Over the years there is not a fashion icon, be it man or woman whose wardrobe has not included a pair of loafers. Loafers can be worn at any time of the year but are often more thought of as footwear you would choose to wear during Spring Summer months. Yes they can be tricky to wear and yes it can be hard to know what to style them with but they really are a wardrobe staple.

If you can, always go for leather when it comes to loafers, they are more malleable which means more comfort for your feet and most importantly they will stand up better against the heat and no socks combination. Don’t go over the top with crazy prints and detailing, in the Summer choose soft pale shades in soft suede however once Winter come around play up to the dramatic weather by  going for a deeper colour and a more robust design.

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There are numerous ways to categorize loafers; which are quality and heritage, as well as a category for foreign companies, designer loafers shoes for women.

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