Saggy boobs (causes,prevention and solutions that work) I will assume that for you to be typing words like saggy boobs or breasts in google search bar, you may have saggy breasts but do not know what to do about it or perhaps someone dear to you is experiencing it? perhaps you are just interested in knowing all about the topic to prevent a future occurrence?, maybe you are pregnant or breast feeding or just concluded that chapter of your life? Find out how to tighten sagging breasts in 7 days and how to fix sagging breasts naturally.

Saggy boobs can be a real bummer, but there are a few things you can do about it.

First, it’s important to understand what’s causing your saggy boobs and how to prevent them from getting worse.

The first thing to know is that sagging is caused by gravity pulling your skin and fat down over time. It doesn’t happen overnight! But if you don’t take steps to prevent it, it will get worse—and faster—with age.

You can do some simple exercises to keep your skin elastic and prevent stretch marks from forming on top of the skin. You can also use natural products that help with circulation and reduce swelling in the tissues underneath the skin. If you have any scars or stretch marks on top of your skin already, these products might help with those too!

You should also consider wearing an underwire-free bra whenever possible (or at least during the day). This will give your bust more support than a regular bra would provide and keep everything tight where it needs to be tight (like when you’re sleeping).

Which ever of the question above applies to you, you will find sufficient answers to allay your worries and permanent long lasting solutions after reading this article.

Saggy boobs (causes,prevention and solutions that work)

For us as women, our boobs is a huge deal. And as far as saggy boobs are concerned i have had a first hand experience with it. From some of the most natural causes, to attempting damage control, getting some results and finally making peace with myself. So am going to walk you through the following step by step in this write up:

  • What it means to have saggy boobs
  • How to know the degree of saggy breast
  • Some of the causes of saggy breasts
  • How you can prevent your boobs from dropping
  • Learning how to manage your boobs after they are already sagged
  • The natural means you can employ to fix your saggy breast like exercises, and some food types.
  • The ideal cosmetic methods to employ in lifting your boobs say breast lifts,augmentation etc
  • The ideal bras you need depending on your breast size.
  • Find out easier ways to style your outfits with sagged boobs.
  • We will debunk some of the myths around this topic by answering some questions that have been concluded by medical research.
  • And finally what men think about saggy breasts generally.

What does it means for your boobs to be saggy?

According to this study, for the average breast that has not been worked by cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation) the ideal aesthetic nipple lies 7 cm above the inframammary crease (IMC), or at least 5 cm above the IMC if the nipple/IMC distance is short. So if your nipple falls short of the above measurements, your boobs are probably saggy.

Saggy boobs also known as ptsosis in medical terms occur in different degrees on different women across varying ages. It is worse in older women but can also affect young people for various reasons.


A droopy breast is something every woman must experience at particular stages of their live. the younger you are the less it is.

How to measure your breasts to find out just how saggy it is :

Below are two classifications of droopy breasts according to Regnault pstosis scale and the oxford academic journal. Both diagrams can help you decide if you have droopy boobs and the degree of your own.

According to the Regnault saggy breast scale  there are mainly three grade and 2 cases of breast sagging:

  • Mild Ptosis — Grade I : It is the just beginning degree of breast sagging which can be naturally protected to prevent the further sagging. In this nipple will be at infra mammary fold level.
  • Moderate Ptosis — Grade II : This is the next level of sagging of breast , second degree of breast sagging .It is not an easy case but still further sagging can be prevented to some extend . In this nipple will be below infra mammary fold level.
  • AdvancedPtosis — Grade III : This is the serious level of sagging of breast , advanced or third degree of breast sagging .It is not an easy case to prevent only corrective measures should be followed . In this nipple will be below infra mammary fold level.
Image source: Medium

However according to this study by the Oxford academic journal his diagnosis is not good enough. According to their study, 6 stages of breast ptosis or saggy breast covering a 5-cm distance exist. They are named alphabetically to avoid confusion with the Regnault system. Stages A to E progress in 1-cm increments as follows:

  • Stage A: nipple position 2 cm above the IMC
  • Stage B: nipple position 1 cm above the IMC
  • Stage C: nipple position even with IMC
  • Stage D: nipple position 1 cm below the IMC
  • Stage E: nipple position 2 cm below the IMC.
Classification of ptosis.

