If you are going to wear a sequin dress, it is important to consider what shoes you are going to wear with it. You don’t want to wear just any pair of shoes and expect them to go well with your dress. In fact, the wrong pair of shoes may end up ruining the look altogether.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right pair of shoes for your sequin dress:

  1. Consider your heel height: If you want to wear heels with your dress, make sure they are not too high and that they match with the color of the dress.
  2. Go for flats or wedges: These two types of shoes go well with almost every type of outfit, including sequin dresses. They also allow for movement in case you need to dance or walk around for long periods at a time!
  3. Different colors work well together: If you have different colored dresses, try pairing them up with different colored shoes as well! This makes an outfit look more interesting than if all the pieces were in just one color (i.e., black).

Shoes to wear with a sequin dress

Sequined dresses or gowns are in a league of their own. If silk whispers its elegant story, then sequins shout it to the rooftops. Sequined styles are a fierce choice and one usually reserved for special occasions when you want to look — well, better than you ever have before. Since the gown has its own built-in razzle-dazzle, choosing the right accessories can get dicey. Should you stick with basic, simple pieces or build on that glittering shine? Maybe you should try to find a middle ground? And if you do, how would that work exactly? The last thing you want is to ruin your special look by choosing the wrong shoes.

Shoes are important in fashion today. (We should actually have put “important” in full caps, but it’s considered rude.) They have unseated jewelry as the reigning king of stylish accessories. Look in the average woman’s closet and you’ll see 17 pairs of shoes looking back at you — and sometimes there is lot more foot candy squirreled under the bed, crammed into the guestroom closet or hidden under piles of extra blankets to keep them safe from prying — and judgmental – eyes.

Shoes are a big deal, and the right shoe choice can make or break your sequined outfit, be it a dress, gown, shirt, tunic or belt. Before you start stressing, understand that making the right selection isn’t rocket science. The shoes you wear with sequins are often far enough away from the hem of the sequined piece that you won’t have to worry much about creating a matchy-matchy look — which can be hard when you’re sporting spangles. That leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation.

On the next page, let’s take a look at some powerful tips and tricks that will make matching (coordinating or contrasting) shoes with sequins a walk in the park.

Tips to Coordinate a Sequin Dress and Shoes

You probably already know that fashion is a balancing act. Sure, you’ll see red carpet outfits that manage to make denim with feathers (or some other outlandish choice) work, but for most of us, the basic rules still apply. In the last few years, the fashion police have relaxed those rules somewhat, though. Shoes are a good example: Where neutral shoe colors have always been considered a safe and reliable fashion choice, playing it too safe today could end up branding you as a fashion frump. Within bounds, a walk on the wild side will modernize your look and pair perfectly with sequins. Consider:

  • Wearing two-toned shoes – If one of the colors of the gown is repeated in the shoes and you echo the second color (say red, pink, yellow or gold) in your other accessories, you’ll end up with an integrated look that’s fresh but still classic enough that even your mom will love it.
  • Going red – Sequined dresses are bright by definition, and mirroring that with an unexpected pop of color on your feet can work wonders, especially if that bright color is red. Red is actually considered a neutral in some fashion and interior decor circles, so pairing it with a silver, white, gray, black, blue or even brown sequined number can work much better than you might expect.
  • Rocking a metallic – Metallic shoes in gold, silver, pewter, bronze or copper will work almost as well as a neutral color when paired with sequins. A metallic has the added advantage of always appearing somewhat dressy, too.
  • Adding texture – Sequins are dramatic, so a dramatic shoe choice can amp up your look and bring your feet (and what’s on them) to the party. Suede, velvet, patent leather, transparent plastic and patterned leather (think a weave or peek-a-boo cutout) can all work very well.

Nevertheless, we said the basics still apply, and they do. If you appreciate subtlety and understatement, it’s completely acceptable to match your shoe color with that of your sequined dress, or go with basic black. A simple pump is a good choice when you want style and comfort. If you decide a tan or flesh toned shade will make your legs look longer, choosing a slightly textured shoe is a nice way to keep things simple but still stylish.

Silver Glitter Dresses and Red Glitter High Heels  

Leg Avenue Sexy Ruby Red Glitter 4" Mary Jane Platform Costume Heels 8

For Dorothy and all of those with Wizard of Oz dreams, we give the red shoes to the silver glitter dress fans. This is not the typical dress that Dorothy would wear as a child, but now that she is all grown up and a grandmother, I say put her in a glittery gown!

Here is a pair of stunningly tall red glitter high heels with a Mary Jane style and adorable red bow on the outside. You get the sparkle and bling of the heels plus the dress. It’s all exactly what you would expect to see from someone who wants to shine and put on a show! 

