shirts to wear with blue suit

Looking for a way to make your blue suit an even better outfit? It’s easy! Just pick out the right shirt to wear with it. Here are our top picks for shirts that’ll look great with your blue suit:

  1. A white button-up shirt will always look great, and it’ll give you some extra color contrast against your suit.
  2. Black t-shirts are also a great option because they’ll work with any suit color—and they’re super versatile. They can be worn under any kind of jacket, as well as on their own, which means they’ll go with just about every piece of clothing in your closet.
  3. If you want something more sophisticated than a plain white or black shirt, try a grey t-shirt instead! It’ll give you an instant boost of sophistication without looking too formal or stuffy like some other types of shirts might do when paired with a suit jacket (e.g., pinstriped dress shirts).

shirts to wear with blue suit

closeup of gentlemens collective tie on model paired with navy suit and white shirt

If you’ve ever been to London, you know there’s pretty much a city-wide dress code.

It’s a navy or grey suit with a white shirt underneath. The only room for individualism is in the tie. You can choose black or red. Those are your options.

But if you live anywhere else, the blue suit is an excellent choice because it’s so versatile. For younger gents looking to get their first suit, I always recommend navy.

Black suits are stuffy and best saved for formal occasions. While your white linen suit is for wind-swept photoshoots on the beach. But your blue suit fits in well at the office, weddings, or even just going out on a Saturday night dressed to kill.

Unless you’re trying to make a wild fashion statement, you’ll want to stick with shirts that pair well with your suit. So what color combos look the best?

We’ve broken down 13 of the classiest blue suit combinations (plus bonus tips on which color tie to pair). It’s our mission to put an end to the question of what to wear with a blue suit.


I picked up a few more shirts for this article (my first time, Taylor was our lucky Apposta model last time), and I’m really impressed with the fit.

I’ve always known that my left arm was slightly longer than my right, and most shirts show this (it’s not enough for anyone by myself to notice, thankfully). But Apposta has applied my home measurements accurately, and the sleeves fit properly. Hoorah.

model walking toward photographer navy suit blue checked dress shirt

Knowing these shirts were well worth the investment, I picked up a few that would compliment my blue suits.

Here’s what they look like in action.

Blue Suit / White Shirt

model wearing navy suit white shirt and yellow floral tie


Best tie colors: Red, Burgundy, Black

The blue and white color combo is as classic as you can go. But classic doesn’t mean boring. This combination leaves a ton of room for you to add in your personal flair.

It’s all about the tie you choose.

Tie colors like red and burgundy suggest power, so they’re a great choice for the office. A slim black tie lends a modern edge with a hint of formality.

But it doesn’t have to be all serious. The blue suit and white shirt combination creates a blank canvas for you to add an accessory to showcase your personality. For me, that means yellow silk floral patterned tie.

model opening blue suit jacket with white shirt and yellow tie

It’s a timeless look, so if you’re thinking about building a collection of shirts for your wardrobe, white is the best place to start.

Blue Suit / Dark Blue Shirt

model wearing navy suit and dark blue shirt

Best tie colors: Black, Yellow

Here’s a crispy combo—the blue suit and dark blue shirt. The key to making this look pop is to differentiate your textures.

flatlat of navy suit sunglasses and dark blue shirt

For instance, the heavier texture in this Apposta shirt contrasts with the fabric of my suit. While the colors are similar, there’s enough difference to stand out.

If the color and texture are too similar, your shirt will get lost. Plus, mixing textures lends a richness to your outfit that’s hard to achieve otherwise.

Blue Suit / Pink Shirt

blue suit with pink shirt and sunglasses

Best tie colors: Navy tie with floral pattern

One of my personal favorites, the blue suit and pink shirt combination is both fun and professional.

Antonio Centeno at RealMenRealStyle wrote a great article describing how pink has a long history as a masculine color and only recently gained a reputation as “lady-like.”

It’s been a long time since 4th grade, so I’m going to agree with Antonio and say that pink is one of the best colors a guy can wear—especially when paired with a blue suit.

model in blue suit and pink shirt

Light pink shirts have a similar color value as white shirts, meaning you can pair a wide variety of ties with them. But pink suggests power, warmth, and cofidence all at the same time.

Adding a navy tie with a floral pattern (preferably with pink hues mixed in) is a knock-out combination. That sort of attention to detail shows you’re a man who knows how to take care of himself, and that’s sure to draw more than a few looks your way.

Blue Suit / Floral Shirt

floral pattern blue shirt with blue suit


Best tie colors: Solid Blue

Floral shirts always make a statement when paired with a suit. If you choose to wear a tie with this look, try and match the color with your suit. If you add in another color or pattern, you’ll take attention away from the floral shirt—or worse, it’ll clash.

I wanted a floral pattern for more relaxed occasions, so when ordering through Apposta, I opted to go with a band-collar.

I love the band-collar style and I think we’ll see more of it as less workplaces are requiring ties as part of their professional dress code.