After taking the above classifications into account, you can do a self test by examining the position of your breast You can also do a pencil test

  • For the first one, you can also determine how sagged your boobs are by looking at the above tests.
  • Secondly, you can carry out a pencil test easily by placing a pencil in infra-mammary fold ,at the point where the underside of breast gets attached to chest wall.If the pencil falls, your boobs are not saggy.
saggy boob pencil test

Known causes of sagging or droopy boobs

There are Ligaments in your breasts that are known as Cooper’s ligaments. These are the ligaments responsible for holding your breasts up and keeping them firm. So whenever these ligaments loose their elasticity, they cause your boobs to sag and become droopy. The older we get as women the more they loose their elasticity. But their are so many other reasons why our breasts can sag from an early age.

Take me for example, my boobs sagged from my teens, My boobs grew out when i was 10 years old, they grew bigger from then on. When they grew big enough from between my 13th and 15 years they were already droopy. I can conveniently say am among the big saggy breast club. although i fall within the moderate phase.

I am almost 30 now and can say for the rest of my adult life my breast will alternate between the moderate and slightly severe sag phase. I will continue to share my journey with you as we proceed in this article.

What causes saggy breast ?

What causes saggy breast

So like we were saying these reasons below contribute to loss of elasticity of our cooper ligaments and determine the severity of our droppy boobs.

Genetics and hormonal factors and how they affect saggy boobs

Genetics and hormonal factors and how they affect saggy boobs

According to trip to motherhood your genetics can play a huge role in your breast state.

  • Gravity

We all know what gravity is and on a daily basis it gradually tries to pull your boobs down. and with time it will definitely succeed.

  • Body mass index

The higher your body max index, the higher the possibility you will have big breasts and most of the time bigger breast sizes tend to be saggy

  • Age

When we get older as women, our bodies will produce less collagen and estrogen. these two things will lead to sagging of our breasts. because those two things ensure the maintenance and elasticity of our ligaments and muscles.collagen and estrogen deficiency, especially estrogen can be caused by many other things as well like anorexia, ill health and so on.

Other factors

weight loss and saggy boobs
  • Weight loss or weight gain

I have first hand experience on this one. I ended up with saggy breast after weight loss. Having gained a lot of weight in my teens, although to be honest i have always been chubby, but around 13 years of age i packed on a ton of weight and i was not happy. Why you may ask?, well i was teased by everyone around me. So in other to lose all that weight fast i engaged in a lot of unhealthy weight loss practices.The results? I lost alot of weight but my boobs paid for it. They sagged.

Over the next 16 years of my life i would gain and lose weight again and again, and with each cycle of weight gain and loss my breasts will sag. When i gain weight my boobs will increase and actually rise up a bit, then i would lose weight and they will sag even more. Which brings me to the next cause.

  • Exercise that moves your boobs around without a strong fitting bra

In a bid to lose my weight, i developed my own work out style which primarily involved me swinging my body from left to right, as well as moving my arms from left to right vigorously.The tragedy of it all, i never wore tight fitting bras. So my boobs were swinging with me and of course it only led to one thing, my boobs sag. So to avoid saggy breast after exercise, Use tight bras if you must jog or engage in similar exercises.

  • The wrong type of bra

Another mistake i made in my teens was not wearing a strong form fitted bra. Do not get me wrong if you have small boobs, you may get away with it, however if your boobs are sizable enough, do not joke with your bras.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and saggy boobs

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and saggy boobs

The issue of saggy breast after breastfeeding and pregnancy has always been and will always be of importance to us women. But here is the truth, a study carried out has debunked the myth that breast feeding alone is sufficient to cause saggy boobs.

  • Multiple pregnancy with breast feeding

Multiple pregnancies with breastfeeding will sag your boobs. Research has shown that it is simply the size changes that a woman’s breasts undergo through pregnancy that make the difference.First time pregnancy will not do much damage. However body types differ, so this is more of an average postulation.

Solutions for saggy boobs after breast feeding.

