Shirts to wear with sweatpants

Shirts to Wear with Sweatpants

Sweatpants have become a staple in most people’s wardrobes. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also easy to wear. If you’re looking for a new style that’s also easy, consider wearing shirts with your sweatpants.

There are many different styles of shirts you can wear with sweatpants. They can be long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless. You’ll find that there are many different styles of shirts available to match any type of sweatpants you have in your closet. For example, if you have a pair of black sweatpants then try wearing a black shirt with them. Or if you have white pants try wearing a white shirt with them instead!

The great thing about this look is that it works well for both men and women alike because it can be paired together easily without having to worry too much about what kind of pants they have on underneath them! And if this isn’t enough variety for you then don’t worry because there are plenty more options out there as well!

Shirts to wear with sweatpants

What to Wear With Sweatpants

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that the beauty of sweatpants has been underappreciated for too long. We understand that previously they were all about comfort, never about looks, but why should the two be mutually exclusive? 

We believe that instead of being a matter of why you would wear them, it really needs to be about what to wear with sweatpants to make that look shine.

With a bit of care and planning, sweatpants can actually enhance outfits beyond casual comfort to a place of pure style and grace. From walking looks to business affairs, all it takes is the right combination of tops, bottoms, and accessories to make a look complete. 

Once the ways to style sweatpants have been mastered, friends and family will be begging for fashion tips in no time.

20 Best Outfits That Look Good with Sweatpants

Fashion tends to be a pretty personal thing in the end, but there are always some tips and tricks that everyone can use while styling their outfits. Rather than focusing solely on the pants, we need to acknowledge that there’s more that goes into every aspect of the outfit.

We don’t want to start planning every look for you, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start without a bit of a guiding force. So, to get those creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with the top 20 ideas of what to wear with sweatpants.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Light sweatpants, crop top, and a loose patterned layer – is there anything more we could ask? Add some style and attitude to any appearance by tossing on a baggy top layer. Bonus points if it has a bit of pattern to it. 

We have classic flannel fans, but stripes, polka dots, or pictured patterns can have a great effect too.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Those who warm up too easily or want to simplify things from the last look can take a gander at the crop top. Nice, light, and balancing out the baggier sweats with its tighter appearance, this look adds a flair of “I don’t care” to any event. 

Great for casualwear or daytime strolls, nothing quite says a day out with friends like this classic sweat combo.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Patterned tops aren’t the only way to go when looking for shirts to wear with sweatpants. Sometimes simple is the best way to go – especially when it comes to button-downs

Slimming out the figure through an open (but fitted) button-down can elevate the appearance with ease. Add a neutral tee underneath and roll up those sleeves to complete the look.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Switch up the standard. Forget sticking with one fabric and take a glance at the world of material available. 

From velvet to nylon to fleece, there are many ways to go. Mixing fabrics can add some texture to an otherwise typical outfit, doing the job so you don’t have to worry about how to style sweatpants. Just pair them with a nice top and the material will do the rest of the job.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Who says sweats have to only be for comfort and warmth? With the right slimming set, paired with some stunning heels, the outfit will go from every day to every-yay. 

It’s easy to learn how to dress up sweatpants once those societal biases are removed. Class it up with a new perspective on life – from a few inches higher off the ground.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

We’ll say it now – sometimes questioning what to wear with sweatpants doesn’t matter quite as much as how you wear it. And we’re saying monochrome is the underappreciated style of the century

Leave behind bold patterns, layering, and other attempts to mix and match. Simplify the process by sticking with a single tone that looks and feels great. Whether a fan of cream, black, gray, or something else, the single color will likely make an impact.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Step back in the fall and come layered up with a leather or jean jacket. Working especially well with neutral tones, these jackets add a punch of attitude to an otherwise soft look. Get a bit of an edge (and some additional warmth) from this single source. 

It’s not just about what looks good with sweatpants, but also what feels good.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Along the line of jackets, we’re also suggesting athletic coats get their fair shot. A nice windbreaker paired with some sneakers can create a confident and casual look ready to conquer any day. 

We’d suggest keeping things neutral to really help the color of the sweats pop, but that’s just one of many sweatpants outfit ideas we’ve got on the list.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Sometimes we can’t beat a classic look and that’s definitely the case when pairing sweatpants with a nice, fitted tee. There’s something stunning about a simple short sleeve with some sweats. Even better if they both have some fit to them. 

Tight enough to appreciate the figure, loose enough to breathe – there’s no losing here.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Now stay with us on this one – bold colors. We know this won’t be the immediate solution as to what to wear with sweatpants for everyone, but to those confident enough to rock the style, we salute you. Forget neutral pants and go for fun and funky

Whether through patterns or bright colors, make the world pay attention as you walk by. Easily paired with a neutral top, there’s little thought that goes into styling this one.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

One of the most traditional ways to wear sweats? Pair them with a sporty top. Whether a jersey, team sweater, or just a tee that shows support for a favorite team, this look is easily transferable from the gym to home to running errands. 