Blue Suit Combination for Men



Are you the one who bought a brand new blue suit for a family wedding, it fits you flawlessly, but you never got it into day’s light after that wedding occasion? Have you explored any other blue suit combinations that might work for your overall style statement?  Let’s ask a more interesting question. Have you ever imagined of pulling off that seldom blue suit for more occasions than a formal one? If not, then probably your life has been missing the sartorial panache quotient lately. In the contemporary lifestyle, ‘Blue’ is the new black. It is synonymous with versatility.

A color that can be dressed up or down, whether it is summer or winter, it impeccably covers you for every occasion. Since we aren’t talking solely about the blue suit and we are looking at suit combination ideas, your playground for exploring newer and better styles becomes way more creative and expansive! There are several shirts for blue suits that are available for picking! Explore your options, right here!

The Timeless Appeal of a Blue Suit Combinations Outfit-

Blue Suit Combinations Outfit - Bewakoof Blog

A blue suit can’t easily be mistaken for a basic black number anymore. It stands out! Menswear apparel today is obsessed with the contemporarily bold, well-tailored suit – in Blue. We need not mention, the color conveniently goes with most of the pairs, plus it’s slimming. This season, a plethora of men are working around blue suit combinations  – from the office to weddings, to an important first date, blue certainly is worth a try when deciding to go for an elemental & sophisticated look. It becomes a surefire way to look sophisticatedly chic. Especially, when paired with perfect elements. Thus, this suit combination becomes an impactful one. Dark blue suit combinations have been around for quite some time now!

Building a sharp wardrobe is one of the impactful investments that one makes. Like any other significant investment, your major wardrobe purchases involve good research & planning. So in this post, we have put together a game plan & pulled out a detailed guide of styling tips for blue suit combinations that will accentuate your overall look. So in this post, we have some ideas for you to style up blue suit combination for any occasion. There are stylish shirts for blue suits which you need to know about. To accessorize and pull off a dapper look, read up on our tie with blue suit ideas. What’s going to be your favorite combo, then?

Blue suit combinations styling tips – Details that matter.

Yes, details matter a lot! Learning about blue suit combinations entails catching up with styling elements that you can make your appearance stand out in the crowd. An outfit is incomplete without well selected components all along with the board. There is a whole range to try out accessories, shirts, colors, ties, and anything that would give your blue suit the necessary fillip. We have pulled out a few simple rules for styling a blue suit. Here you go-

1. Trendy Shirts for Blue Suits You’ll Love- What’s your pick!

By now, you may have gathered that the blue suit acts as the perfect add-on. The larger issue that remains is what to wear underneath this powerful staple. The options are plenty actually! If you’re thinking of pairing a shirt with a blue suit, you’re on the right track. Every shirt has distinctive features- colors, style elements, and silhouettes will always differ. What we mean is that when you’re browsing through shirts for blue suits, look at various aspects of the shirt apart from color. Here are some shirts you could definitely try out, and we’re sure these will embolden your blue suit.

When in doubt, stick to a crisp white shirt, or to the lighter shades of pinks and blues. These colors serve as a great contrast and let your blue suit pop!

(A) Blue Suit Combinations With White Shirt

Blue Suit With White Shirt

For dark blue suit combinations, a white shirt would be a great accompaniment.  The blue suit with a white shirt goes supremely well when it is teamed with the right style elements. Pullover an impeccable blue suit over a white shirt and trousers of the same color. Button up and for a classic touch, opt for spotless white sneakers for a clean appearance. This blue suit combination is pretty amazing because of the possibilities attached to it. A navy blue shirt with a white shirt would be a great pick for a bright sunny day at the workplace.  After you’ve ascertained which blue suit white shirt look would work in your favor, your last step would be to reach out for the perfect tie for a blue suit with a white shirt. Try red, burgundy, blues, blacks and more. Later on, in this piece, we’ll tell you exactly how to pick the perfect tie for your blue suit combination.  Pair your blue suit with a white shirt, with a bow tie or a long tie in woven silk.

For a smart casual look, swap the button-up casual shirts for t-shirts in summer or a polo neck sweater in winter. Remember to keep the inner layer piece’s tones subtle. For example, white, beige, lighter shades of blue. For a twist, keep the patterns tasteful – think contemporary geometric mosaic or a breton stripe.

Not a fan of the formal look? Mix it up a little – swap your white shirt with a cool solid white T-shirt. Check out Bewakoof’s Online store for the best of solid T-shirts.

(B) Blue Suit With Pink Shirt

Blue Suit With Pink Shirt

Think of a blue suit with a pink shirt for an element of playfulness to your attire.

2. What Color Tie To Wear With a Blue Suit?

What’s the best tie for a blue suit? Men can try out so much with a tie. Ties are essential to menswear because a single tie can reinvent your blue suit look’s appeal. Here are some blue suit and tie combinations that might work for you. These are some colors in ties that you could get incorporated in casual and formal looks. Check this out-

(A) Blue Suit Pink Tie Combination

Blue Suit Pink Tie Combination

Trying a tie for a blue suit? A pop of pink can do wonders for your overall appearance. The blue suit pink tie look is impeccable when done right. Pull-on a blue suit over your favored white or black shirt, and add a pink tie to make this otherwise sedate combination a little bright.

