Scuba Material in Nigeria For Sale

Where to Buy Scuba Fabric in Nigeria

Scuba material in Nigeria

Scuba material in Nigeria

Buyandslay is an online store where you can get your scuba fabric in wholesale and retail. Our scuba fabric is durable and affordable. Look at our product description for more details. On buyandslay, we have varieties of scuba fabrics you can think of.

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What is Scuba Material

Scuba fabric is a body-con thick stretchy fabric. Scuba is perfect for making bodycon dresses, skirts, bandeaus and so on. Scuba fabrics come in different shades and weight. The widths may also vary, the width stated is the average width taken from all stock. Please order samples if you are unsure.

Facts about Scuba Fabric

Scuba fabrics can shrink by 10% after washing. We advice our customers to wash the fabric before sewing. You can get a sample of the fabric for wholesale buyers.

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