Classic in appearance and never out of style, this combo keeps things simple.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Those looking to make a bit more of a statement can turn to the trench coat. Slimming the look through the elongated jacket, this addition really brings an outfit together

Not sure what tops to wear with sweatpants? No problem. Throw a trench on over tees, sweaters, crop tops, or whatever else the heart desires. The look will always work.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Conquer the business world without sacrificing all comfort in the process by adding an elegant blazer. Originally named for their “blazing red” style, these jackets have come a long way from bold and bright to covering a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. 

And we’ll say it now, they all work when struggling to figure out how to look good in sweatpants. Tossed over a tee or button-down, or for a more casual look a crop top, the blazer elevates the outfit at least two steps every time.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Sweater weather is our favorite weather, so why not consider the piece when figuring out what to wear with sweatpants? Whether fitted or slouchy, the right sweater with a French tuck can solidify a look

Add in some statement boots to the ensemble with a knitted hat and the look speaks for itself. Edgy, seasonal, and by far, supreme.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Hear us out on this one. When deciding what to wear with sweatpants, isn’t the immediate response sweatshirt? We understand that some don’t look for the comfy outfit, but we’re arguing that there’s more to it than something to lounge around the house in. 

The right combo of sweats can keep you comfortable while looking great – just avoid the worn sweatshirts covered in stains. Keep things clean, casual, and cozy to complete that ultimate look.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

We mentioned bold sweats before, but now we’re turning our attention to the tops. Most sweatpants come in neutral colors and, while we love the chance to go bold with them now and then, there’s a greater chance that any pair purchased will be more standard tones. 

That’s when the party comes up top with bold and bright tops. Don’t worry so much about what to wear with sweatpants and just throw on a favorite colorful print – pretty much anything goes with whites, blacks, and grays.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Similar to the sporty look, we’re throwing sweaters aside and bringing in the champion of comfort – the hoodie. We understand that this one can be listed closely to sweatshirts, but the pure bliss of settling into a hoodie with that pocket always accessible has yet to be beat. 

The look will scream comfort no matter what color you choose. This may not be for the business world, but it’s sure for our world.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Aside from layered looks that we’ve mentioned before, we wanted to note the overlooked elements at play when considering what to wear with sweatpants – the accessories. And starting off here, we have to gush about the scarf. 

Perfectly paired with a jacket, the scarf is so personalized that it’s hard not to have one added to every outfit. Whether chunky, slim, patterned, or bold, the scarf just throws on this bonus layer of style and grace with every outfit.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Similar to the scarf, we also had to highlight the beauty of a simple bag. Whether it’s a purse, satchel, fanny pack, or backpack, the extra element adds so much to the overall appearance. 

We understand that not all sweatpants have pockets, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a space to place those essentials while out in the world. As with any accessories, bags are a chance to go wild and have fun customizing according to personal taste

Find your fit and stop worrying about what to wear with sweatpants once this has been added to the party.

What to Wear With Sweatpants

Last on our list, we’re going with another overlooked style – the tracksuit. Matching pants and jackets are a statement in and of themselves, so why not reduce the stress of pairing things up by having them pre-matched and ready to go? 

Paired well with any number of tees, crop tops, tanks, and more, these combos always look complete and ready to hit the streets, the track, or the gym.

What To Look For When Considering Sweatpants?

Despite the thought that they’re pretty common, we’d actually argue that it’s quite hard to find a good pair of sweatpants. Whether it’s due to price, quality, material, style, or extras, tracking down that ideal pair can be a bit tricky. 

So, here are a few things to consider when shopping for that next comfy pair of sweats.

1. Price

We’re well aware that many people in this world prefer to spend than save. We don’t judge or blame as we’re the same way. With that being said, it is possible to find a decent pair of sweats for a reasonable cost. 

Go in with a budget in mind and be sure to really check into material and extras before committing to the purchase.

How does the material feel? Is the style something you’ll be comfortable wearing a lot or will they mainly be for wearing around the home? There’s no wrong answer but keep in mind why you’re buying the pants.

2. Quality

Don’t sacrifice quality. We have to say this as some sweatpants may look great and feel incredible, but that can change quickly after a few wears or washes. Sometimes stitching is weak or fabric is flimsy. 

Check those core elements out before purchasing to ensure that the pants will last more than a month or two – we’re looking for an outfit staple for years to come, not a simple style for a few weeks at the most.

3. Material

We know a lot of sweats on the market tend to sit in the cotton and flannel range, but that doesn’t mean the whole category is limited to those options. For those who want to stick to the basics – great! 

Just double-check that the material is high-quality so as not to wear or fade too quickly. Those who want to branch out, don’t be afraid to venture into the worlds of nylon, velvet, and many other interesting choices available – get creative with it.

4. Style

By far the most personal consideration, we need to think about style. Sweats to wear at home have far fewer limitations than those that will be worn out into the world. 

Aim for a transferrable style that will work both ways. Considering fitting vs slouchy, pockets vs flat, strings vs elastic – all of these elements feature into not only use but also appearance.

5. Extras

Somewhat mentioned in the last section, extras can’t be overlooked. By extras, we’re talking adjustments, belt loops, pockets, and more

Consider personal requirements and expectations before buying – are you willing to take a bag or jacket for pocket space, or does that not suit individual style? If so, pockets in the pants will likely be a must.

Not all sweatpants are made the same, so it’s important to identify the aspects that are non-negotiable from the start. Figure out what will be expected from the pants and move forward with that in mind.

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