If you have saggy breasts after breastfeeding solutions that can help you are the same as the ones any regular person who has saggy boobs can utilize. I have an extensive number of options you can chose from, by the time you are done with this article. However if you are still breast feeding, here are some tips.

  • Since tissue expansion is the primary cause of breast sag whilst breast feeding, it is better to eat healthy and gain as little weight as possible. Maintaining a healthy average body weight cannot be over emphasized when it comes to perky boobs.
  • So to achieve that, eat right, avoid fatty food, oats and fiber rich foods are always a good idea. fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated. work out for good posture, wear good bras and you should be able to minimize sag.
  • Smoking

Smoking will affect the hormones necessary for skin firmness and elasticity and result in breast sag.

What does not cause saggy boobs

  • Abortion
  • frequent sex

How to tighten sagging breasts in 7 days

How you can prevent your breasts from sagging

Prevention will always be better than solutions. However if your boobs did not pop out just now as a young lady this will not be of much help. So these following tips will help you maintain a perky breast and prevent sag.

  • Once your boobs are out, get good comfortable fitted bras. bras that hold your breast up properly.
  • If you must engage in vigorous exercise wear tight bras.
  • Do not lose and gain weight rapidly maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat tomatoes and drink water.
  • Get hormonal checks if you can to ensure that your estrogen levels and collagen levels are adequate.

If your boobs still sag, then its a genetic matter.

How to manage already sagged breasts

Well well, many of us are here already and our boobs are saggy already, so what can we do?

  • Good bras will always be our best friend. they keep ,my boobs up and my clothes fit just fine.
  • Eat tomatoes and drink alot of water.
  • Some type of exercises help but ill discuss that later.
  • when you sleep make sure your boobs are not squashed underneath. Push them up in front instead.

How to fix sagging breasts naturally

Natural means to fix your breast after they sag

Their are several ways you can do this according to this article

You can engage in different types of exercise to help your breast become firm. You will have to focus on exercises that concentrate on your chest like: bench press, arm curls, pushups, swimming etc. They will help your muscles and improve your posture.


You have to eat well to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to keep your body in shape. drink water and stay hydrated always. do not smoke it will not help you at all.


Maintain a healthy weight. losing weight and gaining weight over and over again will only sag your boobs.

A quality, properly fitted bra gives added support that reduces the strain and stress on your breasts’ supporting tissues and muscles. If you gain or lose weight, make sure you get re-fitted

You can try an olive oil mixture massage. Get two tea spoons of olive oil, mix with one egg and get an ice cube, rub them all over your breast and massage once a week.It might help. I have not tried it myself.

The best bras for saggy breasts

The best bras for saggy breasts
source : Pinterest

When choosing a best bra for saggy boobs, it does not matter if you have large saggy breasts or regular sizes to even small ones. Make sure you consider the tips below;

• Straps that are narrowly-set
• Strong fabric that doesn’t stretch or have too much ‘give’
• Cups with T-seams
• Cups with full coverage
• Boned/Reinforced Siding
• Underwire
• Wide, sturdy band

best bras for large saggy breast

Sports bras are always a good idea for all saggy boob sizes.

best bras for saggy breats

Push up bras can never fail

Ideally, the bras you should be looking at will have all seven of these features, if you want the best support there is. Do not go for bras that will strain your muscle tissue.

Exercise to help lift your boobs up

You can check out these you tube videos they can help you out .

exercises that can help with perkier boobs. SOURCE : pop sugar fitness.
source: Youtube

You can engage in different types of exercise to help your breast become firm. You will have to focus on exercises that concentrate on your chest like: bench press, arm curls, pushups, swimming etc. They will help your muscles and improve your posture.

The best surgical and cosmetic procedures for breast lift

The best surgical and cosmetic procedures for breast lift

Their are several procedures you can consider.

  • Breast lift is ideal for large saggy boobs, and for those who have smaller boobs, you can try implants for saggy breast or augmentation. it all depends on what you would appreciate.
saggy breast before and after

How to fix saggy breast without surgery ?

“The use of ‘non-surgical’ term means there are no anesthesia, incisions, and scalpels required. Also, there is no scar and no implants involved.” According to Dr. Ourian “During a non-surgical breast augmentation, we essentially take the client’s own liposuctioned fat from other body parts and inject it into their breasts. Next, we inject stem cells collected from their own blood. Non-surgical augmentation results can last many years, depending on the doctor’s technique.”

