Shoes to wear with leggings winter

Winter is the perfect season to wear leggings. They are comfy, warm and can be paired with a variety of things. But you need to make sure that you are wearing the right shoes with them. Here are some tips on how to choose the right pair of shoes for your leggings this winter:

  1. Boots

Boots are a great option when it comes to dressing up your leggings in the winter. You can choose between ankle boots, knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots depending on what look you want to create.

  1. Heels

Heels always add an extra touch of elegance and femininity to any outfit but they can also make your legs look longer which is great if you have short legs like me! So if you’re looking for something sexy yet sophisticated then heels are definitely going to be your best friend this winter season!

  1. Sneakers/Running Shoes

Sneakers are another great option for pairing with leggings but only if they’re low tops because otherwise they’ll make your legs look shorter than they actually are (just like heels do). However, if you really want some height

Shoes to wear with leggings winter

As well as being quite possibly the most comfortable pants ever, leggings are also incredibly versatile. Not only are they perfect for the gym, but they can also suit a range of other outfits, including athleisure, casual and smart casual ensembles. Of course, making your leggings look great for any occasion is all about how you style them. In particular, your footwear plays an essential role in how your leggings are perceived. So, to help you look awesome while feeling comfy, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best shoes to wear with leggings. From classic sneakers to chic loafers, these footwear options have you covered almost any outing.

1. Lace-Up Sneakers

Lace-up sneakers are without a doubt the easiest shoes to pair with leggings. Thanks to the sporty aesthetic of both leggings and sneakers, the combination works perfectly together. Although you can wear the look in a variety of ways, it appears particularly chic when styled with an athletic edge. To nail the style, start with a pair of sports leggings and minimal sneakers. Then, add a fitted, high-neck crop top and cap. You can also add jewellery, such as hoop earrings for an extra dose of attitude.

2. Slip-On Sneakers

Lace-up sneakers aren’t the only type of sneakers that look great with leggings. Slip-on sneakers can also appear seriously stylish with these minimal pants. While still looking somewhat sporty like traditional designs, slip-on styles have a more minimal aesthetic. As such, they project a more casual and relaxed vibe, making them ideal for weekend ensembles. So, next time you need to run some Sunday errands and want to look good doing so, try teaming a pair of leggings with some slip-on sneakers. A simple crop top and cosy coat will complete the look perfectly

3. Loafers

Loafers can make a surprisingly stylish footwear option to wear with leggings. Thanks to their chic and polished appearance, they can be used to dress leggings up for a smart appearance. If you’re unsure how to wear the combination, try teaming it with a long, button-up shirt in a fashionable print. For added polish, you can also throw a blazer on over the top. The resulting look will be sophisticated and stylish yet comfortable and laid-back.

4. Slides

Want to look effortlessly cool when rocking your favourite leggings? All you need to do is add a pair of slides. These simple, slip-on shoes are the perfect blend of sporty and street. Therefore, they make an excellent choice for achieving an on-trend athleisure appearance. So, next time you need an outfit that’ll stylishly see you through both yoga and brunch, be sure to try this combination. While it can work with a variety of options on top, we love it with a simple tee and cosy yet chic oversized sweater.

5. Over-the-Knee Boots

In winter, you can’t go wrong pairing leggings with over-the-knee boots. The look is not only stylish but can also be seriously sexy. So, instead of relying on your black, skinny jeans for nights out, consider a pair of leggings instead. As well as being more comfortable than jeans, leggings will also fit better beneath slim boots. To nail the look, try teaming your leggings and long boots with a slim-cut, turtleneck sweater and cropped leather jacket for an edgy all-black outfit.

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