Winter is the perfect time to wear a dress. Not only is the weather cold, but you can also layer a few pieces on top of your dress to stay warm.

However, you don’t want to overdo it with the layers. You want to make sure that you’re still able to move freely without feeling too constricted. Here are some shoes that will go perfectly with your winter dress:

-The booties: These are great because they have just enough height to them so that they look cute and fashionable but they aren’t too tall so that they’ll make it difficult for you to walk around in them all day. Plus, they keep your feet warm!

-The booties with heels: These give off an edgy vibe while still keeping things classy at the same time! The heel elevates your shoe and makes it look more sophisticated than just regular flats or sneakers would be.

-The ankle boots: These are great because they look sleek and stylish without being too crazy or over-the-top about it! They go well with any outfit so you can wear them throughout any season if you wanted to do so

Shoes to wear with dress in winter

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Ok, so let’s talk about shoes!

Wondering what shoes to wear (or buy) this Winter?

Tired of so many options?

Then read on 😉

There are a lot of winter shoes to choose from, but it’s easy to decide once you know 3 things about them:

3 Tips for Styling Shoes

1. Combine masculine  shoes with feminine pieces

Shoes can be divided into 2 types: feminine and masculine.

  • Feminine (only women wear them): ballet flats, pumps, embellished shoes, shoes with high-heels, …
  • Masculine (men also have this type of shoes): flat boots, flat ankle boots, flat oxford shoes, flat moccasins, …

Feminine shoes usually look great with everything, after all we are women 😉

But with masculine shoes you need to be more careful because they can make you look very masculine, when paired with the wrong outfit.

How should you wear masculine shoes?

The secret is to avoid wearing them with a very masculine outfit (ex: classic suit + oxford shoes) – in other words, never wear them like a man would ;).

They always look great with feminine outfits.

2. Mix casual style shoes with more sophisticated outfits and vice versa for a cute contrast.

Some shoes look more casual and other more chic.

2. Boots

They also look great with almost everything – you can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants. Recently they have been replaced by ankle boots which look more fashionable now…


3. Sneakers

One of the big trends of last seasons, that continues this season. They always make you look more casual and trendy. Just don’t wear them with jeans and a t-shirt, or any very casual outfit, unless you want to look like a teenager 😉

what shoes to wear this winter sneakers lena penteado

4. Oxfords

Oxfords – especially flat ones – are typically masculine so they look great with feminine pieces like dresses and skirts. If you wear them with pants, insert some feminine details (like showing your ankle with cropped pants).

what shoes to wear this winter sneakers lena penteado oxfords

5. Mocassins

Like oxfords, they’re masculine shoes so insert feminine pieces or details.

what shoes to wear this winter sneakers lena penteado moccassins

The difference is in:

  • the fabric (expensive fabrics look more chic – leather, satin, …)
  • the heel and sole (thin high heels look more chic then flats or thick heels, wood is more casual then leather, …)
  • the size (delicate shoes look more sophisticated then big, large shoes)
  • the glitter factor (metallic or embellished shoes always look more chic)

You can combine the shoe style with the outfit style (ex: chic with chic, casual with casual) or mix it to look more original (casual – chic).

3. Some shoes are fashionable and look great with (almost) everything!

These are ballet flats, pumps, ankle boots, knee boots.

You should start by investing in one of those, if you don’t have them yet.

With all that said here are…

7 Winter Shoes (and How to Wear Them)

1. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots really look great with everything, as you can see in these photos.

what shoes to wear this winter sneakers lena penteado ankle boots

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