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Fashion isn’t just about looking trendy and fashionable. It’s also about value, so that you get the most bang for your buck. With that in mind we are thrilled to introduce our brand new collection of recycled cashmere sweater vests at an unbelievable price point! Our commissioned artisan knitters still use the traditional guild methods passed down from generation to generation. This means that these unique styles are available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of traditional cashmere garments.

The recycled cashmere sweater is made from the scraps of cashmere sweaters from some of the world’s biggest high-end designers. The sweaters are cut into tiny pieces and then spun into luxurious yarn. For every recycled sweater sold, we will donate one to a women’s charity that helps empower disadvantaged women in India. The recycled cashmere knitwear is lightweight, soft and has a beautiful drape that will make it your new favorite sweater.

This rare recycled cashmere sweater is one of a kind. Handmade and hand sewn with the finest quality Italian cashmere. This sweater is so soft you will never want to take it off.

Looking for a way to make an ordinary sweater feel special? With that in mind, we designed these soft, buttery cashmere sweaters with a longer length. They’re crafted from recycled cashmere, so they cost less and are better for the planet—which makes them just as good on you.

We’ve rescued a cashmere sweater from the thrift store and recycled it into our very own creative spin on this classic fisherman’s style. The relaxed fit is easy to wear, and the flattering crew neck makes it perfect for layering under jackets or over your favorite tees.

This article is about the recycled cashmere sweater. This is a colorful, stretchy, and comfortable item of clothing. Recycled cashmere comes from different sources such as sweaters that have been donated, or deadstock fabric from old stockrooms and workers who had purchased their own singles, which are cut and re-spun into yarns. The sweaters used in this process are then knitted into a new fabric, so there will be minimal waste.

There’s nothing like a recycled cashmere sweater. It has the same luxurious weight and softness of the original, but looks better for it’s new life.

Cashmere is one of the best materials to make sweaters from. It’s warm, it’s soft, and it has a great drape. But cashmere sweaters are expensive, and so alternative fibers like hemp and bamboo were needed to create affordable alternatives. Recycled cashmere yarn is made from recycled garments that have been chopped up into cotton-sized pieces, then re-spun into yarn. These sweaters look like new and feel great on your skin…without breaking the bank!

Recycled cashmere is created from 100% post-consumer materials. New fibers are produced by shredding and spinning used cashmere sweaters into new yarns, then knitting or weaving the yarns into a garment. Recycled cashmere is not made from recycled plastic bags or other non-cashmere materials.

With a high-quality cashmere sweater, you’re putting money into your wardrobe and into our world. A heavy-duty cotton blend sweater that is soft and comfortable. This one has a wool/nylon blend that’s ideal for warmer climates and all seasons.

This all-cotton cashmere sweater has been through a second life. It’s made from a recycled wool sweater that’s been stitched up and repurposed as a new article of clothing, but it still retains some of the characteristics of its former self: the comfy fit, softness, and warmness.

The Cashmere Sweater from Columbia is constructed from recycled cashmere that’s soft, durable and better for the planet. This refined style has a feminine silhouette and close-fitting crew neckline.

Recycled cashmere sweater is a modern and stylish option. The luxury fabric is soft, silky, and ultra soft. With the ability to be recycled, it is environmentally friendly as well.

This cashmere sweater is made from recycled cashmere and wool, which makes it an eco-friendly wardrobe essential. It’s handmade in Italy and features a crew neck, ribbed cuffs and hem and a single patch pocket on the chest. A versatile, understated piece with timeless style.

Recycled cashmere sweaters may sound like a contradiction in terms, but they are actually made from cast-off sweaters and they are as soft and cozy as the originals.

Our cashmere sweaters are made from recycled cashmere and recycled merino wool. This means they’re soft, lightweight and sustainable. Our sweaters are made in a fair trade factory in Korea, where the workers are paid a living wage to create the luxury fabric that you wear every day.

An article on recycled cashmere sweater in which the author addresses the benefits of mending sweaters instead of throwing them out, presents ways to fix a damaged sweater and encourages recycling as a means of reducing waste.

Blanket yourself in softness that’s eco-friendly. Each recycled cashmere sweater is hand crafted from old sweaters, and is made for comfort, style and sustainability.

Looking for a sweater that feels like it’s been broken in by years of wear? This recycled cashmere sweater is made with a blend of recycled fibers, giving it extra softness and warmth. Crafted in Italy, this pullover comes in three subtly patterned tones that’ll never go out of style.

A classic cashmere sweater becomes an eco-friendly wardrobe staple thanks to a vintage design, recycled fabric and modern silhouettes.

A warm, eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional cashmere; made of 100% recycled yarns and low-impact processing.

Reshape and revive your favorite old sweaters by recycling them into something new. Alter a cashmere sweater with a simple drop-stitch edge, or turn a cable-knit sweater into an ombre scarf.

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