Silk is a fabric that has been used for thousands of years, and it’s still one of the most versatile materials in the world today. It’s lightweight and breathable, but also warm enough to keep you comfortable in any climate. It’s durable and absorbent, so it can withstand almost anything you throw at it—whether you’re cleaning up after a spill or simply need an extra layer on those chilly mornings.

Silk robes are appropriate for any occasion, whether it’s an afternoon at home with jeans and sneakers or a formal event with sleek black pants. They’re easy to wear alone or over your favorite outfit; just throw them on top of whatever else you’re wearing to stay warm during the winter months! They’re even machine washable, so if something spills on them or they get dirty from wear and tear over time (which is inevitable), simply toss them into the washing machine.

They come in a variety of styles, such as short and long sleeves, single-breasted with lapels or double-breasted, and long enough to cover your feet when walking around your house barefoot — you name it.

If you’ve always coveted a luxurious real silk robe, now might be the time to take the plunge and upgrade your trusty cozy bathrobe or terry cloth number. With so much time spent in the comfort of our own homes, why not indulge in something that infuses a bit of glamour into the daily routine?

Like silk pajamas or pillowcases, a silk robe in all of its smooth, shimmery glory is the easiest—and a most comfortable—way to elevate your stay-at-home look. Whether you are seeking an easy, short version or a longer kimono in painterly patterns that double as dressing gowns (or even an evening jacket), there’s a design that fits every mood. Plus, nothing compares to the cool feeling of silk against your skin. Naturally thermoregulating, it helps you keep a comfortable body temperature (hint: it’s also great if you tend to run hot). Mulberry silk is the highest quality available, but other pure silks stand up, too—there are even a few washable options for convenience.

Long Silk Kimono Robe

Why It’s Great: Like a wearable piece of art, this long silk robe features painterly designs (choose from nearly 20 options) on a material that’s as soft as can be.
Who Should Buy It: 
If you’re looking for a longer silk robe, this is it. Some robes fall at or below one’s knees, but this one will give your calves some extra love.

Sizes: One size fits all.

Nancie Silk Robe

Why It’s Great: Sweet florals lend this short robe a romantic and flirty vibe. The relaxed fitting is an extra plus for some additional comfort.

Who Should Buy It: Hint: This also works as a “something blue” gift for a bride-to-be.

Sizes: XS-XL

Mulberry Silk Robe

Why It’s Great: Specializing in eco-friendly and fair trade silk, The Ethical Silk Company offers beautiful patterns that are printed by hand in India.

Who Should Buy It: Some silk robes are beautiful, but are they warm? This silk robe has both the feminine, chic look you desire and the temperature-regulating fabric for utmost comfort.

Sizes: S-XL

Saito Silk Robe

Why It’s Great: Designer Josie Natori has become synonymous with kimono-inspired dressing gowns. Treat yourself to this fabulous floral style with flowy sleeves, which could also double as an evening dress when cleverly styled.

Who Should Buy It: An East-meets-West fusion of color is the vibe that this silk robe gives off. Expand your horizons and wardrobe by adding this robe to your daily routine.
Sizes: XS-XL.

Multicolor Silk Robe

Why It’s Great: You’ll still feel dressed up at the end of the day when you sport this bohemian print robe.

Who Should Buy It: Not your average silk robe for those who love multi-colors and patterns.

Sizes: XS-XL.

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