(B) Blue Suit Red Tie Combination

Blue Suit Red Tie Combination

The search is still on for the best tie for a blue suit? You won’t have to look very far. Tried the blue suit red tie combo? Team your dark blue suit with a pair of smart trousers. Probably add a waistcoat to this look and add an amazing red tie to make this look a success. A blue suit with a red tie is a combination that can prove to be a very sophisticated pick.

( C) Blue Suit Black Tie Combination

Blue Suit Black Tie Combination

While closing in on the perfect tie with blue suit combinations, you can try black on black! Black on black works beautifully and comes off as a great selection for your formals. Your blue suit black tie look will shine if you are able to ace this style. Try this tie for a blue suit, because a black suit enhanced by the boldness of a black tie is a rare sight.

(D) Blue Suit Blue Tie Combination

Blue Suit Blue Tie Combination

What’s the best combination with blue suit, when choosing a tie? Faced with this question, already? We don’t blame you. Your options are quite a few. If an all-blue look is what you really want, a navy blue suit shirt and tie combination is a winner among all blues. Among blue suit and tie combinations, this one is a must try! Your blue suit against a white shirt punched up by the awesome blue suit, is such a beauty!

Bewakoof shoes are designed with you in mind. They are not just smart and good-looking, they are also extremely comfortable to wear!⁣ Get the look Men’s White Sneaker

3. The Two Evergreen Shoes to Wear With a Blue Suit –

You can’t go wrong with these two color combinations! Here is how you can style your blue suit look with brown and black shoes-

(A) Blue Suit Brown shoe Combination –

Blue Suit Brown Shoes Combination

Blue suit and brown shoes certainly go together. Pick a smart checkered shirt to wear underneath the blue suit and team it up with a smart pair of brown oxfords. While this may work for a formal occasion, if you’re looking out for a more casual appeal, try jeans or other trousers for lowers. The perfect shoes to go with a blue suit with jeans look would be a pair of sneakers or casual loafers.

(B) Blue Suit Black shoe Combination

Blue Suit Black Shoes Combination

The blue suit can look supremely stunning when paired with a black formal shirt and dapper black shoes. These shoes could be gleaming black dress shoes. You could try blue suit black shoes with a black crew neck t-shirt underneath.

4. Blue suit combinations for different occasions

There is a perfect time for everything! You can take your dapper suit to places you wouldn’t thought of before reading this post! Look like your best in your favorite blue suit on these occasions-

(A) Blue suit combinations for formal occasions:

In the 21st century, blue is the most sought after shade in the corporate & business world. The style arena has given the regular black number a break, giving navy blue suit combinations a wide acceptance.

i. Navy Blue suit and Crisp White Shirt – Look Sharp!
Navy Blue suit and Crisp White Shirt

We’ve touched upon navy blue suit combinations, but there is still plenty to work around with. A navy blue suit with white shirt looks groovy when you’re not feeling up to wearing dark, intense colors for a formal dinner or to work. Try to ace the blue suit white shirt combination, by choosing a cool, white shirt underneath a sleek, navy blue suit.

ii. Blue Suit with black shirt Combination – Blue Can Be Bold!
Blue Suit with black shirt Combination

This combination is not very common but has great potential. Try your blue suit with black shirt of your choice, and you’ll see that this look can wonder on you. This can actually come off as the best combination with blue.

Coin a crisp statement by looking your best in a well-tailored blue suit teamed with a bold black shirt underneath. This could be topped off with a black tie as well. Since we’re looking at options with ties, you could also see if a blue suit with red tie could work with the black shirt. As a pop-up style accessory, the red tie might really be eye-catching!


Crisp white shirt – Go for a 100% cotton, crisp white shirt with blue suit, or go with light patterns like a pinpoint weave shirt or a herringbone weave shirt.

Silk necktie – Go for a silk tie with a blue suit, preferably in the shades of indigo blue, deeper red or a sophisticated grey. Because a navy blue suit shirt and a tie combination speak volumes. In case you are opting for patterned pieces, make sure the designs are not too sharp or overpowering.

Footwear – Switch between the options of brown whole cut shoes or oxford cap toe shoes with minimal details for a classic feel. Opt for a blue or black pair of socks depending on the shoe that is worn. A blue suit, brown shoes speak for themselves!

Wanna know how you could amp up your outfit with the correct shoes?

We can help you with that too, There’s a correct pair of formal shoes for every suit.

Wearing your navy suit in this way is best suited for formal environments.

(B) Blue suit combinations for a business occasion

Navy Blue suit and Crisp White Shirt

As mentioned earlier, the blue color is widely accepted in the business & corporate world. It has the ability to communicate a contemporary tone with a classic flair. Blue is a great color generally to be worn at corporate meetings and other formal events. Blue suit combinations for the workplace

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