In this post, we will review the Scuba Material in Nigeria, scuba material price and the price of scuba material in lagos. Scuba material is a type of fabric that’s used to make clothing. It’s a synthetic fabric that can be found in many different styles, colors, and textures. Scuba material is often used in sportswear because it’s durable, easy to care for, and quick-drying. It’s also very comfortable to wear and can be worn in a wide range of temperatures.

Scuba material is made from nylon or polyester fibers that are bonded together with a plastic resin coating. This process creates a strong but lightweight fabric that has great movement ability and abrasion resistance. It also has high elasticity, which means it will stretch without losing its shape when pulled on.

Scuba Material in Nigeria

Scuba material is a stretchy fabric made from spandex and polyester. It’s a firm smooth and easy to handle fabric. Scuba fabric is different from neoprene which is a thicker synthetic rubber.

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11 Things you Should know about Sewing Scuba Fabric

1. Scuba fabric is thick. You should go for the quality that suits your design.

2. scuba is easy to cut. It’s advisable to use a rotary cutter.

3. scuba fabric should be washed before sewing because it can shrink by 10%.

4. In order to avoid snagging and slipping, we recommend a ball point needle for sewing.

5. scuba  should be used for structured outfit that doesn’t require a lining.

6. scuba can be used to create a drape design on an outfit.

7.  Use a bias fabric to bond the edges of a scuba fabric. This gives it a neat finishing.

8.  If you use an overlocker be careful as the extra bulk of scuba fabric can cause problems.  It’s best to trim seams by hand.

9. Use low heat iron on scuba to avoid giving it permanent lines. Iron from the back preferably.

10.  Hand washing is preferable but you can set your washer at 30 or 40 degrees and avoid the tumble dryer problem as high temperatures will damage scuba fabric.


Scuba material in Nigeria
Scuba material in Nigeria

What is Scuba Material Used for?

Scuba fabric is used in sewing fitted dresses and swaying skirts, as well as sports clothing, are very popular when made from Scuba fabric. scuba is also used in making breathable nose mask and hand gloves. It is also used to make bright neon clothing.

10 Reasons Why you Need Scuba Material

1. It retains heat

2. It’s a stretch fabric for bodycon outfit

3 It accentuates your curves

4. It suits all body types

5. it’s easy to wash and iron

6. It’s smooth and firm

7. It is Water-resistant

9. It’s perfect for drape and pleat

10. It’s affordable

Where to Buy Scuba Material in Nigeria

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Price of scuba material in lagos

The price of scuba material in Lagos is the same as anywhere else. Scuba material is made from a lot of different materials and there are different ways to make it, so the cost depends on what you want and how you want it made.

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