Glitter Minidresses Worn With Red Over the Knee Boots

Source: Nordstrom

I also like the idea of these Azalea Wang Euro Platform over the knee boots. They are very much like Dr. Martens but with a sexier vibe thanks to the overall red tone save for the black rubber soles. The boots cover the knee area completely, so these are best for a minidress made of silver glitter.

The overall effect kills it on the dance floor, but would also work well most anytime thanks to near total coverage. You also get the great benefit of having a decent pair of shoes that will serve you through all types of weather.

No worries about getting wet or dirty feet in these boots! Plus, even though a glitter minidress means you don’t have much clothing on, the boots cover the greatest majority of half of your body. This is going to keep you warm and cozy, especially if you feel self-conscious about your ankles or knees.

I know sometimes I have body-conscious issues with showing my knees with boots. This over the knee style covers that area quite well!

Rainbow Sequin Dresses and Clear Gelly Flats

Allegra K Women's Halloween Glitter Sequin V Neck Spaghetti Strap Mini Party Dress Clubwear X-Large Mermaid

These Jeffrey Campbell Gelly Flats are the ideal pair of shoes to go with a rainbow sequin dress. The shoes are clear and that’s the best part! They are ideal for a rainbow sparkly frock that is overly shiny and more than colorful. Yet perfect for a birthday or evening date night, which is also where I’d sport these clear jelly flats.

They look like the same shoes I wore as a child growing up in the Eighties, and I imagine they are as comfortable now as they were then! Also, if you are wearing a true rainbow sequin dress, the material will have rows of sequins in a rainbow pattern. This is very much like Starlight from that wonderful Rainbow Brite, also from the Eighties!

Pump up the excitement by getting light-up clear jelly shoes. Sure, you will look like your niece who is in preschool, but she will just love you more than everyone else for the entire summer and what’s wrong with that?

Green Glitter Party Dresses and Black Heels

GRACE KARIN Women's Sequin Glitter Flared A-line Cocktail Dress Size S Dark Green

While it can be tempting to go with a pair of red shoes when wearing green–especially in the holiday season–don’t do this to yourself. A green glitter dress will easily send you in the wrong direction with shoe selection. If you use red and green, that’s too cliche for the season or out of season if it’s April.

If you wear blue and green, you look as if you are going to an Earth Day event. For a green gown, I suggest wearing black strappy sandals or heels. Here is a good example of a green glitter gown with black shoes.

The shoes are perfect for dancing and having a literal ball. The black two-strap-heeled style is also elegant! Black heels are less likely to show wear and tear, too, which gives them more coverage for wearability. 

Pink Glitter Dresses and Silver Glitter Block Heels

DREAM PAIRS Women's Silver Glitter Open Toe Ankle Strap Low Block Chunky Heels Sandals Party Dress Pumps Shoes Size 6 M US Carnival

When you go out wearing a pink glitter dress, such as to a prom or a homecoming dance, I suggest wearing silver strappy sandals. These chunky heeled low block ankle strap and open toe silver glitter heels by Dream Pairs are similar to the black heels previously reviewed. The main difference is these are made of silver material and covered in silver glitter.

Here is a slightly different style shoe by Naturalizer, but also the same silver glitter material that I am talking about for the pink glitter dress outfit. Pink and silver are both bright and fun colors that pair well together. They are youthful and springtime friendly, and look great in photos.

Plus, this color combo of pink and silver has the added benefit of making you look like a bouquet of pink flowers with your legs as stems in silver metal pots. It works, especially for an Easter gathering.

Gold Glitter Dresses Go with Strawberry Slides

PrettyGuide Women's Sequin Mini Dress Sexy Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Stretchy Bodycon Glitter Gold Party Dress XL

I know what you are thinking–what are strawberry slides? These are shoes that are slide sandals but feature an all-over pattern of cute little red strawberries. The fruits are lined up in a geometric formation and cover a white background.

The whole look is simply perfect for a picnic or a summer backyard barbeque–anywhere food is involved! Now, pair something like white Larroude Ivy Slide Sandals with a gold glitter dress and you have yourself a deal.

The combination is stunning and totally unexpected. Slinky or not, the shorter the dress the better with these slides. Otherwise, you do run the risk of making the ensemble feel too contrived. The vibe I get is that the shoes are summer and you want a summer-themed gold glitter dress to go with them.

If you wore a long gold glitter dress, the strawberry slides would actually be more of a focus and that’s not what you want here. The goal is to balance the sparkly gold glitter on the dress at the top with a mellower and more light looking base with the shoes. Since these are also white shoes with red accents, you can look at them that way and use a white slide without the strawberry print.

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