Shoes to wear with leggings over 50

When you wear leggings, you’re wearing comfort. You’re wearing freedom from pants. You’re wearing the ability to feel like you’ve got nothing on at all and still look stylish and put-together. But when it’s time to get dressed up and go out, what do you do?

Here are some tips for pairing your best leggings with the right shoes:

  1. Choose a flat shoe that has a large enough toe box so that your toes can spread out comfortably.
  2. Choose a shoe that isn’t too pointy or narrow at the toes—you don’t want to feel like your feet are getting pinched!
  3. Choose a shoe with a heel height that works well with how much weight you carry on your feet (this varies by person). If you’re heavier, try wearing higher heels; if not, try flats or wedges!

Shoes to wear with leggings over 50

With more of us living a more casual lifestyle, leggings can be a great fashion option. How to wear leggings after fifty has been an extremely popular post so I’m updating it with some new ideas and fresh resources to help you look fabulous wearing leggings.

woman wearing lysse white leggings for spring with blue tunic shirt

Leggings are hugely popular and one of the easiest garments to get wrong. We’ve been reaching for leggings since they became streetwear in the 70 and ’80s. They now have style details and shapes that resemble pants, so they don’t all look like workout gear.

Are tunics and leggings still in style? You bet. Can you wear them and still look polished? Absolutely! Can older women wear leggings? Yes!

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