorate their living spaces. Our high-quality georgette fabric is widely appreciated by our buyers because it is made up of good-quality raw silk that ensures comfort and longevity.

Silk georgette fabric is a lightweight and translucent silky fabric, which has a touch of elegance. As a result of its feminine nature, it works well for designing gowns, tops and dresses. Our silk georgette fabric is available in different colors and patterns: you can choose one according to your taste and preferences.

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The georgette silk fabric is a Japanese-style fabric. It is soft and has an airy feel to it. It is made by interlacing the threads at a very high rate of speed, which gives it its distinctive look. The silk fabric is used for making dresses and skirts, chemises and blouses, tops and kurtas, tablecloths and bed sheets. You can get your silk georgette apparel with some amazing discounts on Buyandslay.

Price Of Silk Georgette Fabric by the Yard

This is our bestselling silk georgette fabric by the yard. The fabric consists of 100% silk, which makes it an ideal choice for making formal and casual dresses as well as jackets or tops. It also gives you a creative freedom to create your own designs with ease. It comes in plain color and with up to four prints, giving you the option to choose your favorite one from a wide range of options. Silk Georgette Fabric by the Yard: An excellent choice for eveningwear, draperies, prom & wedding gowns, blouses and evening dresses.

Silk Georgette Fabric is a lightweight flowy fabric that can be worn during the summer season. It is made of silk, which comes in a variety of colors and prints. The usage of silk georgette fabric is wide and it can be used either as an inner wear or as an outer wear. The yardage availability will differ with the length that you select. It would take 5 yards of 60 inch long silk georgette fabric to make a kurta whereas 3 yards would suffice if you opt for 3/4th sleeve kurta.

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Silk Georgette Fabric by the Yard: Silk Georgette fabric is a rayon fabric with a hint of silk, which gives it its softness and beauty. The grain of this fabric looks like a crinkled ribbon and the texture is smooth and soft. The beauty of this fabric lies in the use of a variety of colors to dye it, which creates a subtle play of color combinations.

Silk georgette fabric is a beautiful choice for any kind of clothing. It has a delicate drape and also fall beautifully in your body. Silk georgette fabric by the yard is a luxurious fabric add extra charm to your outfit. Silk Georgette Fabric comes in various textures and designs, which can be used to create elegant outfits

Silk georgette fabric by the yard is a unique light weight fabric that you can buy in India at a price you can afford. It features a soft silky touch with a high degree of drape, suitable for making gorgeous dresses and evening gowns.

The Silk Georgette Fabric by the Yard is one of the most valued fabrics used by clothing manufacturers and designers. It consists of a thin, smooth, lightweight and versatile fabric that can be utilized for making a number of garments like blouses, tops, dresses and elaborate costumes for dance and theatrical performances.

The Georgette is a kind of silk fabric with a pretty see-through effect. This makes it perfect for use in evening gowns and blouses, but also for tops and skirts. When sewing georgette, the best choice is to use an overlock or zigzag machine stitch. The finish that this offers works very well with the lightweight nature of georgette.

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