There are several types of non surgical breast lift, ill mention 3 here.

saggy breast before and after non surgical breast lift
  • ThermiBra procedure

“ThermiBra is appropriate for women with moderate “ptosis” or sagging of the breasts, eliminating or delaying the need for a more invasive breast lift,” says Dr. DiBernardo. “ThermiBra can also correct breast asymmetry.”

ThermiBra was refined by Dr. DiBernardo. It uses a device called “ThermiRF” which produces thermal (radio frequency) energy to stimulate the production of new collagen and improve the skin’s tightness. “ThermiBra is painless and leaves the skin unmarred,” says Dr. DiBernardo. “A few tiny entry points are made in the areolas and a small probe is inserted under the skin. The probe delivers controlled radio frequency energy to the targeted areas, causing the skin to shrink immediately.”

  • Some also use breast lift creams and pills
saggy breast lift with cream and pills

You can search online for more reading. I am currently not recommending any pills because you need to be very careful with these ones. some may not work at all and can even have terrible side effects.

The best outfits for you if your boobs are saggy

You should be able to wear anything you like but the video above can help you better with your styling.

How men see saggy boobs

How men see saggy breasts

Well the truth is, different strokes for different folks. According to this article, it is not a problem. And let me tell you from a first hand experience, i have large saggy boobs and my boyfriends have never had any issues with it. I had a friend back in college with small saggy boobs and none of her partners have ever complained. Any man that loves you will love any part of you and if you have saggy boobs so what?

I remember complaining to my then boyfriend back in college after one of my weight loss episodes that my boobs had sagged. And he seemed a bit irritated and told me off with words like “your boobs are big they are meant to be saggy” So i do not think they mind much.

Saggy boobs the psychology of it all

saggy boobs meaning

You know my two cents on this matter, You should love your self. For years i beat myself up about my boobs. Then one day i started telling myself how beautiful i was inside and out and how my boobs do not define me, gradually i found my peace with it. And guess what?, you are not alone out there. Other women have come to appreciate their boobs and have boldly shared their stories online.

Your boobs are saggy so what?, wear good bras and your clothes will rock. You should not care what that man thinks and should not be bothered about teasing from ignorant people. Self love is all you need sweetie and trust me you will feel okay with yourself.

I would love to hear from you. make a comment or send us an email if you have any questions. have a good day.


How to fix saggy breasts after breastfeeding?

You can always try cosmetic procedures. There are two options you can chose from.
1. Would be surgical procedures, which involve different types of breast lifts or breast augmentation. Or you can go for the non surgical treatments like: themi bra procedures, use of breast enlargement pills or creams.

Can sagging breasts be lifted with exercise?

Exercise can help to firm your breasts up. However it will not have a very drastic effect. So am sorry exercise can not really lift your breasts up properly. It can only help with breast firming and your overall body posture.

How to avoid saggy breasts after breastfeeding ?

To be honest with you, Their is little you can do to prevent breast sag after multiple pregnancies and breast feeding. A study have shown that it is not breast feeding that sags breasts, but rather the expansion of breast tissues after pregnancy. So if this is your first pregnancy, no need to worry. However if you get multiple times your breasts will sag.

How to make saggy breasts look good in pictures ?

Always wear a good fitted bra. Your breasts will only look saggy if you do not wear a proper fitted bra. Sports bras and push ups are always a good idea. They will make your pictures pop and help you slay your looks.

How to prevent saggy breasts when losing weight ?

Wear form fitted bras, that will control excessive swinging of your boobs. lose weigh gradually to enable your body adjust. Avoid the vicious circle of weight loss and weight gain repeatedly by maintaining an average weight.

Are saggy breasts hereditary ?

Not really, but genetics have been known to play a role, since our genes will determine our body shape, muscle tone and body firmness. So yes it cannot be ruled out completely.

Will i get saggy breasts if i breastfeed ?

Medical studies have proven that breastfeeding in itself cannot sag your breasts. However repeated pregnancies will make your breasts sag.



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